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Email Migration: How To Move Emails From One Host To Another

Want to migrate from one Host to another? Worry not, for there are a lot of easy steps to migrate from one Host to another. Before starting, you must understand the industry's fundamental principles and rules.

There are several reasons why email clients are sometimes uncomfortable with similar file formats to save their mailbox data, therefore, migrating from one Host to another. Also, when unhappy with the current service and want to move to another provider or purchase a new hosting account. There are several methods and simple steps followed when migrating.

In this article, I will discuss in detail the reasons for email migration and the steps to be followed when migrating. The key here is to understand fully the motives and actions to be followed when migrating to ensure a smooth process. Continue reading.

Email Migration: How To Move Emails From One Host To Another

If you are not comfortable with your email provider, it is essential to migrate to another provider. A good provider should provide better services like cost-effectiveness, and security and should be faster in problem-solving.

Email Migration: How To Move Emails From One Host To Another

Email migration is done purposely by email users to improve the email environment in which their current system operates. Before any migration, you must understand the email migrations available to start.

What are the types of email migration?

Cutover migration or Express migration. Cutover migration moves all mailboxes and data from an older Exchange server to a newer on-premise Exchange server or a cloud-based service. It is an Email migration service suggested when your current on-premises Exchange organization is later or Microsoft Exchange server 2003. Also should be no more than 2,000 mailboxes.

Staged migration. Moves email mailboxes in batches from one exchange server to another on-premise exchange server. It is recommended when your source email system is Microsoft Exchange server 2007 or Microsoft exchange server 2003.

Hybrid migration. Email migration assumes that some data is on the premises and others on the cloud. When you want to access the files, the main server provides information about your current location. In the long run, it saves storage costs to your company more than on-premise storage.

Why do you need to move Emails from one Host to another?

Email Migration: How To Move Emails From One Host To Another

Compatibility issues. File formats for storing data are different for each web hosting provider or domain registrar; hence compatibility issues may arise with another web hosting. In this case, users search for solutions by moving from one Host to another.

If your current emails do not contain a backup facility. It is highly recommended that you migrate if your hosting does not contain any backup option. Backups are recommended when you lose your data and can still retrieve from the backed-up data, solving the data loss issues.

If your current email service provider is out of date. Most email users opt for current email service providers to get current features like the security of their emails, unlike the outdated versions, which may not have such features. Also, the privacy-compliant feature is one of the considerations.

What Are The Steps Followed When Performing Email Migration?

Email Migration: How To Move Emails From One Host To Another

Step 1: Moving email from one Host to another manually

If you want to access your Email in another place apart from the previous Email is a straightforward solution. The method is simple, with no chances of losing your data while performing the move. The process entails three steps to complete the process successfully.

1. Setting up an account with the new provider

You first choose your new email host.
You now set up your email address.
Ensure you do not use a duplicate password.
You now save your email login details. The details will be required later to log in to a browser or to set up your Email in a mail client.

2. Secondly, configure your Email related Domain Name Server (DNS) Records.

Log into your domain registrar to find the name servers for your domain.
After you get your Domain Name Server host (DNS), check your existing DNS records by logging into that service provider.
Get your new Email hosting provider documentation and open it to determine which DNS records are required to configure the domain at your new provider.
You now update the required DNS records.
Now, wait until the DNS updates itself since it takes a long time.
After the update, you can now send an email from another account to that address.

3. Now, set up your new email address on your devices.

You will need an email client like Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird to set up your new email address on your devices. To do this, perform the following steps carefully since the process is straightforward:
Enter the correct login details.
Ensure you use the correct incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server names during setup.
You can now receive and send emails through your email client after setting it up successfully.
Another way is dragging and dropping the emails from one inbox to another.

Step 2: You can do email migration by using an Email conversion tool

Another step you can choose to migrate Email is using software tools like the Aryson email converter tool. It is a professional email conversion tool that supports 15 and more email clients and file formats for the conversion of emails.

What If The Email Transfer From One Host To Another Does Not Complete?

Email Migration: How To Move Emails From One Host To Another

Email migration might sometimes get stuck at some point, but there is no need to worry; the Aryson IMAP Email Backup software is the solution for this case. The software moves Emails from one Host to another by ensuring proper data integrity.  

Worry less since the original copy of your data is stored in the main server, avoiding data loss at any point. To solve the problem, repeat transferring the email after some time and it will be solved.

What factors should you consider before you migrate emails?

Before moving your Email from one Host to the other, remember that you are dealing with crucial data and need care. Because of the essential business data emails hold, businesses and email users need reliable email services where their data is smoothly transferred and stored safely for their daily activities. So Email migration is necessary, and the following factors should be considered for smooth email migration.

  • Safe Transition

It is wise to verify that the email migration tool contains sensitive data and should be moved smoothly to maintain data security during the migration. It should also have a complete transfer of the shared data.
The migration tool should be able to migrate the entire legacy mail and ensure that the right users get access to their suitable files after the migration.

  • Email migration should have a fully automated tool.

A fully automated migration tool should be used to have a streamlined transfer of your mailboxes. If not planned correctly, the migration can fail to work.

  • The speed and cost of migration

Many organizations go for a quick and error-free process that does not harm the entire ongoing activities. For fast operations and smooth running, the process should be immediate. Apart from speed, it would be best if you also considered the cost of the migration tool, which should be cost-effective.


Organizations have found emails to be a straightforward method for conversing with customers or other business conversations to make work easier. To transfer Email from one client to another is just a specific task. It only needs a proper understanding of the rules and regulations governing emails.

If you find this information meets your search criteria, kindly contact us to get more information on the same. We will meet your email migration needs

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