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Monday, December 28, 2020

Best Solutions to Computer Overheating

Overheating in computers is often experienced by users when playing games. Even though it can be disturbing, the situation can be fixed. Overheating of the computer when playing games can be greatly attributed to insufficient cooling. It can make the system not perform optimally, and it can also lead to damage to the hardware. Therefore, this issue should not be taken so lightly. To stop computer overheating when playing games, you need to carry out several aspects and see which suits you best.

Using a Cooling Pad

You may need to purchase a cooling pad to resolve this problem. When playing games, the computer overheats due to inadequate cooling. With the cooling pad, it enhances the regulation of computer temperature. It also facilitates extra cooling to your computer. However, when you are not able to purchase the cooling pad, you can try alternative means. It involves placing your computer on a flat and clean surface. It ensures that dirt and dust do not fill its fans. Hence, it stops the computer from overheating when playing games.

Use Integrated Graphics instead of Dedicated.

Most gaming computers have both integrated and dedicated graphics. When playing games and your computer overheats, it can be set to the dedicated graphics. However, the dedicated graphics tend to use more power as compared to the integrated ones. Therefore, more heat will be generated when you use dedicated graphics. In the case you are playing a hardware-intensive game, your computer is going to overheat. Therefore, it would be best if you used integrated graphics to deal with computer overheating. Integrated graphics use less power; hence low heat is produced, causing no overheating in the computer. However, you may not be able to achieve the best results in some games. It is because the integrated graphics may not offer you the same performance as the dedicated graphics. Hence, a shift from dedicated graphics to integrated may stop your computer from overheating when playing games.

Connect Computer to Charger

Most people report overheating on their computers when playing games. According to several users, computer overheating occurs because some games are intensive. It is in terms of hardware power. When your computer can not provide adequate power, you will encounter the challenge of computer overheating. To overcome this challenge, you should connect your computer to the charger throughout the gaming sessions. It will ensure the provision of enough power to your computer. Therefore, the computer overheating challenge when playing games will be solved.

Limit your Frames Per Second

Most gamers always try to achieve high frames per second(FPS). With a high FPS, it always means having smoother gaming. However, it also leads to computer overheating. The gaming performance plays a great role in bringing about computer overheating. For instance, in a specific game, you are achieving 90 frames per second. To a great extent, your computer is using a lot of your hardware resources. It, therefore, increases the temperatures of the computer, causing overheating. It is therefore advisable that you limit your FPS to a low value. With less FPS, there is minimal stress on the graphics card, which makes it heatless.

Change Power Settings

Some computer power settings bring about overheating when playing games. According to several people, the change helped to stop computers from overheating when playing games. You, therefore, need to be considerate of your computer power settings. To modify the computer power settings, follow the following steps;

a. Press windows key+S and type Power. From the search results, select power & sleep settings.

b. Click Additional power settings on the Related settings sections, which are in the right pane.

c.Power Options window will appear on the screen. Check your currently selected power plan and click the Change plan settings.

d.Click on change advanced power settings

e. Expand the Processor power management section. Fix the Maximum and minimum processor state to a lower value. For example, if your current maximum processor state is set to 95, set it to 90 or even lower.

g. Once done with the changes, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

With these changes, the CPU utilization will be changed, and during gaming sessions, the computer will not overheat.

End Tasks with High Resource Usage

You can end these tasks with high resource usage in the computer through the task manager. The games played are resource-intensive. The addition of other apps running in the background results in hogging the CPU and other system resources. It results in overheating of the computer. To end the tasks on the computer, right-click on the Start icon and select Task Manager. Next, under the processes tab, consider the processes and apps that use a significant portion of your system resources. On each, right-click and select ‘end task' from the context menu. Notably, ensure you do not end essential Windows processes.

Clean your Computer

Dust in the computer makes it overheat when one is using it. Therefore, when you are playing games, the computer tends to overheat. With time, your fans are covered with dust, and you have to clean them. To clean your computer, you can open it and use the pressurized air to clean heatsinks and fans. When you open your computer, and it is under warranty, it will invalidate your warranty. In this case, it would be better for you to take the computer to the official repair center. Alternatively, you can make use of pressurized air and clean your fans without opening the computer. It helps get rid of some of the dust in the computer. When you clean, it will stop the computer from overheating when playing games.

Final Words

In conclusion, overheating your computer can cause you great discomfort. It would be best if you handled it as soon as the problem arises. It will enable you to play your games more comfortably. You can use any of the methods stated above to handle your issue of overheating when playing games. However, it would help if you understood that several things cause overheating. Therefore, it is not only one method suitable to solve the issue, and what works for someone else may not work for you.

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