Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

  We were called in to assist in finding out what it would take to get a company off of a system that was outdated.  Apond reviewing all their system and talking to many of their staff members about 22 key personal where involved in this system.     We decided that a roadmap should be generated to outline a new system first, and then a second flow chart to overlay the first one to show a migration plan of attack with a timeline as a starting point.  Their team loved it and thought it was     the best solutions given the information aquired and the needs of the system users.  From then on we help document as much of what did what and who did what to try to centrailze all the data so it had a one system input / output making it     very managable for the business owner and end user.  Their is a line between to much documentation and the manaagement of that filing system that deal with it.  We believe that the amount should be equal enough that the end user can do their job     with effiencey and accuracy.  Keeping the documanation up todate is also key so a wikipidia software was purchased that all user had access too using lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) from a windows server active directy (AD).  This     process took about a month to complete.       End the end this client was happy a solution could be taliored to their needs and that the his business was not interupted in the process of the migration to the point that he could not operate.

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