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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

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Imagine having a fitness-pro device that conveniently fits around your wrist; giving you continuous data about your heart rate, daily steps, workout progress, and more? Sometimes, a fitness device comes in handy when you want to live a healthy life. You can tell by the numerous success stories that you have probably heard. 

On average, one in every five Americans uses a fitness/smart watch. These devices are used widely to achieve fitness goals and promote healthy living. One of these devices is the Fitbit Ionic. The Fitbit Ionic is a device that can be worn on the wrist to keep track of your daily steps, heart rate, and more. The Fitbit watch was designed to help people measure their fitness and general progress goals. 

If you have ever heard of the Fitbit but have no idea how it works, you are in for a treat. If you are a workout enthusiast, the Fitbit Ionic might be your next big fitness investment. 

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Image: The Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit Ionic watch is a fitness smartwatch made in sizes that fit not only me but kids too. The Fitbit Ionic watch comes in a variety of colors, fitting the aesthetics of all your outfits. The Fitbit never goes wrong with my fit-check; come to my professional workdays or my wild nights out. I always have to change the look with the additional different strap sizes that came in the package. 

I have it in a large and a small band that gives it changeable, adjustable, and extra comfort to my wrist, which always has me looking posh and sophisticated. The housing and buckle on Ionic have been made of anodized aluminum. The band that comes with Ionic is made of a flexible, durable elastomer material similar to that used in many sports watches. The accessory wristbands are also available in genuine leather.

How Does the Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Tracker Work?

The simple to manipulate 3-inch touch-screen allows me to pair it to my smartphone or PC via Bluetooth in a range of up to 100 feet away from the device that finally makes me feel as though I have all my data accessible on my hand! It synchronizes with all forms of devices, be it an android or iOS system, where I can access all my Fitbit data. 

It is super easy and fast to set up with an LCD-colored screen and three navigation buttons; back, top and bottom. By swiping up, down, side to side, or pressing the buttons, I only had to connect it to my device, access the internet, download the Fitbit app, and Voila! In a few minutes, you have created a Fitbit account to enter your birthdate, height, weight, and sex to calculate your stride length and estimate your distance, basal metabolic rate, and calorie burn. 

You can key in your first and last name and upload a goofy profile picture to make it more official. After completing a workout, you can open the Fitbit app on your phone or PC to share your stats with friends and family.

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Image: A Fitbit Ionic Displaying the Number of Steps Achieved

How Do I Wear My Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Tracker?

For better results, every computer working process should be understood. Before you wear it, pick a preference between your dominant and non-dominant hand. The wrist setting is set to non-dominant. This setting exists because the excessive movement of the dominant hand can interfere with the recorded statistics. If you prefer wearing your Fitbit Ionic on your dominant hand, you can change the Wrist setting in the Fitbit app. You can also change the band straps that come after purchase. The watch has two separate bands (top and bottom) that you can switch with other accessory bands following the steps below:

1. Turn over the Ionic and find the band latches.
2. To release the latch, press down on the flat metal button on the strap.
3. To release it, pull the band away from the watch.
4. Repeat on the other side.

Getting Started with Using Your Fitbit Ionic Fitness Watch

In the packaging also came its cool charging device. To charge the Fitbit Ionic, attach the cable magnetically near the port on the back of the watch, making sure that the pins on the charging cable align with the port at the back. Please attach it to the USB port, a UL-certified USB wall charger, or another low-energy charging device that you can easily find around my home. Ensure to follow battery charging guidelines when using your Fitbit. 

I highly remember being instantly sold because it takes only 2 hours to fully charge, and the battery life will last for up to 5days straight! To monitor the charging progress, you only need to tap on the screen of the Fitbit ionic watch, swipe down from the top of the screen, and view the battery level icon at the top left of the screen. The Fitbit ionic watch preserves its battery charge by turning off the screen when not in use. 

To access the screen again, double tap on it to use it. A red battery indicator will appear on the clock face if the watch's battery is low (fewer than 24 hours remaining). If the battery gets critically low (fewer than 4 hours remaining), the battery indicator will start flashing. This simple indication ensures that you consistently have your watch on with enough charge to serve your needs at all times.

