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How Does a Computer Work: A Definitive Guide
A computer is an electronic machine that acts as an information processor. It takes the raw information or data, stores it, works on it, and spits the result out. However, there is an entire process behind how the computer works.  A computer is desi...

Author: Tithi Raha

Is my computer worth fixing?
Constant computer breakdowns can be frustrating, and if you are a frequent visitor to the repair shop you might start thinking of buying a new computer. However, a computer technician can advise you on the condition of your machine and if it is likel...

Author: Gloria Mutuku

How to Check If an Email Is Legit?
“Phishing” is a popular term among hackers and hacking sites. These phishing emails are sent with the primary purpose of stealing valuable information or taking control of your networks.  It’s reported that every day nearly 3.4 billion phishing emai...

Author: Tithi Raha

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