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Windows OS Services

Windows OS is one of the most popular operating systems in the market, having been installed in millions of computers with different versions. Operating systems are designed to be robust. However, due to conflict with other software, they may occasionally fail. Our wide range of solutions have been designed to fit all the technological support you require.

Android OS

When you first got your Android device, its functionality was smooth and fast. It quickly turned into your handy companion, giving your work the perfect balance of usability and functionality. With time, the performance dwindles, becoming sluggish and slower than you expect. Did you know your device can experience peak performance again?

Apple iOS Service

Geek Computer is the best apple service provider in Topeka for both businesses and single users. We serve the iOS and Mac community with regards to upgrades, wireless networking infrastructure, warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, and so much more. Equipped with Apple’s specialized diagnostic suite, we can easily diagnose your phone for free.

Microsoft Office Suite

Are you looking for productivity, reliability, and security? Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service designed to help your organization meet its needs. Its popularity is widely revered in the software suite world. Most computer users have come across PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or sent an email using Outlook. Are you ready to use Office in the cloud?

Driver Issues

If your computer is suddenly annoying you with buggy hardware, chances are you are having a device driver issue. What causes device driver issues? In Windows, most device driver issues are catalyzed by corrupted, missing, or outdated drivers. Drivers that have aged can also affect the compatibility and performance of drivers. We can fix your device driver problems in Windows and Mac.

Shutdown & Restarting

Don’t you feel like computers always fail in the middle of important tasks? When a computer system detects an issue, it restarts in an attempt to prevent future damage. Therefore, if your computer is freezing or continuously restarting, you might need to seek the help of Topeka’s best computer software repair service.

General Maintenance

Any software that has been designed and released to the market requires further support services and maintenance to maintain peak performance. Many issues can arise in the lifespan of a computer device, calling for software maintenance services. Our clients love us because we don’t make them spend big on I.T. maintenance budgets; we complete the same task at a much cheaper rate.

3rd Party Application

Even though your company boasts an amazing tech team, it is somewhat always convenient to seek the third-party tech solutions created by other companies. By choosing to use third party applications, you need to make sure that your customer and company data remains secure. We can do that for you.
Do you need computer hardware repair services in Topeka? Our signature hardware packages make sure that we maintain a healthy relationship with our partners. Geek Computer understands the importance of communication in professionalism; it helps us know exactly what the customer wants. Our services are mobile, so you don’t really have to come to us. Say goodbye to those fatal device hardware errors and common hardware problems.