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Contact us with your power Jack problems. We will access your device, diagnose and give you a quotation. And if you choose to have the machine repaired, we will do that for you.

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What entails Power Jack repairs

Jack repair covers problems related to your laptops or notebook's charging ports. It is also known by other names such as inlet, laptop ring, computer power inlet, pin, pc power socket, notebook charge port, laptop charging port, laptop dc power connector, or AC DC power port. It is a computer part into which power from the tip of your AC adapter cable connects to your computer.
How are you likely to damage your PC power jack?

Over time, this part in your device may suffer wear and tear. If your laptop drops landing on the DC power plug, the power jack's damage may also occur from pressure. Constant pushing on the plug can also pressure the inside power jack to break it. Some damages may require repair, while others call for a complete replacement.
How can you diagnose DC jack problems?

Whenever you have to wiggle the cable for your laptop to start charging, it could be a damaged dc power jack. In such as case, the power jack is probably loose, and it might go on for a while before it breaks down entirely and stops charging.
How do we go about DC Jack repairs?

Once we identify this problem with your laptop, with your consent, our computer experts will take apart the machine, remove and replace or repair the damaged DC jack. We will then test the laptop's functionality before returning it to you.
How Geek Computer Helps

We house experts in computer technology at geek computer, ready to handle DC jack power repairs, among other computer problems. You can trust us to diagnose your device and fix it. Reach out to us today or have the problem fixed at an affordable price! We also offer in-house visits, office visits, and remote support services.

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