Postion Content Editor



  • Formatting and structure
  • SEO - keyword distribution, images, subtopic selection, fulfilling searcher intent, etc
  • Originality - check for plagiarism and image copyrighting
  • Readability - the editor must ensure and help writers create readable, engaging, well-punctuated, and flowing content.
  • Proof-reading and fact-checking - The editor should read word-word, between the lines to ensure no mistakes will be published
  • Monitor Fluff in Articles
  • Train/guide new or existing writers on our content creation process. 
  • Attend meetings as requested remote or on-site
  • Manage Writers via Facebook Messager:
  • Add / Modify Existing content as needed to help with SEO and content authentic look and feel.
  • Ensure writers follow our content guidelines and must use the CMS.
  • Ability to create agenda objective/deliverable
  • Create five new topics for the site genre each week
  • Learn to use our content management system (CMS) and help improve it
  • Able to edit or learn to edit video, images, text, HTML, and CSS using WYSIWYG from the site
  • Able to define content for our brands and make meaningful context following SEO practices
  • Quality Assurance (QA) for our CMS
  • Brainstorm topic for discussion and Post
  • Ability to write content when needed for items that need a tweak
  • Find a free or paid version of images/other media for content posts and CMS
  • Must agree to our Contract:
  • Must be able to follow our standard operating procedure and help contributors follow the guidelines:


If interested, message James Fleming:

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