How to Operate the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

If you want to operate the Fitbit Ionic watch, you begin at the home screen, which is the clock. To see notifications, swipe down from the top of the screen. Swipe down from the top of the screen again to access the shortcuts to music controls, Fitbit Pay, your daily stats, and quick settings. The shortcuts disappear after 2 seconds, so you need to be quick when picking your options. Swipe left on the screen in a few minutes to view the apps. You can press the back button to go back to a previous screen or return to the clock face.

What Cool Features Does the Fitbit Ionic Watch Have?

The Fitbit ionic watch with its Fitbit gallery has been extensively crafted to personalize and satisfy the lifestyle needs of its users. The Fitbit Ionic can be a complementary accessory to my look, giving me accuracy in time and serving as an instrument to improve my chosen and preferred form of livelihood. 

With the Fitbit Ionic, you can organize all your apps, i.e., Deezer, MyFitnesspal, MyWeather, Uber, according to how you please. It allows you to download, uninstall or move whichever apps by pressing and holding an app until it's selected and dragging it to a new location. The app is selected when the icon increases slightly in size and the watch vibrates. Besides that, you can keep up with the newest versions of all my apps by updating them over Wi-Fi as needed. Fitbit Ionic does this, where it searches for updates when plugged into the charger while in range of any Wi-Fi network.


How Do I Download Apps On my Fitbit Ionic Watch?

Here's how to download all your favorite apps on your Fitbit ionic watch:
    1. From the Today tab in the Fitbit app, tap your profile picture > Ionic tile.
    2. Tap Apps > All Apps.
    3. Browse the available apps. When you find one you want to install, tap it.
    4. Tap Install to add the app to Ionic.

More About the Fitbit's Endless Cool Features

Health is wealth. The Fitbit Ionic watch has proved able to tackle this age-old saying for me. I have been able to set up personal workouts with its step-by-step coaching using sports apps like Strava, Myfitnesspal, and LEADERBOARD, which you can download via its wireless connectivity feature.

How To Track Your Workout With the Fitbit Ionic Watch?

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs
Image: The Fitbit Ionic Workout Feature
As my fitness companion, it gives me alerts of my motion and heart rate on a daily. The Ionic watch continuously tracks various stats whenever I wear it, including hourly activity, heart rate, and sleep. The data automatically syncs with the Fitbit app throughout the day. The Fitbit Ionic watch does this by tracking various stats, including steps taken, floors climbed, distance traveled, and calories burned. Therefore, I can keep track of all the steps taken throughout the day, whether at work, school, or home.

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Images: More Fitbit Ionic Features
To see my stats, I only swipe up from the clock face on my watch to access Fitbit Today, which shows up to 7 of these stats, i.e., the core stats, heart rate, hourly steps, exercise, sleep, food, cycle track, water, weight, and badges. It has a reminder function that keeps you aligned with your planned regime's targeted motion while clearly showing the constant state of your whole body, eventually reaching towards a healthier version of yourself.

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Image: The Run Feature on Fitbit Ionic

Setting Schedules and Alarms on Your Fitbit Ionic Watch.

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Image: The Fitbit Ionic Alarm Feature

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Image: Setting a New Fitbit Ionic Alarm

The Fitbit ionic watch keeps me organized with its in-built calendar. Just by looking at my wrist, I can plan my schedule and set up appointments with whomever. The Fitbit watch will immediately notify me at the planned time because it is already synchronized with my phone and PC. You can also set alarms to wake or alert you at the set time.  I can set up up to 8 alarms to occur once or on multiple days of the week. 
The Fitbit Ionic also times events with the stopwatch or set a countdown timer. It alerts me of the incoming phone calls, texts, and emails that I have received from my other devices. So you can be able to choose your actions from the comfort of my hand confidently.
The Fitbit ionic watch lights up, vibrates, and shows the caller's contact information recorded on my phone's contact list. It also grants me access to my phone's notifications directly to text messages and notifications from certain apps on my watch with quick reply presets as a text or simply using an emoji icon! So, the Fitbit Ionic watch will align you to your physical goals and mental ones.

Tips on How to Wear Fitbit Ionic for All-Day Wear Vs. During Exercise

I was astonished by how much the Fitbit ionic watch cares for the state of my health, whether I am active or inactive. When active during the workout, experiment with wearing your watch slightly higher on your wrist for an improved Fitbit fit. This way, it accurately measures my current heart rate and either my heart rate zone or time spent in each heart rate zone. Instead of using the default heart-rate zones, I can create a custom zone in the Fitbit app to target a specific heart-rate range. When inactive, wear an Ionic a finger's width above your wrist bone.  

