Network Problems and Troubleshooting Service

Are you experiencing challenges with your internet, network speed, buffering downloads, laggy video calls, VoIP calls, or ERP applications? Network problems are among the most annoying experiences among computer users, affecting your ability to access any data outside the PC. If you are experiencing these challenges, Geek Computer is the solution you are looking for to these problems.

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How can you tell you are experiencing a network problem

It is essential to understand the signs of a bad network connection and seek the necessary assistance. Different network problems could arise from routers, switches, firewalls, network patterns such as bandwidth spikes, app configuration changes, and security breaches. If you are working on a serious business project, these problems will slow you down, affecting your output. If you can identify a network problem in good time, you can have an expert fix it asap and resume your work.
Common network problems

Here are some of the most common network problems we come across with our clients: • High bandwidth usage; this problem is associated with the amount of data sent over a connection or network in a given time frame. When it occurs, it presents itself in the form of a slow internet connection. A higher bandwidth sustains a larger volume of data much faster. Consequently, it can support more interconnected devices. • High CPU usage; this problem commonly occurs from increased traffic, especially when processes take a long time to execute, especially when a more significant number of network packets are sent and received throughout your network. • Physical connectivity; refers to the problem associated with cable connection and other network equipment. It could be due to malfunctional equipment. • DNS Issues occur when the user cannot connect to an IP address, signalling lost network or Internet access. • Wireless network interference is the cause of some of the most common network problems, and it occurs from disruption or weakening of the Wi-Fi signal transmission from the wireless router.
Can you troubleshoot yourself

Network problems range from simple physical connectivity to more complex issues that IT technicians can only handle. In some cases, it is often logical to try troubleshooting the problem before you seek the help of an expert. However, network problems can be more frustrating than ever due to the growing complexity and size of modern network infrastructures. Consequently, with limited experience, it takes a lot of time trying to identify and fix network problems.
Geeks Network and Troubleshooting solutions

Geek team of experts has all solutions to your networking issues and troubleshooting. We can have an expert visit your home or business at your demand. It is in our interest to ensure our customers are satisfied, and we won't leave until your network is fully operational. You can rely on our continued IT support for your business as we do not charge our customers consultation fees, and our service fees are the best in the market.
Network Repair Solutions

The average cost of a android repair service is $159.99.

We provide tutorial and on call support staff to troubleshoot your needs below.

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