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Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

Want to migrate email from one host to another or hire someone? Before you start, it is good to understand the primary purposes of email migration. Knowing that will help you be in a position to understand the email industry to lead you into a smooth transition process.

There are primary purposes of email migration which help email users understand why they should migrate their emails from one host to another. For organizations to remain up to date, emails should be helpful since it is the best mode of communication. You must adhere to the purposes of email migration when migrating emails. 

You need to generate ideas before embarking on the process. The essential requirements are excellent communication skills, professionalism, and the ability to adapt to changing technologies in the email industry. The purposes are elementary and specific. What are these purposes? Why should you know the purposes? Read on.

Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

Email migration is done mainly to improve the email environment in which the current system is operating. In recent years, email has served as an advanced and easy mode of communication for businesses and individuals across the globe.  

The main purpose of email is to act as a tool for business communication across the globe. It gives track of all conversations which take place within a business premise. Email migration is essential if the organization feels existing one cannot keep up with the growing business demands.

Also, if your email service provider is not cost-effective. You need to look for a cost-effective one by email migration. The email service provider should meet the cost of the service it offers to the company.
Another purpose of email migration is to have a secure way of transferring data from one host to another. Organizations' data may be at risk due to service providers.

You also can move from one client to another in search of an experienced service provider. Here you get improved and up-to-date services that support growth in your business.

What are the impacts of email migration on users?

Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

Administrators can access your emails to migrate email since you need access to the user mailboxes in your source email system. Therefore, migrating emails is not so secure for the user since you can be exposed to malicious software which can damage both your email and device. 

There is no guarantee that you will get your email after the migration. At times you can lose data in the transfer process, hence becoming a problem in running your day-to-day operations in your organization. 

Email migration is beneficial in that it leads to increased flexibility as deploying exchange servers in the cloud requires fewer machines. Better services are experienced due to email experts who will determine new and improved solutions to the emails.

But, what is email migration? With email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Zoho mail, email migration is the move of emails from one client to another to improve the overall environment in which the current system operates.

The main crucial benefit that may lead you to migrate emails is better security since Antivirus software are installed, upgraded, and tested regularly avoiding issues of insecurity that may arise due to a lack of Antivirus software.

What Are The Types Of Email Migration?

Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

1. Cutover migration or Express migration

Cutover migration simultaneously moves all mailboxes and data from an older Exchange server to a newer on-premise Exchange server or a cloud-based service.

It is an Email migration service suggested when your current on-premises Exchange organization is later or Microsoft Exchange server 2003. Also should be no more than 2,000 mailboxes.

2. Staged migration

Moves email mailboxes in batches from one exchange server to another on-premise exchange server. It is recommended when your source email system is Microsoft Exchange server 2007 or Microsoft exchange server 2003.

3. Hybrid migration

It is an email migration system that assumes that some data is stored on the premises and others on the cloud. When you want to access the files, the main server provides information about your current location. In the long run, it saves storage costs to your company more than on-premise storage.

How Do You Transfer Your Domain Without Interruption To Your Email?

Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

Transferring an email address to another provider most quickly and more easily is by following the following steps:

1. Sign up with the new provider and configure your domain name there.

First, you must set up your new web hosting account with everything paid for. The top email hosting providers are Google workspace, Zoho mail, Office 365, Great mail, site ground, and A2 hosting.
Create an identical email address on the new host
Go to email accounts in the cPanel, then click on create.
A dialog box appears where you choose the domain name from the list
Type your username that is the identifiable part of your email address
Next, enter your password, which can be completely new or the same as the one you are using
On the storage space part, choose unlimited
Click on Create.

2. You now redirect your domain name.

For redirecting, you have two options:

  • Redirecting anything that uses your domain name

If you are moving to a new host completely, this is your path, for it moves not only your email addresses but also your databases, website, and everything that uses your domain name.

The simplest way to redirect your domain name is to change the name server assigned to your domain name configuration, which can be changed through your domain registrar. This is the company to which you first registered your domain name.

  • Redirecting only emails

For this case, you only get the provider for your email and leave your website and all the others with the current host. All these are done by use of your domain's MX records.

3. Configure the new provider in your email tool

After creating your identical email address with your provider and setting a redirect that will send all new emails to the new provider, configure the new email address in your mail tool, the email tools are Gmail, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird depending on the one you are using.

After all, go back to your Cpanel on your new host, click on Email accounts, then click on connect devices. It sometimes takes 48 hours for all traffic to be fully redirected to the new server, so don't delete the old mail in the old server.

4. You now clean up, and you are done.

For a few days, your email will have been fully migrated to the new server. Now delete the old email config from your email tool.

 Is the email migration service right for my organization?

Email Migration: What Is The Purpose Of Email Migration?

To know if your organization is fit to migrate its email to another host, you should consider the following:

The number of users you want to migrate. It is the best option when you migrate not more than 100 emails. This is due to speed, which becomes slower as you increase the number of emails.

Your email source account setup. Your source account setup should have a TLS certificate which a third party must sign and trust. It should also be correctly set up before migrating, depending on where you are migrating.

The source account type where you are migrating from. The account type you are migrating from also determines a lot when migrating your emails. It shows your destination host where you are migrating from and acts as a security measure during the migration process.


Email is the core of an organization's business, and email migration is an opportunity for organizations to improve their day-to-day operations. Making business easier to operate, running it smoothly with data safety. 

Understanding and evaluating your business needs, this article will assist you in the migration process and choosing the right tool, which is an important decision. Also, ensure the professionalism and quality you need.

If you want assistance with an email migration service consider calling us to get more information. Also read through this article to get information and understand the purposes of email migration.

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