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Hudson Kimaru is a content writer and a research assistant by profession. He holds a Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology from the United States International University Africa(USIU-A). Hudson was born and raised in Nakuru city and has always been passionate about technology from a young age where he always wanted to know how various electronics around the house worked leading to him taking them apart and asking a lot of questions. He started content writing journey a year ago as a ghost writer on freelancer.com and later joined other freelancing websites to do the same and has since written content for multiple clients since then. He is always committed to providing excellent writing services by taking time to write every article and ensure they are unique and contain well-detailed information. His articles are creative, unique, persuasive, and persistent. They will keep you engaged and captivated.  You can find some of his work on OSO and Tesames on the services and article sections where he tackles topics ranging from marketing, business and technology. Apart from content writing, Hudson is also a lean data research assistant at 60Decibels, a market research company, and a businessman. He previously worked in the ICT space as an ICT clerk and information security officer which really sparked his interest in research and writing since they always require one to be up-to-date with current trends and generate a lot of reports from the various research duties. Apart from technology, he is also passionate about gaming on any platform including board games with chess being his favorite, and is always up for a challenge. He loves the outdoors and hikes to unwind. He is also passionate about cooking and is a master in the kitchen. He finds the entire process of preparing a meal therapeutic and the flavors never disappoint. Working in various roles after university has made Hudson a critical thinker. His roles in ICT have greatly increased his attention to detail, organizational, research and teamwork skills. Working as a businessman has improved his listening, communication, and marketing skills and has increased his interest in learning new things and most importantly improved his punctuality, meaning he will never miss a deadline. All of the reasons that have been mentioned above make Hudson the perfect content writer for Tesames and any other website or blog. All of the experiences collected have made him well knowledgeable in multiple fields and he promises to bring it all to the table when engaged. He hopes to continue his content writing journey by writing more articles and blogs and someday owning his own website and be able to mentor freelance writers under his wing. He can be reached via email on [email protected] and is always ready for a challenge. He is flexible and a quick learner and can write on any topic apart from those listed above sufficient time. His rates for his content writing and editing services are pocket friendly and he promises that you will always get value for your money.
Hudson Kimaru

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