About Us

Who we are Geek Computer is a computer repair and installation company based in Topeka, Kansas. We are proud of our expertise and decades of experience in providing high-quality services. We are dedicated to helping the residential community enjoy using their devices by keeping them in pristine condition.

About Us

Our unmatched service delivery has made us Topeka's most trusted service provider in this field. We do more than just repair computers. We are Android, iPad, iPod, Game Console, TV, Tablet, and Stereo doctors! Our experienced technicians have a solution for any minor or significant problem you may experience with your device.

Additionally, we work on network setups, smart home installation, backups and data restoration, and email migration. We will bring these services to your doorstep or offer remote assistance on demand.

Geek Computer understands that the tech world is rather complicated. We offer detailed and unbiased advice to save you the frustrations that come with the challenges you may experience with your device. We give our clients step-by-step guidance on what to do when they encounter any challenges with their computers, mobile phones, tablets, or other devices.

Our repair services start with an accurate diagnosis of the problem at hand. Our professional team of technicians is well-versed with the proper methodologies for testing what is wrong with your device. We then find the right solutions to ensure your device continues to perform as it should. Moreover, we keep you informed and involved all through the entire process.

Geek Computer offers fast, high quality and cost-effective repair solutions. Whether you are facing software or hardware issues like an expired windows license, a cracked screen, or a device that's not charging, we've covered you. Give us the chance to sort out your repair issues. 

Our Story

About Us

The inception of Geek Computer as a company dates back to our founder's high school years. During this time, he was part of a team of computer repair technicians. He later joined the Marine Corp as a Tactical Data Network Specialist. These opportunities paved the way for him to pursue an Information Technology (IT) course in college.

Our founder has been in the tech industry for over 20 years. In this extensive period, his company, Geek Computer, has created better life experiences for the communities and businesses that enjoy our services. Over the years, we have grown exponentially, increasing our service portfolio and working with a larger team of experienced and professional technicians to satisfy our customers' needs. Ours is a story of passion, resilience, hard work, and the quest to deliver outstanding services that will leave our clients satisfied and happy.

Our Service Modes

Geek Computer has your convenience in mind. For this reason, we deliver our services to you in a way that accommodates your needs and comfort. We have three service modes that include:

About Us

  1. In-Home or On-Site Services: having our technicians visit your home or business may be more comfortable. We certainly welcome this arrangement. Our professionals will bring you services to your doorstep. When you need an urgent computer repair service but lack time to come to our shop physically, we will come to you. Our computer support and services happen on your terms and schedule. Please take advantage of this arrangement and save yourself the hassle of driving to and from our repair center.
  2. Remote Services: Certain situations may not require our physical presence in your home. For instance, consultation services. In such cases, Geek Computer can avail of our services to you virtually. We have a remote support system that is efficient, safe, private, and, most importantly, convenient. Our remote computer support involves diagnosing and troubleshooting your computer problems over the internet. This will require the client's permission to access their computer and fix the problem remotely. Geek Computer is trustworthy and assures our clients that their privacy will be protected. We have built an excellent reputation for this all over Topeka.
  3. Physical Visit to Our Shop: Geek Computer has a physical location with professional technicians and the right tools to handle every repair issue. Come in and bring us your devices for repairs; you will be happy you did. 

Why Geek computer

About Us

You have so many reasons to select Geek Computer for your repair needs. We are Topeka's finest repair company:

  1. We have a broad portfolio of services. At Geek Computer, we know what to do to provide solutions for several challenges you may experience with your devices. We also offer consultation and installation services.
  2. We have your convenience in mind. Geek Computer delivers services based on our client's terms. We aim to make you happy.
  3. We are affordable. Cost is an essential factor when considering most services. Geek Computer will give you high-quality services on cost-effective terms.
  4. We are professionals and experts in the field; we take our job seriously and uphold the best values in service delivery.
  5. We are local; our technician's service all suburbs in Topeka, Kansas, and remote work is available outside of KS.
  6. We have a proven track record with decades of experience in service delivery and thousands of customers served.
  7. We are timely and efficient.

About Us

  1. Do you do house calls? Yes. We will send our technicians to your home or business; all you need to do is book an appointment.
  2. Do you have parts for sale? We are not a retail store but stock most components needed for our repair work.
  3. Do you offer services to businesses? Yes. Geek Computer supports SMEs in all their technology needs. We'll help you whether you are moving into a new office or when you need someone to help you maintain your computers, network, and data files.
  4. Do you service iPods, iPads, and tablets? Yes, we work on hardware and software-related issues on these devices.
  5. What do I need to carry when bringing my computer for repairs? We advise you also to take your computer case and other CDs that belong to your desktop. For laptops, bring the charger as well. If additional components of your device, such as speakers, have problems, carry them too.


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  (785) 323-4534

4849 NW Rochester Rd
Topeka, KS 66617

A computer repair company that specializes in computers, mobile, and home devices!

We provide unbiased advice, security support, and installation services to our residential community. Our mission is to help people get the most out of their technology through affordable service and reliable products.

Focus Point
Geek Computer offer more of a residential solutions to home and home office problems.

Internal Point
We create content articles for home users, only focusing on items that a person at home would want or need from a technical aspect to include anything you would find at home from an ordinary person that is not in IT.

We help stressed and frustrated individuals enhance PC/Phone abilities that will benefit them by offering a clear direction on how to solve their unique situations. We have easy-to-understand tutorials and one-on-one attention from a real person to guide you every step of the way.


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