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Newton Waweru works as a research assistant and content writer. He attended Egerton University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree there.

Newton was born and raised in the city of Nairobi, and he has had a strong interest in technology since he was a young child. He used to be curious about how the various electronic devices around the house functioned, which led to him disassembling them and asking a lot of questions about their inner workings.

He began his experience as a content writer two years ago as a ghostwriter. Later, he joined other freelancing websites to do the same thing, and he has created content for many clients ever since.

He is constantly dedicated to giving high-quality writing services by spending sufficient time on each article, so ensuring that it is original and packed with sufficiently detailed material. His articles are innovative, unique, compelling, and relentless. They will keep you interested and enthralled throughout the entire process.

You can discover some of his work on Tesames in the services and article sections, where he writes about technology.

In addition to his interest in technology, he is an avid gamer who enjoys playing games on any platform, including board games, with chess being his absolute favorite, and he is always up for a good challenge. He finds solace in nature and goes hiking whenever he needs to relax. Cooking is another of his great passions, and he is a true expert in the kitchen. The entirety of the process of cooking a meal is therapeutic for him, and the resulting flavors are never less than satisfying.

After graduating from university, Newton worked in various professions, which helped him develop his critical thinking skills. His positions in ICT have significantly improved his attention to detail, organizational abilities, research abilities, and ability to collaborate effectively with others. Working as a businessman has helped him enhance his listening, communication, and marketing abilities. It has also boosted his enthusiasm for learning new things, and maybe most importantly, it has helped him improve his timeliness, which means he will never miss a deadline.

Because of everything that has been said about him thus far, Newton is the ideal candidate to serve as the content writer for Tesames as well as any other website or blog. Because of his wide range of experiences, he is quite informed in a variety of subjects, and he guarantees that he will bring all of this information to the table when he is engaged.

He envisions himself continuing his path as a content writer by penning additional articles and blogs and one day owning his own website, where he will be able to act as a mentor to freelance writers working under him.

He is always up for a challenge and is reachable at [email protected]. He is adaptable and a quick learner, and he is capable of writing on any topic, with the exception of those listed above, provided he is given sufficient time. The prices he charges for writing and editing content are reasonable, and he guarantees that he will provide excellent value for the money you spend on his services.


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Newton Waweru

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