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Internet Connection: Why Is My Internet So Slow

pThere are few ways to make sure that each part of your home internet is working at the optimum speeds I will help you identify and fix any weak link...

Things You Didn't Know About Backup Services [What Are They?]

pThere are several things you didnt know about backup services For example did you know some files are illegal to back up Also backups require storage...

What Are The Principles of Theatrical Design?

pThere are different principles of theatrical design that help you get a good stage for performance finally It entails most of the visual representati...

What Are The Basic Rules to Design a Theater?

pThere are some basic rules in designing a theater like always considering your audience first limiting any possible distractions and providing adequa...

What are the 5 Computer Problems and Their Solution?

pThere are various computer concerns alongside workable solutions that are effective in bringing your PC back to life Experiencing computer issues doe...

How to Fix a Stereo Receiver That is Not Making Sound

pThere are various things that can cause an issue with a stereo receiver Sometimes the problem might not be the receiver but maybe the connection betw...

What types of cyber-attacks and how to prevent them?

Cyber attacks are here to stay as long as the internet exists. In this article, we will give you the best tips on how to avoid each attack.

Why My Computer Shuts Down Randomly When Gaming?

There are several causes for your computer to shut down when gaming. In this article, we will highlight major reasons and how to five them.

How do I automatically print an email attachment?

In this article, we will highlight three methods and configurations to automatically print email attachments.

How to Use Google Docs: The Beginner's Guide to Google Docs

pGoogle Docs possesses different features that are not found in other traditional word processors like Microsoft Word Some of the features includepull...

Computer Tips: How to make my computer run like new?

There are several treats you need to perform to your computer to run like a brand new one. Later we will tell you how to achieve them in detail. So, r...

Windows 11: What you need to know about windows 11 before upgrading

pThere are several new things that you should expect if you upgrade to Windows 11 Microsoft has upgraded the following features in Windows 11pulliWidg...

Digital Storage: How Big Are Gigabytes, Terabytes, and Petabytes?

pIn total there are 8 units of data volume called bytes The size of Gigabytes Petabytes and Terabytes can be calculated by how many bytes compose each...

Windows 10: How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 10

pThere are several ways to boot into safe mode on Windows 10 Here are the best steps to followpulliPress the Windows key R This forces Windows into s...

What are the backup best practices using the cloud?

pThere are several backup best practices using the cloud such as using offsite storage following the 322 rules like using remote storage backing up yo...

How to Open the Command Prompt in Windows 10

pThere are several ways to open Command Prompt on Windows 10 The Power User Menu which you can access by rightclicking the Windows icon in the bottoml...

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