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My name is Rahab,a Journalism graduate,Digital Marketing graduate,graphic designer and a love and personal development blogger.I'm also a part time micro-influencer basically on all things lifestyle. I've previously worked with several brands on Instagram local and international mostly requiring article Marketing and this perfectly aligns with my line of work.

On the world of graphic design,having pursued both Journalism and digital content creation,you're bound to interact with design softwares such as Adobe indesign,Adobe photoshop,Illustrator e.t.c and that brings out curiosity. I decided to hop onto youtube and learn editing skills myself and it's just something i love doing although not professionally yet, i love having it as a skill.
Aside from my professional outlook,Rahab is more of an Ambivert,although i seem to lean more into the introverted side.
I love to read books,sing,travel and basically hike.
Feel free to interact with my social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram Rahab Nyambura and -rahabnyambura respectively.
Also checkout my blogging website fully designed by myself  sheis-inspired.com .
I first began blogging in 2019 during covid,as we were all on lockdown and had ample time to ourselves.
During that time,i felt depressed and sad just from staying indoors and i looked for something to keep me busy while i waited schools to resume.
It didn't start out as a love and personal development blog,rather it was always just personal development but mostly catering for the youths just like myself. 
Love and personal development later on came about after witnessing many young people killing taking their own lives in the name of love, and i felt they could easily relate to another young person advising them on these topics.
Actually,never in my life had i received so much positive feedback than then.I realized in content creation,a niche is very important and you just don't write articles for the sake of writing.Once you've catered for the need of your audience,everything else will fall into place slowly by slowly.
I've also learnt to produce content first before being money hungry and focusing on monetization, as the latter could easily affect how you produce content.
It's also good to learn from other writers as you gain insight rather than just going in blindly, like i did the first time.Other than that,expect to have days where you have writer's block and genuinely want to give up,but the aim is to keep pushing.
Having addressed that,I look forward to creating tons of educative articles on this platform that are SEO friendly and above all reader friendly. I also intend to meet all article deadlines so as to give the editor ample time to go through them as well as build on trust.
I am very grateful to do something i really love and honestly,it gives me so much joy to write educative content and simply being creative about it.
I look forward to reading articles from other writers on here as well and learn a thing or two.


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