Position Web Master

Geek Computer is looking for a webmaster to handle our site's look and feel.  

If you are interested contact James Fleming via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785

Pay: $9.00 Hr work from home (max 8 hr work week side gig)


  1. Must have PC and Internet access 24/7/365
  2. Colloquial English with the proficiency of a native speaker
  3. Must use Facebook Messager we use this as a group chat
  4. The ability to edit images and use 3rd party sites to find images/media/video
  5. We, Will, have to learn our CMS and be able to get around in it to adjust the content
  6. Content editing ability for generated content at times for SEO value
  7. Ability to use Skype for a conference as needed
  8. Drive objective to reach company goals set by owners
  9. Encourages and facilitates consistent, creative, and unified web design across the organization's web properties.
  10. Independent self-starter to look for issue and help find a solution to fix it
  11. Collects and analyzes web analytics and similar data; identifies opportunities to improve search engine optimization (SEO), time on site, web traffic, and other relevant metrics.
  12. Must be 18+ years old
  13. Ability to code HTML/CSS or learn


  1. Ability to self learn if given the material on your own time


If you are interested contact James Fleming via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Title (No Special Character 250 Lenght Max)
Description (250 Character Max)
Keywords (Space Delimiter Tags)
Alias (One Nested short title that make sense)
Lead Image              
Thumbnail / Layout Images
Content Checklist            
Proof Reading              
Respectful Content              
Quality (How can we help solve your problem?)
Authoritative: Credential (About Us)
Authentic : Someone Cares that does it too
Layout Golden Rule 1:1.6 & Thirds
Image Lazy Load              
Color Scheme            
Vision (Core Value Compairing)
Contact Information
Call To Action              
User Flow (Click Each LInk & Button / Any User Action)
Funnelling for Monetization
Mobile Ready Design
Design/Partial Page Section Suggestion
Chrome F12 Console Error Check
5 Topic per Week              
Google jSon
Dont worry about this Ian this is for me
Google AMP
Dont worry about this Ian this is for me
Site Speed Audit
Dont worry about this Ian this is for me



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