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I can’t see my wireless network in the list?
It’s frustrating when you can’t find your Wi-Fi network in the list. There are several reasons why you can’t see your wireless network, which we will help you fix. Why Is My WIFI Not Showing Up on My Laptop? In general terms, these are the reason...

Author: Berts Njoroge

Internet Connection: Why Is My Internet So Slow
We all have experienced slow internet speeds in our homes. I will guide you on the best way you can speed up your home internet, how different factors affect your speeds, and getting the best internet plans for your home or office. I will also guide ...

Author: Faith Cheruiyot

How to Change your Wi-Fi Password
Abstract: Log into your router's web interface using your IP address in the address bar of your preferred browser. Once inside, access the "wireless" tab (or a tab of a similar name) and navigate the options to locate the Wi-Fi settings. Once there, ...

Author: Charz

What's Wrong With Using Public Wi-Fi?
Picture yourself in your favorite cafe, drinking a hot cup of coffee while taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi to update your feed or keep up with the news. I bet that to some of us, and this already sounds like a very familiar setting. However, did...

Author: Ian

Wave WiFi Rogue Wave Ethernet Converter/Bridge
Rogue Wave Ethernet Converter/BridgeThe Rogue Wave by Wave WiFi is a ultra-small, compact Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter with an incredible 800mW output power. Like all Wave WiFi products, the Rogue Wave is an Ethernet Converter (EC), so a di...


Wave WiFi Rogue Pro Ethernet Converter/Bridge
Rogue Pro Ethernet Converter/BridgeThe Rogue Pro features the same trouble-free high powered performance of the Rogue Wave in a sealed, polished stainless steel marine case. The Rogue Pro requires an integral 1"-14" standard antenna mount (not Includ...


Bad Elf High Performance GPS and GLONASS Receiver f/Lightning Connector
High Performance GPS and GLONASS Receiver for Lightning ConnectorThe Bad Elf GPS gets rave reviews from the most demanding customers in military, commercial, and private aviation. Moreand more blue water and freshwater marine enthusiasts have chosen ...


Digital Yacht PilotLINK AIS Interface Class A
PilotLINKPilotLINK is a wireless interface for Class A AIS systems. All Class A transponders share a common "Pilot Plug" connector that PilotLINK connects directly to via a 1m cable. PilotLINK then creates a wifi navigation network on board the vesse...