Position Executive Officer

We are looking for a self-starting, motivated individual to help with a startup company. Training is provided as needed.

You will report directly to the owner, taking on extra tasks that need to be done.

-$8.00 hr
-10 hrs a week for tasks assigned
-Remote and/or Onsite
-Paid BI-Weekly as 1099
-We use PayPal for payment
-Unpaid training is provided as needed
-We use a ticketing system known as Agenda and Objectives to track tasks built within our content management system (C.M.S.). These items are the items we create invoice/payable with as a deliverable base system.

-Facebook is our primary way of communication
-Message https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785

-Ability to work independently without supervision
-Problem-solving via Google and other resources
-Ability to follow our standard operating procedures (S.O.P.)
-Work remotely and record time accurately in detail using our payable/invoicing system
-Reliable Internet
-Reliable Computer
-Use Facebook Messaging Daily
-Must use PayPal as Payment tracking. You will be given 1099 at the end of the year
-Writing Html Knowledge for the WYSIWYG editor
-Video Editing Software Knowledge
-Imaging Editing Software Knowledge
-Ability to Q.A. different deliverables and artifacts
-Organized and Structured person
-Computer Savvy (Windows 10/11)

-Attend meetings as requested remote and/or onsite as needed
-Add / Modify Existing content as needed
-Learn to use our content management system (C.M.S.) and help improve it
-Ability to create agenda objectives/deliverables in our task ticketing system
-Ability to spot issues and record them to be corrected with our ticketing system
-Leadership skills to direct the team
-Able to edit or learn to edit video, images, and text
-Able to use our "What You See Is What You Get" editor WYSIWYG (example editor: https://www.tiny.cloud/) from the site
-Able to define content for our brands and make meaningful context  
-Quality Assurance (Q.A.) for our C.M.S.
-You will help with Branding Identity based on our business model
-Creating Task List/Todo for not only yourself but everyone on the team as well
-Researching the "Enemy" of each brand so we can focus our message on how our brand is better than theirs
-Editing Content: you will edit and modify the existing content text, images, and videos...
-Create Site Context for non-content pages. We need business and website policies kept up to date
-Creating/Auditing Business Documentation or S.O.P.
-Immersing Yourself into the brands
-Design and create a newsletter that will promote a product or service, improve the open and click-through rate of the website, and provide an individual touch point to email subscribers
-Implement social media platforms' content strategy, analyzing engagement data, identifying customer interaction trends, creating ads and content, and planning digital campaigns to build the online community of the various sites.
-Create professional presentations and digital media that can be used to share brief information about the website or business offered.
-Audit branding, communication, and site artifacts to ensure correct spelling and grammar.
-Able to acquire resources and artifacts from 3rd party sources for project/objective-driven task
-To act as an intermediate between the C.E.O. and the writers/team in case of a communication barrier.
-Help oversee employment decisions at the company's executive level.
-Create reports on various topics as needed to guide data-driven decision
-Understand all the digital touch points that users interact with daily that help build the brand image across the digital space.
-Define key brand insights and messages, identifying and assessing challenges and opportunities.
-To help the company create and maintain its image.
-Helping in the leading of ideation and brainstorming sessions.
-Collaborating with the team to develop, style, and plan site content and layouts.
-Interacting with customers to understand their feedback and create new product marketing strategies.
-Training team members on site-specific tasks that they have a problem grasping.

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