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Email Setup: How Do I Configure My ISP's SMTP Server?

ISPs represent a necessary step for any sending of messages through STMP servers. It's impossible to connect to the network without the permission of one of them hence the need for an ISP's SMTP server configuration.

There are several ways you can configure your ISP's SMTP. Its invloves logging onto your ISP's control panel and clicking on “Email Settings” under the “Tools” tab. Then select “SMTP” from the drop-down menu, enter your username and password, and click on “Save Changes.” Thats it. 

This report will cover how to configure your ISP's SMTP  server, find the ISP's SMTP Mail server, and the best SMTP service providers.

Email Setup: How Do I Configure My ISP's SMTP Server?

Email Setup: How Do I Configure My ISP's SMTP Server?

To configure ISP's STMP, follow these steps:

Check your ISP's site for its SMPT details. Look for something that looks like “” and any other settings. Many ISPs provide configuration instructions for common email clients such as OutlookExpress and Thunderbird.

Open your email program and go to Settings or Account Settings. For instance, click “Tools" in Thunderbird” and then “Account Setting.”

Look for your STMP or “server settings” and put the information from your ISP. In Thunderbird, this is the “Server Name”  and “port” under “Server Setting” and “Outgoing Server (SMTP).” 

Click “Apply” or “OK” to save your changes.   

How To Find ISP's SMTP Mail Server

Email Setup: How Do I Configure My ISP's SMTP Server?

Your ISP's SMPT server name is usually needed when sending or receiving emails. Many email programs employ this protocol, including Microsoft Outlook and other email programs and services.

When signing up for an ISP, the email containing instructions on setting up your email account may go missing or not reach you. In such a case, you should use another way to find your ISP's email server. Below is one of the ways to find the ISP's SMPT mail server.

Step 1: Go to and search for your ISP by name in the free SMPT server list. You might need to look for your ISP by visiting and searching for your specific ISP by country, state, and city. 

Step 2: Go to your ISP's website if you cannot find your provider's SMPT server using a simple name search on Click on the support section of your ISP's website and locate the email handling section to find the server your ISP uses to send and receive mail. 

Step 3: Contact your ISP, speak to the technical support department, and ask for the name of your provider's SMPT server.

What are the Top 7 Best SMPT Service Providers?

Email Setup: How Do I Configure My ISP's SMTP Server?

There are several SMPT service providers, and each provider has different features. Here are some of the best providers.

SMTP.COM is a renowned service provider trusted by over 100,000 organizations such as T-mobile, Buy, Virgin Atlantic, and more. The service provider can manage many emails with incredibly fast delivery. can reliably send authentication emails, registration emails, order confirmations, and notifications.

You can configure in minutes and start sending emails. It smoothly connects with WordPress and SMTP WordPress plugins. This service provider uses big data to monitor your email list's health.

Features of

Support shared and dedicated IPs.
Proactively checks and blocks spam.
Flexible and scalable plans.
99% system uptime.
24/7 customer support.
Easy migration from other services.


Constant Contact is among the most popular email marketing and SMTP services available. It features an easy drag and editor that makes it easy to design and generate stunning email newsletters. Also, it has list segmentation, marketing automation, and tools to help you expand your email list.

Additionally, this service provider has a high delivery rate of 97%, ensuring your emails reach the recipient's inboxes successfully.  Moreover, with Contact Contact's email authentication, you can enhance your email deliverability and build a solid reputation with ISPs.

Feature Of Constant Contact 

Real-time reporting and analytics.
Contact list segmentation.
Email templates and template builder.
Connects with Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress.
Send triggered emails depending on the behavior of the user.


Mailgun is a well-known SMTP service provider for businesses and developers. They provide powerful APIs to send transactional emails. They support burst sending, and you can send upto 250000 emails per minute. It offers easy STMP integration.  

Mailgun is designed for developers; hence beginner-level-user may have a hard time using it.   

Features of Mailgun 

IP allocation management.
Offers email validation
Advanced email analytics
Sending transactional and bulk emails is easier with the help of SMTP integration and RESTful API.


Amazon SES is a great platform at an affordable price. It's an email sending and receiving platform for marketing communications, transactional messages, incoming emails, and notifications. 

Amazon SES provides flexible deployment alternatives like owned IP addresses, dedicated IP addresses, and shared IP addresses. It also features sending statistics, a mailbox simulator, sender identity management, and a reputation dashboard. With this service provider, you can integrate email-sending abilities into your existing ticketing system or email clients. 

Features of Amazon SES

Amazon SES can be integrated with other AWS services.
Amazon SES can be directly integrated into your applications using  AWS SDKs or SMTP interface.
They have a dedicated IP address.

Email Setup: How Do I Configure My ISP's SMTP Server?


SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP email service provider that is used by over 80,000 businesses, including Spotify, Airbnb, Yelp, Uber, and many others. Using SendGrid, you can send and receive bulk emails without managing an SMTP server.  It also has several other helpful features to enhance email deliverability, such as domain email authentication and dedicated IP addresses. 

Additionally, you can easily generate email campaigns using the email templates and drag-and-drop editor. And you can quickly integrate SendGrid to WordPress using the free WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Features of SendGrid  

Detailed analytics.
Delivery optimization tools.
APIs, SMTP relay, and webhooks.
Easy template editor.
Helpful customer support.


Sendinblue is among the best SMTP email service providers for beginners. They provide powerful marketing platforms with email marketing, transactional emails, live chat, and SMS marketing. It offers a fully expandable API and SMPT relay service, instantly enhancing transactional email delivery.

Sendinblue integrates seamlessly with WordPress and other third-party platforms, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, and OptinMonsiter. It also provides marketing automation and powerful personalization features to help your marketing initiatives. 

Features of Sendinblue

Email template and drag and drop editor.
Ideal deliverability rates.
Shared inbox to manage customer email history.
Connects with WordPress and marketing tools such as OptinMonsiter.
Real-time statistics and reports.


WP Mail SMTP is the best plugin for WordPress. It allows you to send WordPress emails using any SMTP service provider. It works beautifully with providers such as Amazon SES, Sendinblue, Mailgun,, and many others. 

This plugin is simple to configure, and you can set it up using whichever email you want by just inputting your SMTP options in the plugin dashboard. It's also available as a free plugin with everything you require to enhance your email deliverability.

Also, you can upgrade to a premium plan to access more powerful features. They even provide a white Glove setup, enabling you to have the plugin installed and configured by experts.

Features of WP Mail SMTP

Unique customer support.
Works with all well-known SMTP service providers.
Full translation and localization support.
Automatically keeps track of all emails sent from your WordPress site.


When setting up an email account, unless there are restrictions on your end, you should be able to configure it to send email using ISP.

If you can't manage yourself, feel free to contact us. Our team will be ready to offer any assistance needed regarding email setup.  

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