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Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

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The refrigerator has become a significant invention, becoming a household necessity for tech enthusiasts and conservatives. In this modern time, living without a refrigerator has become almost impossible due to its essential role. 

When it comes to efficiency and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the Samsung ES Facelift side by side is equipped to do just that. From my experience, while using the product, I would like to outline some of my most exciting discoveries of this useful tech device.

For starters, people need to understand why refrigerators are a vital kitchen asset and help achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

Image: The Samsung ES Side by Side Fridge

Why is a Samsung ES Side by Side Fridge Important for Keeping Food Safe?

Proper computer maintenance is vital to ensure longevity, and maximized usage. The Samsung ES Facelift side-by-side fridge is a good choice when you want to keep your food safe. The reason behind this is because it slows down the growth of bacteria that makes food go bad. Bacteria is all over, in air, water, and the foods we consume too. This bacteria thrives in favorable temperature and moisture. Samsung stylish ES side by side with a minimal design slows down the activity of bacteria, so it takes longer for the bacteria to spoil the stored food. By freezing food, you stop the bacteria completely. Food left on a kitchen counter is at a higher risk of having more bacteria, therefore, going bad faster when compared to ones stored in a Samsung ES side by side fridge.

How to Use Your Samsung ES Side by Side The Healthy Way

Just like technology and the internet have a set of ethical practices to thrive, so does a refrigerator. Part of having a healthy fridge starts with arranging your fridge, where you place certain foods, and how you store them. Samsung ES side by side comes with two compartments that make this very easy for you. You get the freezer and fridge compartment, which enables you to arrange and store your foods accordingly; the ones that need freezing go into the freezer, while the rest go into the refrigerator. 

Separating the fridge and the freezer compartment is essential to set aside different foods and avoid mixing small items. This design helps you store everything separately. The arrangement promotes the optimal use of the refrigerator, enhancing the freshness of food and allowing it to last longer and stay fresh at the same time. Refrigeration helps you avoid decaying and moulding of food, including the smell you get from such food.

For food to be in a suitable healthy condition, the temperature should be correct. The recommended temperature for the freezer is below 0-degree. You should freeze meat at a temperature of -16 Celsius. Fridge temperature should be below 40°F as bacteria rapidly grows between the temperature 40°F-140°F. When storing hot food, you should cool it first and keep it at room temperature before putting it in the fridge. This approach is the most suitable when storing hot food.


Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

Image: The Refrigerator Part of the Samsung ES Facelift Side by Side 

Samsung ES side by side has two separate sides, the freezer side, and the refrigerator side. Both sides have adjustable shelves made of tempered glass, creating the ability to move a shelf to your level of choice, remove them to create more space, or move them to access things quickly. This flexibility allows you to have specific shelves for specific food items. Keeping different types of food together enhances their rotting rate due to the different gasses released. You should keep vegetables in the fridge in one of the bottom drawers, while you have beef in the freezer in one of the bottom drawers. Having space between stored items prolongs their duration as this process enables an even supply of cold air.

The Samsung ES side by side has two closed compartments that you could keep your vegetables, fruits, or meat. Fruits and vegetables should be stored separately in the refrigerator, while meat, cheese, cream, and butter should be kept in the freezer bottom drawers. Eggs and other food items should be kept in tightened containers and labeled with dates included. The labeling process will help you decide the food to consume first and which container contains which food. Never store vegetables in plastic wraps or wash them when putting them in the fridge. The present moisture will make them rot.

However, bread or cakes should be kept in plastic wraps and not in the fridge for more than four days. The starch in these items makes them lose moisture, therefore, making them hard. The doors have deep spaces suitable for bottles too. There are two flexible ice trays in the freezer. These ice trays can be rotated all the way and not just mid-way like other refrigerators present in the market. 

Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

Image: The Anti-Frost Freezer of the Samsung ES Facelift Side by Side

Key Features of the Samsung ES Side by Side

Stylish and harmonious
Have you ever walked into someone's house and completely fell in love with an item of theirs? The Samsung ES Facelift side by side is that item. The Samsung ES side by side boasts a look of elegance and a stylish, minimalistic modern look. It has two flat, flush doors with vertical handles, is made of stainless steel, and fits into any setup. This fridge makes you look classier, always serving as the primary source of attraction. It makes you experience endless satisfaction at the centre of your heart every time you step into your kitchen.

The interior of the Samsung ES Facelift Side by Side unit is visually beautiful. Big drawers present in the Freezer and Fridge compartments permit you to take out foods easily and even to store large-sized items. This flexibility makes it easier to clean the shelves when needed.

It has a temperature setting for both the freezer and fridge. You could set the two temperatures and then lock it so no one tampers with your preference. The interior lights are LED lights, and they light up the entire fridge.

