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Geek Computers Formally Guru Solutions is looking for an individual too partner with in US. 

We have created a website with content and are continuing to add content for computer/electronic services. 

To help a small business grow we want to offer an exchange of website leads for you, and only require you to monitor the content that is created and ensure it is correct by approving it for publishing to the production site.

We continue to add functionality to the code base everyday.  If the website, mobile app, or automation does not do what you want all you need to do is make a suggestion to us and we can get into our development queue.

now is

Current Feature (Free) : 

  • Expert Advice and Understanding of Information Technology
  • Blogging Content
  • Forums Content
  • Shopping Cart
  • Emailing System
  • Sitemap Utility
  • Payment Gateway
  • Secure Network
  • Updated Monthly Software
  • Invoice System
  • Payment Record Keeping
  • Organization Ability for Department
  • Reporting for Productivity & AR/AP 
  • Customized Front End with You Included
  • Customer Account Login
  • Image Utility for Size
  • Administrator Panel
  • Project Manager
  • Agenda Manager
  • RSS Feed
  • Asset Manager
  • Customized Award System for End Users
  • Private Messaging with Text and Email Notification
  • Newsletter Manager
  • History/Revision System for All Content
  • Article/Wiki Content

More to come these are just the high level feature set we have created and does not cover automation system, mobile apps etc.

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