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Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

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If you are like most people, you start your day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is such an appreciated cultural drink. Even in an office setting, coffee makes the list of some of the few accepted beverages. If you run an organization and think of investing in a coffee maker, it is advisable.

In general, having a coffee maker is a valuable addition in both home and office spaces. It will improve productivity, mood, promote socializing and networking, and the morale of any room. However, I am not talking about any other coffee maker but the best small coffee maker, the programmable Black and Decker DCM90. 

Choosing the type of coffee maker that is good for you can be tricky sometimes; just like knowing whether you should get a laptop or desktop. After having my Black and Decker as my coffee companion for a long time, I have finally experienced the true beauty of coffee. I will try to explain why the Black and Decker coffee maker tops my list. 

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Image: The Black and Decker DCM90 Programmable Coffee Maker

Having a coffee maker might be an exciting idea, but having a programmable one changes the whole game. A programmable coffee maker comes with useful features such as slow brewing, a programmable timer, an aroma feature to bring out the best coffee scent, and it can keep your coffee warm for as long as you wish. This is what the Black and Decker DCM90 is in a nutshell. 

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Black and Decker Coffee Maker

After a fantastic coffee experience that I will share briefly, I decided to research Black and Decker coffee makers and understand the ins and outs of coffee. In a short while, I had decided to make a purchase. From my experience, this is why you need a Black and Decker coffee maker:

1. They make perfect coffee. If you love coffee, you can have this little machine that makes it perfectly well. With features like programming and aroma, you can set the time you want your coffee ready and have it slowly brewed to fit your taste as you embark on other tasks.
2. It is convenient. Thanks to the Black and Decker Coffee Maker, you can choose the number of cups you want to have and the amount of coffee you want to put. The glass carafe and water tank are clearly labeled to help you deal with this.
3. It saves cost. With a coffee maker, you can easily measure what you need to buy. By knowing the coffee intake habits of your household, you can pre-plan your coffee shopping. Moreover, you don't need to go and purchase overpriced coffee in your local coffee shop when you have this compact piece of technology.
4. They are easy to clean. Black and Decker coffee makers have detachable parts that are easy to clean and do not need much detail. They blend well with your kitchen and decor too.

Key Features of the Black and Decker DCM90 Programmable Coffee Maker

Aroma Feature
If you want to slow down the brewing process to enrich the coffee flavor, this is the place to go. To use the aroma feature, you need to make sure the coffee maker is on, or if it's already programmed and set at the timer. To enable the feature, press the ‘Aroma' button. Press it again to turn it off. Confirm on the digital display if the ‘Aroma' feature is working.

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Image: The Aroma Feature

Setting the Timer
The Black and Decker DCM 90 has a fantastic feature that allows you to set the time you want it to start making coffee. However, make sure there is water in the water tank before you put the timer. You can begin preparing your coffee by following the instructions mentioned above on ‘add coffee' and ‘add water .' you can start preparing your coffee.

Look for the PROG/Auto button. Press and hold it for 3 seconds to initiate the programming mode. When the indicator light starts flashing, it means that the programming mode has been set. The display will also show an ‘Automatic Coffee Making Icon.'
 Using the ‘hour' and ‘min' buttons, choose when your coffee maker should start making coffee.

Lastly, to exit programming mode and set the timer, press ‘PROG/AUTO' four times. The display should briefly display the pre-set time. The indicator light of the PROG/AUTO button will illuminate. On display, the ‘Automatic Coffee Maker Icon' will appear.
The DCM90 will begin brewing coffee when it reaches the programmed time. To deactivate the timer, push the ‘PROG/AUTO' button.

Setting the Keep Warm Time
1. For 3 seconds, press and hold the ‘PROG/AUTO' button. The indicator light will start flashing, signaling that the programming mode has been activated. An automatic coffee-making icon will also show on display.
2. Push the ‘PROG/AUTO' button.
3. Press the ‘Hour' button repeatedly until you get to your desired time.
4. To exit programming mode, press the ‘PROG/AUTO' button twice.
5. The display will show the clock again.

 Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Image: Coffee Brewing

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Image: Coffee Brewing (2)

Anti-Drip Function
The Black and Decker Programmable Coffee maker has been fitted with an anti-drip feature, allowing you to remove the carafe anytime you desire. The anti-drip feature enables you to remove the carafe at any time, even when coffee is still dripping into it. Simply:

1. Remove the carafe from the hotplate and pour the amount of coffee you desire.
2. Place another carafe on the hotplate, giving time for the rest of the coffee to pour into it.

LCD Backlight Setting
Black and Decker DCM 90 Programmable Coffee maker has a setting that can continuously display the blue backlight setting. You can activate this by pressing the ‘HOUR' and ‘MIN' buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. To revert the settings to default, press the ‘HOUR' and ‘MIN' buttons again for 5 seconds.

Instructions on How to Use Your Black and Decker DCM90 Coffee Maker

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker
Image: The Black and Decker Control Buttons and LCD Panel

Switching it On/Off
1. To switch on your DCM90 coffee maker, press the on/off button. Please press the button again to switch it off.
2. When the brewing process is over, the coffee maker will automatically begin the keep warm time to ensure you always get to enjoy hot coffee.
3. The ‘Brew' Icon will disappear, and the on/off indicator button will stay activated.
4. Note that if you press On/Off on the coffee maker when it is already on, the keep warm time/ brewing process will be canceled, and the coffee maker will go off.
Setting the Clock
Starting or stopping the coffee maker without setting the clock is easy. Just press the ‘ON/OFF' function. The watch needs to be set to start the automatic operation of the coffee maker. To set the clock:

1. Check if the coffee maker is connected to the main supply. If you turn it on, the display will start flashing, and the Backlight will illuminate blue.
2. For 3 seconds press the ‘PROG/AUTO' button until the indicator starts to flash. That means you are in programming mode. On display, you will see an automatic coffee-making icon and the current time.
3. The coffee maker will abort programming mode if you don't press any button in 10 seconds.
4. Press the ‘PROG/AUTO' button two times. The action will display the clock, but the automatic coffee-making icon will not be visible.
5. The time is set using the 12-hour format. To display the correct hour, press the hour button repeatedly until your intended time is set. Do the same for the minute button.
6. In the upper left corner of the clock, AM is displayed. PM is shown in the lower left.
7. To finally ‘set' the clock, press the ‘PROG/AUTO' button. The Backlight t will go out automatically after a short period. The time is now set.
Adding Coffee
When you open the water tank lid, place the Black and Decker filter in the filter holder, and add your desired coffee amount.
When placing the filter holder in the holder compartment, ensure the filter holder pins securely fit the bayonet holes in the bowl.
Place the Black and Decker carafe on the hotplate.
 Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Image: Coffee Beans With the Black and Decker Coffee Maker

Adding Water
Take the carafe and fill the Black and Decker water tank with the desired amount of cold water. Make sure not to fill it will less than 4 cups of water or above the maximum mark.
You can now close the water tank lid, placing the empty carafe on the hotplate with the lid closed.
When the coffee starts brewing, do not open the water tank lid. Hot water might be ejected and cause damage.

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker
Image: Ready-to-Drink Coffee

How to Clean and Maintain Your Black and Decker Coffee Maker

Just like a computer battery, the level of maintenance you give your coffee maker directly translates to its longevity. To keep up your healthy tech lifestyle, you need to keep it running. That means you need to clean and conduct proper maintenance of your coffee maker. Luckily, I have had my Black and Decker DCM 90 programmable coffee maker for a while now, and I know exactly how to clean it. Before I proceed, note that you should switch off your coffee maker and pull the plug.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Luckily, you will always be aware when your Black and Decker coffee maker needs some cleaning. Every time my coffee maker needs descaling, it always displays the ‘clean' icon. This icon will be on continuous display until you reset it by unplugging the coffee maker from the main power supply. Let the remaining coffee drip into the carafe before removing it from the hotplate.

Open the water tank lid to expose and remove the filter holder and filter from their compartment to start cleaning. Discard the used coffee grounds from the filter. Soak the filter, filter holder, and carafe in hot soapy water. Gently clean them, rinse, and put them to dry. The outer parts of the appliance should be wiped using a damp cloth. Refit the parts when done.