Less noise and energy
The Samsung ES Side by Side comes equipped with a digital inverter technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed, depending on your cooling demands across seven levels. This technology is built to consume less energy, so you won't have to worry about skyrocketing your electricity bills. It also reduces the wear and tear of internal components to enhance the appliance's overall lifespan.

It keeps functioning throughout the operation, and it produces less noise than most fridges we know that keep you up at night.

Frost-free freshness
The best part of Samsung ES side by side is it doesn't have a buildup of ice in the freezer, thanks to the even circulation of air. The frost-free feature makes your food stay and taste fresh with no frosting. It saves you from defrosting your fridge.

All-round cooling
 The fridge has an all-round cooling, which means an even flow of air from top to bottom. It enhances a long-lasting performance, and by this, I mean you can freeze your food quickly and still have your food in good condition even after the electricity is out. It comprises one compressor controlling the fridge compartment and another for the freezer compartment. Cold air is blown out through multiple vents on every shelf level to maintain a constant and optimal temperature.

Powerful freezing
Do you love ice cream or ice cubes for your drinks? If you do, this is for you. The Samsung ES side by side automatically sets the freezer temperature to a lower level just by the touch of a button. The power freezer is a high-quality feature where the cold air blown inside the appliance quickly cools the interiors to 1-degree Celsius. You could easily freeze your food, make popsicles or ice cubes faster.

Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

Image: the Fridge Display with Power Freezing, Freezer, Dual Flow, and Vacation Options

Wine rack
There is a built-in wine rack or a dairy compartment in the fridge. How cool is that? The wine rack keeps the wine bottles from rolling around and helps you have enough space for other things.

It comes with a 10-year warranty for the compressor and a year of warranty for the fridge. If anything goes wrong with your fridge or compressors, you could get an exchange within the stated time frame. The warranty has been attached to the door just below the energy star rating.

Door Alarm Feature
Have you ever gone to a fridge to get food only to get distracted and leave the refrigerator door open? If you are guilty of the habit, the Samsung Facelift ES Side by Side puts this worry to rest. This refrigerator has a door alarm that beeps when you leave the fridge door open for too long, and it won't stop until you close it. Opening the refrigerator and leaving it open causes unnecessary energy waste through cold air leaking from the fridge compartment, and also this allows warm air to get inside the refrigerator. The beeping is a perfect reminder for the forgetful ones, like me.

Type of Healthy Food That Will Thrive in The Samsung ES Side by Side

Other than amino acids, cheese also provides protein. If you exercise and would like to grow muscles, this is good for you. We already know that the Samsung ES side by side has suitable storage space for your cheese. You could grate it or store it as it is and it will stay fresh.

Eggs are a dietary necessity for most of us. Like the cheese, they have protein and amino acid, but they top it off with vitamin- B12. This vitamin helps in fat breakdowns and communication between the brain and the muscles while exercising. Samsung ES side by side has enough space for an egg tray; thus, you have no fear of your eggs going bad. You could even boil the eggs, wait for them to cool, and store them in the fridge.

A global favorite, avocados come in handy when making simple meals like sandwiches, smoothies, guacamole, or fruit salads. They provide healthy fats, therefore, making them a healthy snack. The downside to avocados is that they go bad quickly and turn dark when cut into pieces and left aside. With your Samsung ES side by side, this improves. You could store a whole avocado in the fresh fruits drawer, and it will stay fresh for a while longer. You could also apply lemon juice on a cut piece and put it in the fridge, which slows it down from turning to a dark color.

Milk and yogurts
Lovers of dairy products know how easy it is for milk and yogurt to go bad. They both contain protein and aid in muscle growth. They are healthy choices and would be used in smoothies or drank as they are. The dairy compartment comes in handy here, which you can use to store your milk and yogurt.

Fish provide protein and omega 3 fatty acids; they help aid in muscle protein and recovery. Salmon provides vitamin D, which promotes strength and aids in weight loss. In the Samsung ES side-by-side fridge, fish can be frozen and consumed when preferred.

Green vegetables
Vegetables such as kale and spinach are a great source of folic acid hence a must-have in your fridge. They help repair DNA and also provide magnesium which is needed to maintain proper muscle and nerve functions. You could cut up your vegetables, put them in an air-tight container and store them in the stylish Samsung ES Facelift side by side.

Can The Samsung ES Facelift Promote Efficiency and a Healthy Lifestyle

Image: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Juice, and Jam in the Samsung Fridge


Apart from the endless valuable features that the Samsung ES Facelift side by side has to offer, it boasts an additional minimalistic, stylish, and modern look. Its elegance allows it to fit harmoniously in any kitchen space. Get to enjoy frost-free food, all-around cooling, power freezing, and less noise and energy consumption with the Samsung ES Facelift side by side.

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