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Email migration defined

Email migration involves moving or migrating emails from one email client to another. And it is most commonly referred to as mailbox migration. All your records, including emails, appointments, contacts, and other tasks, are migrated during the process. The service is required when an individual or business decides to switch from one client email to another. It is important to note that different email clients differ in the file formats they support when saving mailbox data.
Why would you need email migration services?

Is your business changing email service providers for whatever reason? In such as case, you don't want to lose important emails. People and businesses change their mailboxes for different reasons. It could be due to significant changes such as mergers or acquisitions.
Can you do it yourself?

Email migration is never easy, especially where thousands of emails are involved. For this reason, hiring the services of experts will make the transition process smooth, giving you the peace of mind you require to concentrate on other, more pressing issues.
Types of Email migration

The technicality of email migration varies depending on the number of mailboxes you wish to move and the server or service provider, or server. Wherever fewer emails are involved (upto 150), the procedure entails a one-time approach or cutover. There are, however, more complex procedures depending on the scenario: 1. Consolidation: If an employee leaves the organization, you might need to combine multiple accounts. 2. Back up: it applies when you want to preserve critical information by creating a backup. It could be for legal compliance purposes. 3. Coexistence: this procedure is commonly used as an email migration plot or evaluation. 4. Upgrade: this applies when a business deploys a new version of an emailing system or an upgrade.
How geek computer helps

We employ specific technical procedures in email migration depending on the desired result. These include MX record, content conversion, property mapping, and copy email.

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