Fitbit Ionic: The GPS Fitness Tracker Everybody Needs

Image: Fitbit Heart rate Calculator

What More Can Fitbit Ionic Do for You?

Even in my sleep, the Fitbit ionic watch measures my sleep duration and sleep score, and sleep history over the past seven days. I only have to wear Ionic to bed to automatically track basic stats about my sleep, including my time asleep, sleep stages (time spent in REM, light sleep, and deep sleep), and sleep score (the quality of my sleep). Ionic can also track your estimated oxygen variation throughout the night to help you uncover potential breathing disturbances. So far, throughout my interaction with the Fitbit ionic, I have learned extensively about and improved my sleeping habits.

Are you having trouble figuring out your location? The in-built GPS shows me exactly where I am or where my watch is despite my location in the world. It does this by tracking the exact pace, distance, and routes in all real-time zones. Despite traveling from one place to another, the Fitbit ionic watch adjusts its time with my location as long as I log into the available Wi-Fi network at my disposal.

You can throw your weather worries out the window once you get your Fitbit Ionic watch. It will keep you posted on the slightest changes in the weather forecast. Using the weather app on the Ionic watch, it can set up two additional locations of your choice besides your current location. I can spot the different weather icons and atmospheric temperatures on the screen. The weather tracker has helped me plan my travel patterns ahead of time and pair them with the beautiful tech on my wrist.

As an active individual, who sometimes decides to go swimming, finds himself dancing in the rain, taking bike rides, or long treks and hikes, the Fitbit Ionic remains intact. It has a durable screen corning gorilla glass 3, which makes it resistant to water or other forms of damage. This bonus feature is due to its increased pixels & amplified brightness of up to 1000 nits. It has an operating temperature of 4 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and has a maximum operating altitude of 30,000 feet.

Want to Know How to Play your Playlists and Podcasts?

What makes it even better is while it serves me mental and physical sustenance, it also keeps me grooving on to my downloaded music playlist. With tonnes of music from the Music app, Pandora, Deezer, or control music playing in Spotify using the Spotify - Connect & Control app, the Fitbit Ionic can store up to 300 songs. Moreover, you can download and listen to podcasts with Bluetooth headphones or speakers without needing your phone. This way, you can keep track of your favorite artists and podcast shows even while on the go. To download playlists to your watch, you can use your computer to connect to the same Wi-Fi connection as your watch and the free Fitbit Connect app.

To play music stored on your watch, open the app and choose the music you want to listen to. If you are exercising, you can go back to the Exercise app and continue your workout. To control the music playing while exercising, swipe down from the top of the Fitbit ionic watch screen. From the notifications, swipe down again to open the control center and tap the music controls icon. You only need to pair a Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones or a speaker, to Ionic to hear music stored on your watch. Lastly, swipe down from the top of the screen again to access the music control shortcuts.

How To Go Cashless with Fitbit Pay

The Fitbit ionic watch comes in handy when making payments without my other devices in close range. The NFC chip feature in the Fitbit Ionic grants Fitbit access to my credit and debit cards. You just need to create a Fitbit pay on your Fitbit app account to grant you access to pay for goods or services from outlets that allow contactless services.

To pay cashless, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the shortcuts to Fitbit pay. Carrying cash is no longer a big issue with the Fitbit Ionic when buying some essentials. The cash is more or less a slap on my wrist. Enter your 4-digit watch PIN code to pay, and your default card will appear on the screen. Lastly, hold your wrist near the payment terminal. The payment process only takes a few seconds to complete. It has significantly made purchases easier for me.


Life has been brighter, better, and healthier with the Fitbit Ionic watch on my wrist. Thanks to this handy piece of wrist gadget, I have surely come close to the greatest version of myself. The Fitbit Ionic watch encourages you to operate in your best and controlled element. Unlike other watches, the Fitbit Ionic is packed with endless features that not only tell time but can also help you achieve your daily goals. If you seek efficiency and a healthy lifestyle, I would recommend the Fitbit Ionic watch.  

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