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Does Your Game Console Repair Pass The Test? Things You Can Improve

Looking for game console repair services? Before you go ahead, here are some things you need to know before you get this service. 

There are two ways to know if the game console repair meets the required parameters. The first and most important is to get a professional who understands and is well equipped to handle any console technical issues. Secondly, you can consider things like cost, console types, distance, and certifications. 

An interrupted gaming session is a disappointment and a drawback to fun and pleasure. Game consoles are prone to hitches, just like any other electronics. At such times, you need reliable information and a technician, and that is exactly what you are about to learn. Read on. 

Does Your Game Console Repair Pass The Test? Things You Can Improve

Reputable companies that deal with game consoles repair services have different professional ways to ensure that their repair services are up to date.

We are in an error where children are so glued to technology. They spend most of their time online playing games. Sometimes, they are cut short by minor errors occurring on their gaming consoles, disturbing their peace because they will lose the game. This requires you to fix the game console because they are stationary. 

Does Your Game Console Repair Pass The Test? Things You Can Improve

You will break or damage the console because you lack the necessary tools to repair it. Or you lack the basic knowledge on how to fix the consoles. So, just before you take matters into your hand, inquire from the service center.

Such companies offer game console repair services, whether it is an internal issue or a shortage of power supply due to natural calamities such as lightning.

An added advantage to game console repair is that companies Geek Computer uses high-quality spares to ensure that your console goes back to its original state as it should. 

For example, in PS4 console repair, there are things that you need to consider to know if it passes the test. Here's the list:

  1. Warranty Availability
    Use the highest quality parts with skilled technicians to earn yourself a warranty. When you get issues related to the previous fix in the future, you will be able to get services for free until the warranty period expires.
  2. Professional game technicians
    Game experts can fix your game consoles within the shortest period because they are exposed to many gaming issues. So there are no problems that game experts can't fix.
  3. Cost-effective
    You may think repairing game consoles will drain your pocket; hence, you can restore the gadget yourself. There are no better prices to fix a game console. Find an affordable expert who repairs and helps you save your coins.
  4. Availability of spare parts
    Game console spare parts are easy to find in all workshops. This makes it easier for you to replace and fix your console effectively.
  5. Authorization
    If you can be able to give authorization, then the organizations you used offer excellent services. This will help you reduce the amount of money going to the drain.

Does Your Game Console Repair Pass The Test? Things You Can Improve

How do I Repair a game console if it won't turn on? 

Game consoles have minor common issues that occur from time to time. For instances where a PS4 won't turn on, there is a possibility that there are hardware, software, or power issues. The hardware issues include a short power supply or broken power buttons. Software problems are never that complicated, and fixing them does not require professionals. Those issues include corrupt files, bad hard drives, and incomplete system updates.

For this, I will use PS4 as an example. 

Below are ways you can use to fix your gaming console issues quickly, according to Geek Computer repair experts:

  • Disconnect the power cable: Unplug the power cable from your PS4 console and wait for a few seconds, then reconnect it back. Once you have reconnected it, turn on your PS4 to check if the issue has been solved.
  • Conduct a power cycling: Long press the power button until the light stops flashing to turn off the console. Wait for 20 minutes, then press the power button again while the console is still disconnected from power. Connect the PS4 back to power and check if it will turn off.
  • Try a different power cable: Plugin a different cable if you have an extra one. Remove the one plugged in and try the new one to check if it has an issue.
  • Try in a different power outlet: If your cable has no issues, you should try another power outlet to determine if it has another power-related problem. Or connect other devices to the power supply to check if it is working.
  • Clean your console: With time your console harbors dust on it or inside. That may lead to your console slacking. You can use canned air and blow off dirt inside through the vent holes to clean it. If the dust is piled up, you will have to open up the console to clean it properly. You can also use cotton swabs or a microfiber cloth.
  • Insert a game disc: Insert the game disc, and if the system automatically pulls the disc, you should be able to use your console. If it does not work, there should be an issue with the hard drive or the system files.
  • Remove the hard drive: Removing your hard drive will help you determine if the issue was with the drive. Once the hard drive is off, start your PS4 the usual way in safe mode. The PS4 will turn on using the safe mode process if the drive has issues. Shut down your console and try reinstalling your hard drive to fix the problem. It is usually advisable to always replace your hard drive once it starts developing issues.

N/B: Removing the hard drive might temper your PS4 warranty. Before carrying out any repairs, inquire from the shop or the Sony company if they can proceed with the repairs.

  • Start PS4 in safe mode: When you start in safe mode, the console boots itself with the essential functions. Sometimes when the PS4 acts up and won't open, it is available. To boot your console in safe mode, press the power button to turn off the console. Hold the power button until there is a console beep twice. 

Does Your Game Console Repair Pass The Test? Things You Can Improve

How do I fix a game controller not working?

Sometimes it is frustrating when your controller is not responding or keeps disconnecting. Still, Geek Computer repair experts have simple fixes that you can easily apply to your controllers once you detect such problems.

Similarly, I will use the PS4 game console to illustrate how you should conduct a quick controller repair. 

  1. Restart Your Console
    Most times, the issues with controllers issue room from the controller itself, but there are times when the problem is within the console. To be sure and rule out the console, consider restarting your console before doing anything else.
    If you can access the menu using the controller, long-press the PS Button to launch the menu, then go to Power and select Restart
  2. PS4. Your system will then reboot.
    Suppose your controller is not functioning completely. Long press the Power Button on your console until there are two beeps to shut your console. After a while, turn it back on by pressing the power button. Once the reboot is done, try using your controller again to check if it is working.
  3. Hard Reset Your PS4 Controller
    At the back of your controller, there is a tiny hole just before the screw-hole on the right side of the controller when turned upside down.
    Look for a sharp-pointed object, then use it to long-press the button inside the tiny hole for a few seconds. Then connect your controller to the console using a cable to check if it will successfully pair.
  4. Connect your PS4 Controler Elsewhere
    Connect your controller to other devices to check if it is faulty. If it doesn't work with other devices indicating the same problems, it shows that your controller has issues.
    You can also try borrowing a PS4 controller that is perfectly working and use it in your console. If it shows the same problems, the issue has to be your console system. There could be a problem with the wireless connectivity.
  5. Use the Controller in Wired Mode
    This is only practical for the revised model of PS4 controllers where you play when permanently connected using a USB cable. To determine if your controller is not the old version, you can see the light bar inside the touchpad on the front side of your controller. To connect your PS4 controller to the USB, you need to, Go to Settings, select Devices, Controllers, afterward, Communication Method, and then choose Use USB Cable. This will allow you to play when connected to the USB and deny Bluetooth.


Video games are fun to play because they make you happy and, at the same time, act as therapy. Sometimes, the game consoles can disappoint you when they start acting up. These frustrations usually arise because of technical issues. Now you have a few tips on handling such matters. Technical problems are common. Luckily, they come with easy solutions to address. 

We offer all game console repair services at friendly charges. Contact us or call us on- (785) 408-4717, we will sort all your issues and enjoy gaming again. 

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