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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Are you tired of doing theater the old way? Here is how to reinvent it

When last did you reinvent your home theater? Most probably, you are bored with the old way you have been enjoying it, and you wish some things would change for you to get much more from it. This incredible piece of article will be of great help to you, and you will be finally able to reinvent your home theater. 

There are plenty of ways for you to reinvent your home theater. The most known and effective ones are; matching your speakers, changing your speaker placement areas, using a dedicated electrical circuit, and upgrading your amplifier, subwoofer, and center channel. If this is the article you've been looking for, keep on reading for more details. 

There are those moments you just feel like experiencing a movie night in your home and you just want to make a movie theater out of your living room. You don't have to strain much as you will find ways to do that as you read the article.

Are you tired of doing theater the old way? Here is how to reinvent it

Enough of the dull home theater experience; a home theater should be enjoyed, and it's all about comfort. If you have not been enjoying your old home theater and feel like you need more, you are right to feel so. Please don't feel guilty about it; think of all the time you took to settle for a home theater and the expenses involved, from buying to installing; you deserve to be getting the best and the most from your home theater. 

Are you tired of doing theater the old way? Here is how to reinvent it

The good news is that you can do something about it, and the much better news is that Geek computer can help you reinvent your home theater to be just like you have imagined. We have listed down some tips to help you improve your home theater and get the modern home theater feeling.

Match your speakers

Are your speakers a combination of old and new ones from several manufacturers? That is the cause for you lacing the high-impact, immersive impact surrounding experience you've been yearning for. Each speaker brand is unique in its way, and there's no way connecting two speakers of different brands can deliver the same sound effect.

It would help match them from the center, right, and left to get the most out of your speakers and an excellent surround sound experience. The sound will be perfect, and the result will be more realistic with an immersive effect.

Change your speaker placement.

Where have you placed your speakers? At the far corners of the room? Near the ceiling or hidden inside an entertainment cabinet? If you have put them in any of those, they are wrongly placed. They should be positioned relative to your seating area.

You can watch guides online to know how and where to place them correctly or call an expert to help you out. Putting them in the correct place will drastically improve your home theater's sound and effectiveness.

Upgrade your amplifier

You will still get an underwhelming sound even with the most excellent speakers but with an amplifier that lacks power. Upgrade your amplifier with a solid capacity to maintain incredible sound quality. Do your research on the best amplifier and buy from a trusted vendor to whom you can return them if you find that they don't match your speakers.

Upgrade your subwoofer

A subwoofer plays a significant role in adding depth and impact to your movie track's sound. Although bigger doesn't mean it's of good quality or better, if you are asked to decide between a subwoofer of a higher rate ten and a lesser quality 12, we advise you to go for the higher quality one. You will be able to get much more impact than from a cheaper one and enjoy your movies much more.

Upgrade your center channel

The center channel works hand in hand with the subwoofer; while the subwoofer adds depth, an estimation of 85% of movie tracks data is for the center channel. It is also used for explosive effects too. A large center channel will handle more bass, and when appropriately designed, it will be able to deliver an excellent experience. If your system has one speaker, splurge on the center channel.

Use a dedicated electrical circuit.

Household electronics such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines running on the same circuit as your home theater equipment may cause electrical damage-causing variations in the current. By installing a dedicated circuit, you provide a better power source for your home theater which is much safer and quiet. 
We advise you to have a separate circuit for your electronics. It may be expensive, but it's the best option for better performance. 

Are you tired of doing theater the old way? Here is how to reinvent it

How to turn your living room into a movie theater for a night

Have you been dreaming about having a movie theater in your dream home? It's possible, and the good news is that it can be achieved even in tiny houses. Here are ideas you can use to turn your home into a movie theater.

Plush stadium seating

A home theater brings comfort, but you won't get a great experience without good seating. If your budget allows you, you can get comfortable seats that are comfortable as those padded chairs we see at the theaters.  There are varieties of theater seating in the market, and you can make your private theater as luxurious as you want. Even home theater couches are a great idea. Installing seat risers will be a fantastic idea too.

Make the theater room darker.

The darker the room is, the more you experience the movie's realism. Make the room as dark as possible, with all the windows covered and any passage that can pass light in. and turn odd the lights too so you can experience a natural theater feeling.

Have your refreshments in check

A movie night without snacks would be a dull one. Have your popcorns and beverages in place; you can make it easier by having a table set beside for placing refreshments or get those comfy coaches with a refreshment holder.

Have a projector and a screen

The size of your TV can't be compared to the screens of a theater; that's why the best choice you will have here is to go for a projector and a screen. The projector should be of high contrast ratio, a bright bulb, and 1080p support for better video. A projector will help you fill a screen about 8.3feet diagonally, and that's quite a vast improvement compared to a mere TV.

Soundproof the room

Soundproofing will help you improve the sound quality of the home theater, keep the sound from the rest of the house, and most importantly, keep the movie's soundtrack in. You will also prevent disrupting neighbors with loud movie scenes and also the people in the house who aren't watching the film with you. 


A home theater is a basic need for every home; you need it for entertainment and to keep the family happy. You don't need to keep on putting up with a dull theater moment; the above factors will help brighten up your experience and improve your theater moment. Even if you don't need to reinvent your home theater, knowledge is power; you never know who will need your help in reinventing theirs. At Geek computer, we offer theater services. You can call us to help you with installation and make enquires too. 

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