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Caroline Chebet is an accomplished freelance writer. She graduated from Moi University Eldoret with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Public Relations.

Her content writing journey began as an interest where she would write blogs and simple web copies for local businesses. 

She then did transcription, affiliate marketing, and Remo tasks for experience and out of curiosity. This would make a living out of her laptop and phone.

Gradually, she began writing articles for local agencies from as low as 500 words per article to more than 3000 for three years. She has written articles on beauty,  money laundering, affiliate marketing,  online business, and fitness. Through it, she was able to gain a few basics and experience. Finally, she landed on a direct client who is impressed by the kind of work she delivers.

She loves challenges, and whenever she doesn't know about an assignment, she doubles up her research skills to ensure that she delivers the best quality, as per the client's requirements.

She possesses greater attention to detail and is proficient in sentence construction, structure, grammar, and punctuation.

Caroline adapts to many writing projects and enjoys learning new things to fortify her job performance. Simply, she can take on any niche, transform complex terms into simple, readable items, and engage the reader from start to end.  

On top of that, she has fantastic communication and customer relation skills. She learned this from college and practiced it through various roles she has played after school. 

She has the potential to ensure your content is ranked higher on the search engines through SEO best practices. She understands how to place keywords naturally and develop subtopics based on search intent on Search Engines like Google and Bing. 

She is well updated with current affairs in technology, which makes her deliver up-to-date content.

Her charges are based on the type of content, length of the article, and amount of extra work needed.

She is on a journey to be an independent writer. She recently joined Geek Computer and Tesames. She intends to get more clients and shift from freelance writer to full-time content producer. 

That said, she is flexible and available to work. She would love to venture more into technology and other niches. She never misses deadlines, and she is excellent at communication.

She believes in criticism, which catalysts growth and motivation to deliver the best expert articles and blogs. 

Apart from her writing career, she is also a mother of a 3-year-old boy, a wife, and a lover of documentaries, movies, and books. She loves adventure traveling across the country, especially to the wild.

Her mission is to be able to write more articles, own a website, and come up with writing classes to train the upcoming freelance writers using the knowledge she has acquired from her career.

In the future, she will own her writing website open up an educative YouTube channel sharing her writing journey, how she started and what to expect as she moves forward.

She promises accuracy, reliability, quality, and timely deliverables to her clients.


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Caroline Chebet

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