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Background Gloria is the middle child in a family of four children. As a result, she has always been competitive and acquired a go-getter attitude from an early age. Her parents were teachers, always strict on matters of discipline and behavior. There were always rules and order of duties at home, which everyone was expected to obey. Her parents were also particular about every child's performance at school, and they saw to it that all their four children attained university education. Due to their passion for education, Gloria and her three siblings attended boarding schools from the early age of nine. Since they were mission schools with a strong Catholic background, she grew strong faith in Christianity. She has always been a strong believer in Jesus, and she wouldn't compromise that for anything in the world. Growing up, her family has always been strong, and they have a system whereby they rely on each other in times of difficulty. The most challenging period in her life was seeing her father die of cancer. Her father's suffering brought forth a new look at life and challenges. No pain surpasses the loss of a loved one, and from that experience, Gloria learned to dedicate time to the people she loved. What does Gloria value most in life? The greatest gift in Gloria's life is her two sons. They give her a reason to smile and keep going even when the walk gets too tough. She wants her children to grow up in love and enjoy a good life. How does Gloria define success? Life is all about being happy, and as long as you are happy, that's success. Gloria believes that attaining material things cannot be looked at as success since they don't always provide satisfaction to a person's life. Education and achievements Gloria is a writer and journalist interested in entrepreneurship and investment. She has enjoyed reading stories and novels since she was a little girl and always knew she would be a writer someday. She attained her degree in Communication and Journalism in 2014, after which she put her foot into the media as a business reporter. Later, she tried out different business ventures, with some succeeding and others failing. She is currently an entrepreneur and a freelance writer.  As an entrepreneur, she seeks innovative opportunities to make the necessary changes in the world. Starting out, Gloria faced many challenges as a young entrepreneur with limited income. And through her writing, she hopes to make a difference in the readers' lives, especially investors seeking to earn income. Gloria has managed to write and publish blog posts, ebooks, articles, and general web content in a wide range of genres throughout her writing career.  Interests Gloria's other interests include technology, psychology, and health. Psychology has always been at the back of her mind. She reads widely on matters of health and often writes on related topics. On a typical day, Gloria will always find time to grab her favorite book. She also enjoys poetry, and she will often express her feelings and emotions through poetry. Other passions include watching comedies, travelling and family outings.   


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Gloria Mutuku

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