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Geek Computer provides professional iPad repair services in Topeka, Kansas. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us any time you experience problems with any iPad model.

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Is An iPad a Tablet

There is a popular confusion between an iPad and a tablet. You will be forgiven to think they are the same thing. However, an iPad is Apple's version of a tablet. A tablet is a portable computing device with a touch-screen display and functions with the help of the internet. The majority of the tablets available use Google's Android as the operating system. iPads, on the other hand, use iOS, Apple's operating system.
Why Get an iPad

You will find owning an iPad to be very advantageous for you. For starters, iPads are easy to operate and run very smoothly. They also allow you to integrate with other devices and connect your iPad with your MacBook. Moreover, iPads give you access to many apps that you can download from the App Store.
Possible Challenges You May Experience with Your iPad

As much as iPads are considered Apple's best tablet in the market today, they are not free from problems once in a while. Some common problems you may experience with your iPad are faulty speakers, broken screen, lost sensitivity, spoilt charging port, the power button or home button not working, a faulty camera, insufficient storage, overheating, apps crashing or iPad freezing.
How We Can Help

You may find it a huge challenge to personally find a solution for most of the problems you may experience with your iPad. There is no quick fix for these issues in most cases, and you need a professional technician like us to get your iPad into working order once again. Please find comfort knowing that we are here to solve all your iPad problems.
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The average cost of a android repair service is $159.99.

Geek Computer can handle all kinds of repairs for varied iPad models. We will fix physical problems like a broken or insensitive screen, repair damages caused by water, replace your battery, correct charging issues, repair your cameras, buttons, or speakers. We'll also sort out problems like full storage, overheating, apps not working, or iPad hanging. We can resurrect your dead iPad!

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