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Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care

Bluetooth 5 is the evolution of the technology that updates and upgrades the previous Bluetooth 4.2 edition. It's not the most recent upgrade, but it's still good and offers multiple benefits over its predecessor. Here is a full explanation of what is different about Bluetooth 5, why it matters, and how it enhances your enjoyment of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care

The significance of Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 provides enhanced security for privacy and other updates for the evolving tech scene as it relates to Bluetooth-enabled devices. It's an improvement over the previous version in the evolution of the technology that bridges potential gaps as devices continue to evolve with more advanced technologies that require better privacy and performance solutions. It's helpful to understand the history of Bluetooth's latest technology to appreciate the value of Bluetooth 5 and realize how it benefits users.
A brief history of the evolution of Bluetooth to version 5

When Bluetooth 5 came out on December 6, 2016, it offered new features as the second generation of technology focused on meeting users' needs for the Internet of Things. The previous version provided secure connections with extended length in its Data Packet and low energy usage, Link Layer privacy, IPSP version 6 for connected home support, and comprehensive scanner filter policies. The 4.2 technology extended to older versions of Bluetooth hardware with improvements in privacy through firmware updates [1]. Bluetooth's 5 version focuses on the Internet of Things, improving performance for devices and their advanced technologies from 2016 forward.
New devices emerging with Bluetooth 5 support

Bluetooth 5 picked up on the features of the 4.2 version with improvements for new devices released by various manufacturers/brands. Sony announced Bluetooth 5.0 support for its Xperia XZ Premium early in 2017, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, which came out with Bluetooth 5 support. Apple followed them with its HomePod early in 2018.

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care
Understanding the updated technology of Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 upgrades the SAM (slot availability mask), provides 2 Mbits PHY for LE, improves LE Long Range, LE Advertising extensions, LE Channel Selection Algorithm #2, and High Duty Cycle Non-Connectable Advertising. The creators removed Park State but added Higher Output Power in CSA5 by integrating it in version 5. Options provided for BLE have the potential for doubling the speed with a sacrifice of range, and it can move up to four times for content, but with the loss of data rate. It may sound like an either-or situation, but advances in Bluetooth tech provide intuitive solutions that solve user problems with processes behind the scenes. You don't have to be a tech genius to maximize the Bluetooth benefits the version 5.
Bluetooth 5 enhances data transmission.

Version 5 upgrades the volume of information that the connection can transmit per time unit, increasing the bandwidth. Users have a larger bandwidth with a data transfer rate that moves much faster than the 4.2 version. The bandwidth for Bluetooth is comparable to your internet connection rate, and the higher, the better. Bluetooth 5 can transmit data at eight times the previous rate achieved by its predecessor. The practical benefit of increased bandwidth is videos that load more quickly, less interference or interruptions in downloads, and a smoother experience overall. Streaming a second audio program is possible for broadcasting two devices simultaneously. In addition, you can transmit audio to several rooms in the house.

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care
Better speed
Bluetooth 5's data transfer speeds are double the previous rate, p to 2 Mbps. Audio data compression technology transfers higher volumes at a higher resolution for audio for more efficient streaming with higher bitrates, fewer delays, and high-quality audio delivery. Improvements in

energy consumption
Bluetooth is available in two modes of energy consumption, depending on the type of device supported. The Classic mode is intended for speakers, headsets, mice, and keyboards. BLE or Low Energy Bluetooth lowers the energy use of IoT devices, wearable sensors, and beacons, low-power devices. Some devices require Classic Bluetooth, while others call Low Energy for proper functionality. Bluetooth 5 supports devices that community via Low Energy Bluetooth, reducing power use and enhancing the device's battery life.

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care

Extended range benefits
Bluetooth 5 boosts the maximum reach of the signals from 800 feet to four times the last range for indoor use. It enhances audio transmission to speakers to reach parts of the house that were previously problem areas with Bluetooth v. 4.2. The updated version also allows for remote adjustment of mixes for P.A. users, barring physical obstacles weakening signals at venues.

What do these figures mean for Bluetooth device users?
Internet of Things devices connected throughout multiple nodes may be altered to receive higher data rates with a sacrifice of range when the choice is optimal for the situation. For example, Bluetooth five can quadruple the field with a slower data transfer when the content is more necessary. In addition, the technology can help mitigate range and speed issues, depending on the need.
Bluetooth technology provides short-range wireless communication for users. Some examples of the products it powers include connecting wireless headphones to your smartphone for chatting or listening to music. It can also link devices in your vehicle, including your GPS navigation system or your audio system, to help you make calls and texts with hands-free safety. Bluetooth technology also powers your smart home devices, including smart speakers, providing you with the benefits of Google Home and Amazon Echo. It lets you control your home's thermostats, lighting, and other intelligent functions. It goes through walls and helps you enjoy the latest modern tech conveniences     

 Cutting through the technical jargon.
Some Bluetooth users are familiar with the advanced technical terms that describe the benefits of each update. Still, the average user may need help understanding the technical jargon associated with the technology and how it improves their experience. In the modern world of advanced technologies for those who enjoy the convenience of smart devices to control their homes remotely and use innovative wearable technology such as watches or fitness monitors, Bluetooth 5 improves performance and connections. It improves speed and range in formulas that are best for the situation. In addition, Bluetooth technology has evolved to address some of the problems with previous versions.

Why it matters

Why should you care about the version of Bluetooth powering your devices? Does it make that big of a difference? Consider the billions of devices produced with Bluetooth functionality. You'll find the technology in everything from wearable technology to laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, smart appliances in the home, thermostat systems, handheld gaming, and other devices to the vehicle you drive every day. Bluetooth is everywhere, and it's improving and improving our lives in ways we don't stop thinking about. Each new generation produces technological advances that will enhance performance quality. The technology has been around for a few decades, but it's made vast leaps in quality with enhanced range, speed, and data volume transmission. During the specifications and fine details of how Bluetooth 5 works may mean little to the average user, everyone can appreciate the benefits they enjoy because of the improvements. It's worth noting that Bluetooth 5 is also backward compatible, but all devices connected must be Bluetooth 5 compatible to enjoy full use of the benefits.

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care

We take our modern conveniences for granted, relying on the technology that makes it possible to stream audio, control your smart-home features remotely, or listen to music practically anywhere via Bluetooth. The tech improves our lives with GPS navigation features to make travel faster and safer. It lets us place calls and send texts without taking our eyes off the road when driving. We can turn off our intelligent appliances in the home or give voice commands to switch systems on or off. The quality of Bluetooth-enabled audio has moved from sketchy and frustrating with drops and slow loading to smooth and professional sound. In addition, Bluetooth 5 has improved the audio quality of wireless devices to that of wired devices, reflecting an impressive tech advancement feat.

Bluetooth 5 and Its Benefits: Why You Should Care

Using outdated technology in a world moving at a lightning-fast pace can put you at a disadvantage over your peers updating their devices to modern versions. So it's essential to understand the differences between Bluetooth 5 and the older 4.2 version to know the benefits.

When you get down to the brass tacks, it comes down to the quality of user experience across the board. Improvements in speed, range, audio quality, and energy consumption are advantages we can all appreciate. These are the differences in Bluetooth 5 and why it matters.

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