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Cyber security is a huge concern for both individuals and businesses. Geek Computer is your most reliable cyber security partner!

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Understanding Computer Security

Computer security, also known as cyber security, protects computer systems and information against harm, theft, and unauthorized use. Computer hardware can be secured in ways like having serial numbers, locks, and alarms. Protecting data is a whole different affair that requires more complex tactics.
The Major Threats

The precautions for protecting information focus on the following threats: • Privacy invasion: Illegal access to protected personal, financial, medical, or government information is a huge concern. • Data theft: Vital information such as military secrets can be stolen for illegal use. • Destruction: Data can be destroyed by things like viruses and malware. • Fraudulent ways: Illegal access can provide a chance for insiders to gain entry into bank accounts and channel funds to their accounts. • Phishing: Cybercriminals can scam individuals or businesses by stealing confidential information with malicious intentions.
The Solutions

Cyber security threats keep evolving. Staying ahead of these tricks and protecting yourself and your business is imperative. Some possible solutions for the different threats are: • Education: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning the latest cyber security threats and how to handle them. • Antiviruses: Always get updated antivirus software from a reliable provider. • Cybersecurity solutions-provider: Partner with a reliable cyber security solutions consultant like Geek Computer for your home, office, or business.
What We Offer

Geek Computer offers a wide range of cyber security solutions. We can: • Act as your consultant. We’ll bring our expertise on demand to support you in carrying out your daily business activities. We’ll advise you on how to protect yourself against the existing threats. • Become your virtual information security officer: In this capacity, we will design a robust cyber security program for your organization to avert the risks. • Carry out penetration testing: To find out how cyber secure you are, our team can point out any weaknesses in your networks and applications through tests and find ways to cover the risks before they happen. • Offer 24/7 security monitoring: We’ll help your business know what’s happening in real-time and detect the attacks before data breaches occur.
Who We Serve

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Geek Computer offers cyber security services to the following: • Individuals • The health care industry • Government entities • Financial institutions • Learning institutions • Software as a Service (SaaS) providers We protect users, customers, and patients and cover businesses and organizations in our cyber security solutions. Additionally, we offer PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance, SOC 2 compliance, and ISO compliance.

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