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How to add value to your articles

How to add value to your articles

Example with step-by-step instructions

You already have the main keyword. As an example, we will use this keyword:

lol fps drop

You’re about to apply three easy steps in order to add value to your articles and properly expand the topic:

  1. Understanding your article’s topic
  2. Identifying valuable keyword variations
  3. Grouping related queries by semantics & making correlations

Understanding your article’s topic

Check competition on SERP (using the main keyword – lol fps drop). For an accurate SERP analysis, open a new incognito window and always search on https://www.google.com/?gl=us:

Properly identify the main intent of the article along with other side-intents: The user wants to fix League of Legends FPS drops; two different angles to be covered: the FPS remains low + League of Legends FPS fluctuation.

Identifying valuable keyword variations

  • Perform a Google search for the main keyword.
  • Identify new queries/longtails that you will include in your article.

  • Do not hesitate to check related search areas as well:

  • Extract the most valuable queries that can expand the topic.

Tips to consider:

  • Choose queries related to the main intent of your article.
  • Do not select synonyms/same intent queries or completely new topics that could already be/should be/will be covered in other articles.
  • Check PAA for potential proof content sections/relevant ideas:

Grouping related queries by semantics & making correlations 

The error is encountered on different operating systems. Here are the keyword variations that will be naturally included in the article:

- lol fps drop windows 11

- lol fps drop windows 10

- lol fps drop windows 7   

  • lol fps drop mac


- lol fps drop in team fights

- lol fps drop after update

- lol fps drop after minions spawn

- lol fps drop after alt tab

- lol fps drop after windows update

- lol fps drop after patch

- lol fps drop when moving mouse

- lol fps drop when opening shop


Do not hesitate to create bulleted lists for such keyword variations

The same issue encountered in games such as:

-fps drop csgo

-fps drop valorant

-fps drop in apex legends

-fps drop warzone


Besides formatting text with bullets, also create simple lists & graphics whenever you get a chance to do so:

Sometimes, you can use keyword variations in their exact SERP form; in other cases, they need to be slightly modified in order to be grammatically correct and naturally included:

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