Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

A workstation does not start up. When faced with the issue of a computer not responding normally, we find it limits the work process most of the time. In this case, we found out that the computer’s hard drive had failed.

After using the firmware built into the BIOS system to diagnose the possible hard drive problems, we determined that a new hard drive is required to resolve the issue. The process of replacing an old hard drive is straightforward and didn’t need any special expertise. The challenging part of the troubleshooting process was trying to recover the data off the old hard disk.

Since the machine was used as an accounting machine, the data stored in the hard drive was extremely important to the client. There was no room for error during this process.

We began by taking the drive apart in a control environment to examine the disk and the motorized armature. We decided that it should be moved to a new computer hard drive unit to try and recover the vital data.

We carefully took the disks out each level and placed them in a new hard drive that we ordered. We ordered a new hard drive to make sure it was compatible. This task was done cautiously in order to protect the magnet section on the track of the hard drive. Amazingly, after doing this we were able to mount the drive in a Linux Operating System and recovered the QuickBooks files for our client.

However difficult your computer problems may appear, we are always ready and willing to assist our clients. We will research for you and provide you with clear solutions for all your computer related issues. Your success is our success.



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