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Hardware Solutions

It is natural for common hardware problems to occur, calling for either repair, replacement, or an upgrade.

Computer Hardware

After using your computer or e-device thoroughly for a number of months or years, it is natural for common hardware problems to occur, calling for either repair, replacement, or an upgrade. Tech users in Topeka and around the world are always on the lookout for signature hardware packages- packages that actually work!

Printer Repair

Printers are very instrumental in a business; we have a range of printer repair services that are fully comprehensive. We are trustworthy and professional- able to handle all printer brands like brother, HP, Xerox, and Canon. Our printer repair services have been designed to help you connect more with your business.

Network Repair

Have you tried our expert and cost-effective break and fix network support services on your network problems? We take the lead in Topeka for providing expert network repair services for leading networking manufacturers like Dell, Cisco, Palo Alto networks, and Fortinet. We are the only tech company offering this level of service.

Peripheral Repair

Computer accessories and IT peripherals are very important in the technological scope of any business. Peripheral failure is a common issue with technology. Keys used frequently in keyboards get jammed, become sticky, or completely fall off. Luckily, Geek Computer always has a quick fix.

Keyboard Repair

“Why did my keyboard stop working?” is one of the most frustrating questions to ask when trying to use your computer. Being a primary input mode of computers, the lack of keyboard functionality limits the user from using the BIOS setup and even logging in to their device. You may need to seek the expertise of a keyboard replacement professional.

Screen Repair

The gradual deterioration or the sudden halt of a laptop screen due to damage can make you feel like you have altogether lost your device. Don’t worry, you have not. Despite the piling frustration, your computer screen repair is definitely doable if you trust in the knowledge and skill set of Topeka’s Geek Computer.

Hard Drive Issues Fix

Thanks to technology, modern hard drives can recall information and store data with extraordinary precision. Sadly, due to wear and tear, the hard drive’s mechanical components fail over time. As much as a software recovery may recover your files, the hard drive will rarely be rendered bootable.

Battery Replacement

Depending on how you use it, you may want to replace your laptop battery after just one year. This short timeframe may be influenced by factors such as water damage, frequent or improper charging of the device. If your battery is rechargeable, it has a lifespan, eventually needing to be recycled or serviced. Upgrading your laptop battery will create a performance boost and allow your device to work optimally.

Power Jack Issues

Damaged connector pins, faulty DC jacks and power socket cause laptop power problems that prevent your laptop from charging or powering up. After some repeated tugging or pulling, there strain placed on the DC power socket causes some damage- leading to the power connectors working loosely or becoming broken. Given how laptops are highly used, we know that is a nightmare. We can power back your life again.

Water Damage Repair

One of the most frequent and difficult issues to repair in computers is water damage. This is because it may cause anything to happen inside your computer. In most cases, only the logic board components and the keyboard have to be replaced. However, the damage may require you to find a completely new logic board. You don’t have to worry though, we can save your files.

Overheating Problem

The build-up of dust particles on heat sinks or fans, faulty fans, and the breakdown of thermal compounds can all be the root cause of an overheating computer. It is a common issue that gives rise to the deterioration of laptop life. Overheating may not seem like a big problem until your computer starts shutting down randomly and causing data loss.

Graphic Issues

Are you having problems viewing videos on your screen? Has your laptop been operational for over 18 months? If your answers are yes, you need to correct these issues. You need to seek graphic repair services from a company that has left a distinctive mark by providing outstanding and reliable graphic solutions.
Do you need computer hardware repair services in Topeka? Our signature hardware packages make sure that we maintain a healthy relationship with our partners. Geek Computer understands the importance of communication in professionalism; it helps us know exactly what the customer wants. Our services are mobile, so you don’t really have to come to us. Say goodbye to those fatal device hardware errors and common hardware problems.