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How Do I Run a Diagnostic on my iPhone and Android Phones?

Are you wondering if your smartphone is in good health? Is your phone starting to display its age? Did you purchase a phone and want to perceive its condition? You do not need to bump into problems with your smartphone. Running a diagnostic test will ensure your phone works properly.  It will offer you the services you need.  

There are various apps like Phone Diagnostics and Phone Doctor Plus. These apps are effective for conducting diagnostic tests on your phone. These apps run tests and monitor the camera, video, sensors, and other parts of the phone. Also, the comprehensive phone hardware diagnostic tests let you know how well your phone operates.  Also, the problems you should address.

A diagnostic scan highlights your phone's problem and provides adequate data to help you identify the challenges. Unluckily, getting an inbuilt diagnostic tool on your Android or iPhone can be challenging. Some of these devices do not have incredible diagnostic options. However, third-party apps may also be ideal.

How Do I Run a Diagnostic on my iPhone and Android Phones?

How Do I Run a Diagnostic on my iPhone and Android Phones?

Besides the third-party diagnostic tools available in Google Play Store and App Store, Some Android phones have inbuilt diagnostic tools within the operating system, although they vary between devices. You can find these tools by typing codes into your phone's app dialer. 

These codes are available as inbuilt tools. They include *#0*# as the hidden diagnostics menu, which offers several standalone checks to test the performance of your phone, and *#*4636#*#* as the usage information menu, which provides more devices compared to the hidden diagnostics menu. 

Apple users find it tricky to perform checkups and fixes for their phones. Interestingly, there are no inbuilt diagnostic tests that you can operate on an iPhone. The phone's setting has no detailed readouts to assess the performance and history data.

If you have not run a diagnostic test on your smartphone, this article outlines the different ways you can use to test your device. Read on to discover more.

Whether you want to purchase a phone or see how best it operates before selling it, the following diagnostic tools will help you meet your needs. 

Phone Doctor Plus 

Customized for iPhone and Android, Phone Doctor Plus displays a list of various tests you should run. Such could be for memory, Wi-Fi, microphone, touch screen, CPU, speaker, Bluetooth, camera, charging, and GPS.

The app investigates and displays the trade-in value of your device, alongside a status screen that shows the battery charge, memory space, network bandwidth, and available storage. The app provides an inventory report for an Android phone that ensures the phone's components are original and the battery health is in check. 

How Do I Run a Diagnostic on my iPhone and Android Phones?

Phone Diagnostics 

Available for Android and iPhone, Phone Diagnostics ensures your device's touchscreen, flash, multi-touch capabilities, cellular access, speaker, and camera are in a good state. The app does not produce any results but indicates when the test is successful by turning the button green and if not, the button turns red.

You can run complete tests for all the essential hardware features based on your phone's model. These tests include;

  • The camera test which snaps pictures using the front and rear cameras
  • The multitouch test which requires you to place your fingers on the screen
  • The video record test shoots a video using the rear camera. 
  • The motion test requires you to move your phone around 
  • The GPS test which verifies your location on a map
Phone Check and Test 

It is only accessible for Android phones and lets you run a comprehensive diagnostic test for your device. The app explains how it runs different tests and what each examination covers. The monitor displays the memory, battery, storage, Wi-Fi, and cellular. You can also run guided tests by selecting the features you want to include.

Some of these tests are automatic, while others require input. The app's free version does not have ads; however, you can upgrade to the Plus version, which has extra scanning tools that enables you to run standalone tests. Such saves you time from a full system scan. Through Phone Check and Test, you can run various tests like;

Low memory check and suggestions.
Audio test for speakers, volume buttons, speakers, and microphones.
GPS tracking and location system.
Display tests like dead pixels and color consistency.
CPU memory and storage stress checks.
Thermal stress check.
Battery check and charging socket test.
Wi-Fi and radio check.


It is only available for iPhones and can operate diagnostics for your speaker compass, accelerometer, sensors, battery, Bluetooth, flash, earphones, and camera. The app is flexible for various tests. You can select a quick scan to examine critical features or a full scan to examine everything.

On the contrary, you can choose a category and run a test or just perform a specific test. After completing the necessary tests, you can produce a report to view the results. The app also has an extra feature of password protection access to photo albums, notes, files, and other confidential content you may wish to create and secure. 

Why Should You Run a Phone Diagnostic Test?

How Do I Run a Diagnostic on my iPhone and Android Phones?

If you want to purchase or sell your smartphone, it is essential to conduct a realistic diagnostic test to ensure your device runs optimally. With a complete diagnostic report, you can make necessary repairs. You can also generate the best prices and provide your client with a certified device in good working condition. Such strengthens your relationship and builds your confidence. 

When your device becomes less active, running a diagnostic test is worth it. Find out a proper solution. Invest in the best diagnostic tools that are able to carry out comprehensive tests across your device. The scan should accurately assess faulty devices, the necessary repairs, and the value of your device. 

A diagnostic test also reveals any sensitive and personal information that is still available on the phone that should be cleaned up for security. It helps you identify the value of your phone and gives you a detailed picture of the state of your device. That way, you can command its optimal value and keep it safe for a later resale value. 

Running a diagnostic test on your smartphone helps build trust, and transparency between the buyer and seller, and the test should be reliable. When running a diagnostic test, you should expect the following features;

  • The phone's functionality
  • CPU performance
  • The cellular service including the SIM, test call, and SMS
  • Automatic component functionality scan 
  • The manufacturer, carrier, and software locks
  • Battery life health check
  • Replaced part background check 
  • Secure data wipe and reset to factory default
  • Responsiveness of the touchscreen 

How Do I Run a Diagnostic on my iPhone and Android Phones?


Getting a new smartphone is exciting; however, it can end up to trash if you have a fake or faulty phone. Ensure to find out if the phone is authentic before making any transaction. It is necessary to gauge the health of your Android or IOS device. You can use a diagnostic tool that thoroughly checks all the phone components. 

When your device becomes less efficient, runs slow, or some features are not responding, it might be high time you consider a diagnostic test and find out the exact problem. Save time with the best diagnostic tools or diagnostic services from the experts mentioned above. 

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