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Why Do We Need Ethics for Internet Users?
With the introduction of computers globally in the 1990s, the entire approach of working, communicating, and storing important information has changed. I mean, who would have thought that a machine can make one convey a message at any corner of the w...

Author: Collins Okoth

Do I Really Need To Care About My Privacy Online?
Online privacy seems almost non-existence when you factor in this age of likes, shares, tweets, and hashtags. Now more than ever, the activities of our daily lives are shared through social media. The worst part is that we are giving out this informa...

Author: Ian Musyoka

Does Adding RAM Increase Computer Speed?
When purchasing a computer, one of the specifications to look out for is the amount of RAM it possesses. The system memory of your computer consists of two types of memory: virtual memory and physical memory (also called Random Access Memory). Unli...

Author: Ian Musyoka