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Friday, November 18, 2022

Custom PC Build: How hard is it to build a PC?

Are you aspiring to build your PC or hire someone? Don't worry; it is never hard, and you only need the skills and assembling of parts. Before starting off, ensure you understand all the rules of assembling a PC to make it easier.

There are many ways to make building your PC easier, like using videos, the internet, or a friend who has successfully built a PC. Keep in mind that building a PC is not a hard task; only understand the process, and you are done. Ensure professionalism and communication skills, for they are key to quality building.

You will understand the mistakes done while building a computer, etc. The ways are simple and easy to understand as they only need time. Read on.

Custom PC Build: How hard is it to build a PC?

PC building has emerged significantly in recent years. This is due to many programs and technological advancements which have enabled so. Building a PC is not such complex as it sounds; it is just a matter of following instructions.

Custom PC Build: How hard is it to build a PC?

You have to ensure that the four core components of a PC (the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and Power Supply Unit) are compatible.

First, you choose the right components for your build by ordering them online or buying from stores. After purchasing all parts, assemble them and then install an operating system.

Custom PC build can take some time if you are new to the process, but if you are used to it, it takes a few days. It only needs basic computer knowledge and electronics.

Building a PC might be expensive. But it can work for an extended period because you understand how it was built and can easily correct it if an error occurs.

What are the most common custom PC building mistakes, and how to avoid them?

PC building sometimes never goes as planned; you encounter one problem and another. Generally, computer problems can be hardware, software, or configuration issues. This article will teach you how to avoid mistakes and learn custom PC building on your own.

Installing incompatible parts or purchasing the wrong components

Before you purchase hardware and software, be aware of compatibility issues. Incompatibility may arise from various operating systems, software, and hardware components.

Incompatibility can be solved before it happens by checking the specifications of your computer components and ensuring that they will work well with your operating system and application needs.

Also, check the motherboard's specifications before buying other components like RAM and the CPU. Ensure they are compatible.

Buying a cheap PSU

The Power Supply Unit of a PC is the component that supplies power to the computer's internal components. If it fails, your system will fail since it holds all the PC components together and keeps them working. 

Being an important part of the PC needs purchasing a quality one since buying cheap ones is a risk to your PC.

Custom PC Build: How hard is it to build a PC?

Application of too much Thermal paste

The product is applied between a heat sink and a processor. This helps improve the heat transfer from the device to the sink through Thermal paste. Application of this product is generally necessary for properly operating a computer system.

Many PC builders make the mistake of applying too much Thermal paste. The best way to apply is by using a syringe where you apply a pea-size paste at the center of the CPU, then put the heatsink on top and press gently.

Not having enough airflow.

Many PC builders don't create enough airflows when building PCs. The mistake can be utilizing the case's airflow since air intake and exhaust vents are usually located at the back, front, or sides. Blocking the airways means you will not utilize airflow.

Another mistake is lapping up too much heat. This can be solved by ensuring no hot air is trapped at any point by ensuring fans in your PC cooling system are properly placed.

Plugging in the video cable into the motherboard instead of the graphics card. Sometimes you can forget and plug the video card into the motherboard. It is a great mistake and too frustrating. 

The problem of having a bottleneck

A bottleneck in computing is a situation where the slowest part of the system restricts the flow of data to and from the computer. You should ensure you have the right hardware and software to avoid bottlenecks.

Which part is the hardest when building a PC?

Custom PC Build: How hard is it to build a PC?

The hardest part of building a PC is that there are different types of CPUs, motherboards, and power supply units, and you need to decide which one to use. If you are not competent enough in your skills in PC building, you can easily make mistakes.

Though installing the CPU is not difficult, you need to be extra careful because it is the most expensive part. Also, check your connections and wiring before pressing the power button.

A motherboard is the foundation of any computing device. It connects everything and provides communication between the various components inside the case. It consists of several layers, including the printed circuit board (PCB), chipsets, connectors, and cooling systems.

What is the minimum you need for a build?

Before you start PC building, many PC builders ask themselves this question. It will be better to have a few things before assembling a PC.

PC case, which is the housing of your PC and protector from dust and other particles, is the first thing to have. Peripherals like the mouse, keyboard, and monitor are of great use. Not forgetting the CPU cooler, power supply unit, motherboard, cables, storage drives, and graphics cards.

How do you maintain your custom built PC?

Custom PC Build: How hard is it to build a PC?

For proper PC functioning, ensure you clean them to serve you with no problems for a long time. There are many ways to maintain and clean your PC to avoid problems. 

  • Keep your PC away from dust, which will affect the internal components such as the motherboard, power supply unit, CPU, memory card slots, hard disk drives, optical drives, and graphic cards.
  • Ensure you use the right tool for the right purpose, like a screwdriver for loosening screws.
  • Avoiding drinks near the computer
  • Always install major computer updates to keep your applications running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Update the Antivirus software to keep your PC up to date and avoid issues of viruses that can affect your PC.
  • Switch your PC on or off using the correct procedure of shutting down and switching on a PC.
  • Always wipe your monitor using a lint-free cloth to avoid dust and dirt which may appear on the screen to keep it clear.


It may seem as if it is a difficult task, but it is not so. It is pretty logical and straightforward. If you have general ideas of what you are doing, the chances of accidents will be low to nil. But the fact is that to build a PC. You do not have to be a technical expert.

Think about your needs and how you want your computer to fit into your daily life, not the money spent or components that will work best. Just figure out what you can do with and without, then assemble the best for your money.

Want assistance? Call us for assistance, and you will get all the necessary professional skills to help you build your PC without strain.

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