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A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone

A fax document is a telephonic document made of ones and zeros sent over a telephone line associated with an output device like a printer. Today, we use "fax" as a synonym for FAX (facsimile), TELEDOCUMENTS, or any other document that can be transmitted over the phone lines. A fax is different from an email because it physically transmits information over the phone line, while emails share data over the Internet, which has unlimited bandwidth.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone

How to Fax a Document From Your Smartphone

To fax a document from your smartphone:

1. Sign in or register for eFax. eFax is an online service that provides cloud-based faxing capability. You can access it via a web browser (PC or MAC), a tablet, a phone, and more.

2. Open the Email App; you need an email account to do this.

3. Create an Email. The email's subject will be your fax number, and the email content will be your file.

4. Add recipient information. Enter your recipient's fax number and the name you want to appear on the fax, followed by

5. Upload your Fax File. Upload the file you want to fax. You can upload up to 10MB.

6. Fax your document. You can now fax your copy directly from the email app, which will be sent to the recipient via eFax Cloud/Internet.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone

Benefits of Using eFax:


One of the benefits of using eFax is that it gives you great flexibility when it comes to faxing. You can fax anything from a single page to an entire document. If your paper is too large, you can use eFax's option to split it into smaller files. You will get more flexibility with your documents than sending a fax manually through the mail or traditional fax service.

Cost Effective

eFax allows you to send your courier service faxes from your computer and mobile devices at no additional cost. You can send your document and transmit it via email, social media, or text messaging. Compared to traditional post office services, eFax is the most cost-effective option for sending faxes. The fact that eFax gives you an online account where you can save all of your documents is a reason for this high level of savings.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone


Security is essential when faxing documents, and eFax gives you the protection you need through its application's password-based solid authentication and encryption. eFax uses secure encryption for all data, including login information, fax documents, email address, and even the recipient's name. All of this ensures that only the intended recipient can receive your fax. In addition, eFax gives you flexibility when it comes to faxing by allowing you to select recipients using various authentication methods, including cell phone numbers or email addresses.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone


eFax uses cloud storage for its documents. You can upload your documents to the cloud and access them from any device with an Internet connection. This allows you to send a copy from devices such as your home computer and mobile phone using eFax's web application or an email program. At the same time, you get instant access to all your documents from any device with an Internet connection, making it convenient for you to access and use them. The fact that eFax takes care of all the faxing functions is another benefit since it allows you to concentrate on what is essential, i.e., your document.

No Installation is Required

eFax does not require installing software or hardware, so your faxing is hassle-free. There is no need to buy any additional hardware, and eFax gives you the potential to use multiple devices for faxing. It means you can fax from your desktop computer, laptop, and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Through eFax's web application, you can send faxes directly from your inbox, thereby streamlining the process thus making it more efficient and cost-effective. With eFax, you get the benefits of cloud storage without worrying about installation processes.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone


eFax provides reliable faxing services, and it makes sure that your documents are sent by using a proprietary system that is built on telecom networks. The eFax cloud servers connect directly with the recipient's fax machine or phone line, ensuring reliability and a high level of security in faxing. You can choose between standard and priority delivery services, and eFax allows you to select your preferred delivery method. You can send an urgent fax through eFax's Priority Fax Delivery service, which will ensure that your document is delivered within minutes of sending it.


The eFax team is available to answer your questions 24/7. You can call or email if you have inquiries regarding the service or need help with faxing. To get support, you can contact the eFax support team online. eFax also provides a Knowledge Base where you can read through articles on topics such as faxing, sending emails, and using the eFax application on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. There is also a Facebook page where the eFax team answers customer questions using the application's chat feature. This will help you get accurate information about the service to ensure that your faxing is done right every time.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone


eFax uses an easy-to-use interface that is simple and attractive to use. You will find it easy to send a fax through the eFax application. The app is integrated into various email and social media applications to share your document quickly. You can connect your eFax account with other cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Box, or SkyDrive. The eFax team is ready to assist you in connecting each service with the eFax application so that all your documents are saved in one place. This is another benefit since it simplifies you to save, access, and share documents from one place.

Reasons Why You Cannot Fax Documents

Faxes are not Compatible with all Devices.

If you send a fax through an email application or social media, your document will not be sent because it cannot be saved in these applications. Faxes can only be sent via the eFax application and other compatible devices. For example, if you have a smartphone and want to send a fax, you cannot use eFax since there is no phone functionality on mobile phones for faxing. You can only send a fax using your computer if you need additional hardware. However, you cannot save documents in certain cloud storage services such as DropBox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive because they need to give access to incoming documents.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone

Poor Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connectivity will slow the process of sending a fax through eFax. If there is no internet connection, the service will not work since it requires an internet connection to connect with the eFax servers. The fact that your device needs to be connected to the internet 24/7 also means that you can only send a fax from areas with reliable Internet access, especially if you are using a mobile device.

Poor Phone Connection

eFax uses phone lines to send faxes, so poor phone connections can interrupt the process of sending a document through eFax. If there is poor phone or Internet connectivity, the transmission of faxes may be interfered with. This will result in poor-quality faxes, making it difficult for you to deal with your documents.

Faxing Issues

Faxing issues can also happen when a document cannot be sent through eFax due to errors in the document's contents or reasons outside of eFax's control, such as when your device overheats, becomes wet, has problems with its software or battery, is used to send other forms of electronic mail (e-mail), or if it contains viruses.

eFax is an online faxing service that allows you to send, receive, store and manage your faxes online. eFax is a cloud-based service, and it is available in more than 20 countries around the world. To use eFax, you must create an account on the eFax website. You do not need additional hardware or software to send files through eFax because it works on your PC or laptop. This means that you can send faxes directly from your email inbox. In addition, through the cloud storage system of eFax, all your documents are saved in one place and easily accessible whenever you want them to be.

A Complete Guide on How to Fax a Document from Your Smartphone

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