Descaling the Black and Decker DCM 90 Coffee Maker
If hard water is the norm in your area, removing mineral deposits from your coffee maker using a method called descaling is very crucial. I would advise you to do it once every three months to keep your Black and Decker coffee maker in good shape.
My go-to descaling agents usually are water and vinegar. I use water and vinegar because of their effectiveness and availability. To descale utilizing this method, simply:

1. Add water to the brim in the water tank.
2. Add three teaspoons of vinegar.
3. Switch on your coffee maker and operate it like you want to make some coffee. Make sure the reservoir is empty when done.
Pour the used water, and repeat the process 2 or 3 times using clean water.

What To Do Before Using Your First Black and Decker Coffee Maker

When you finally get to order your Black and Decker DCM90 programmable coffee maker, the first thing you should do is unpack it and remove all the packaging, printed documents, stickers, and promotional items. Confirm that the mains supply provided is the same as the indicated one.

Place your coffee maker on a flat and stable surface. Please keep it away from other electrical appliances and surface edges. Ensure that your coffee maker is not placed under furnishings, cupboards, wallpapers, or similar items that could be affected by hot steam. Clean all the removable black and Decker parts in warm and soapy water. When done, rinse and make sure it dries thoroughly by using a washcloth. Avoid abrasive/harsh cleaners, or placing any part of your DCM90 in the dishwasher.

Instructions to Follow After Using Your Black and Decker

When your Black and Decker is not in use, switch it off and unplug it from the socket. Let the appliance cool down before cleaning any parts, inspecting, changing, or leaving it unattended. When it is not being used, please place it in a dry place away from children.

My First ‘Date' With Coffee and The Black and Decker Coffee Maker

Before discovering good coffee and coffee makers, I never understood what the fuss was all about. I was just an ordinary tea lover who didn't see much need to explore my options. Every time I drank coffee, I consistently hard-boiled it in a pot the traditional way. Let's say I was comfortable. But all that changed in a day.

The exact date of the incident escapes me, but I know it was in December 2017. It was just a typical day, nothing special when my mom visited in the evening and asked the whole family to meet up in a nearby hotel. Usually, when I get invited to places, I dwell on how much fun I will have and completely forget about what I need to carry. We live in the hills, and it's always super chilly. And guess what? I (un)fortunately forgot my sweater.

So we get there, take our seats in this open-air style hotel in the hills, and that is when I realized the mistake I had made. My sweater! The breeze was so chilly, within minutes, goosebumps covered my whole body. Looking around, I couldn't ask anyone to give me their sweater. They were, either way, older than me or younger. I was surely going to suffer, or so I thought before the waitress stood next to me fishing for orders. “Anything that can warm me up?” I promptly asked. It was a bit late, and coffee was all they had. Lacking favorable display options, I settled on the coffee and started the waiting game.

By the time she came back a few minutes later, I was nearly doing jumping jacks to warm myself up. I have never been so happy to see someone I don't even know. Noticing my desperation, she quickly poured my coffee from a Black and Decker carafe, added some sugar, and left.

Black and Decker DCM90: The Best Small Coffee Maker

Image: The Black and Decker Glass Carafe
The first cup was down in under 2 minutes. First, I realized the taste was so different. “This is delicious coffee,” I thought to myself as I kept sipping huge gulps. Everything about it was rich, something I had never experienced in my coffee escapades before.
As I was busy wrapping my head around this discovery, I noticed that somehow my whole body was suddenly warm. Moreover, I felt active, like the coffee came with a new jolt of energy. Mentally, I was sharp; it's like I had just woken up from a well-deserved rest. Was the breeze gone? No, it was hitting harder with every passing minute. Somehow, all I felt was inviting warmth. That day, my relationship with coffee, and coffee makers, completely changed.


Given an option, I wish I had discovered the Black and Decker way earlier than I did. I have had it for over two years, and the rich taste I get to experience from every brand of coffee I try out is to die for. Its simplicity, style, and quality are unique. Moreover, it has contributed to keeping me active and healthy while eliminating the hassle of hard-boiling my coffee in a pot. If you are looking for a coffee maker worth your time and money, the Black and Decker DCM90 is the one for you. 

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