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How Does a Computer Work: A Definitive Guide
A computer is an electronic machine that acts as an information processor. It takes the raw information or data, stores it, works on it, and spits the result out. However, there is an entire process behind how the computer works.  A computer is desi...

Author: Tithi Raha

How computers work: why is the processor important?
We have prepared this article with the sole aim of informing you what a processor is, it's components and how they function together in transforming data and instructions into useful information. , A CPU or processor is an electronic circuit found ...

Author: Gloria Mutuku

Why Do We Need Ethics for Internet Users?
With the introduction of computers globally in the 1990s, the entire approach of working, communicating, and storing important information has changed. I mean, who would have thought that a machine can make one convey a message at any corner of the w...

Author: Collins Okoth

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