Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

As tecnology as become in everyday life we beleive that some consumer don't really know what they are getting or paying for when it comes to "packages" from service provideds and feature set that sometime get included     automatically.  We can have helped countless people just like yourself determine the best way to proceed with these decision.     We had a client that called us because their internet stop working.  Apond arriving he showed us his computer and said he just uses it for a fantasy football league and email.  This was and older gentalmen and he did not     mess with the computer very much.  After fixing a driver issue with his network / nix card we had a visit about his internet.  While testing the nix card we notice his internet speed was extremely fast for email and fantacy football.     So we discussed this with him and told him normally the lowest tier of internet would do just fine for his activities.  After a bit of questions and answers Q/A he said that the ISP recommend this for him.  So we offered to get him on the phone     while their and talk it out.  End the end we spent about 1.5 hour their and got him setup at a lower monthly cost and only charge him for fixing the nix driver issue.     We bring this up as a better understanding of our commtment to our clients better quility of live and the ability to work and play to enjoy life at it fullist.


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