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How Do I Touch My Screen With My Palm To Turn Off My Galaxy Watch

If you're looking at how to touch the screen with your palm to turn off your galaxy watch then you are in the right place. You don't have to turn off your galaxy watch manually you can easily do that by just touching its screen with your palm.

There are several ways to touch the screen with your palm to turn off the galaxy watch. For example with the earlier galaxy watches, you only needed to cover the watch's screen for a few seconds for it to lock its screen and go dark.

Most people have been finding it a bit challenging to turn off their galaxy watches using their palms. If you are among them you can now take a breath because this guide contains all you need to turn off your galaxy watch by touching its screen with your palm and also the best fixes for an unresponsive galaxy watch touchscreen.

How Do I Touch My Screen With My Palm To Turn Off My Galaxy Watch

How Do I Touch My Screen With My Palm To Turn Off My Galaxy Watch

How to touch the screen of a galaxy watch with the palm to turn it off is something most users have been struggling with and it's something you need to know. Turning off your galaxy watch screen by placing your palm over the watch's screen is a great way to avoid unnecessary battery drain.

Galaxy watch developers have given users the option to turn off their watch's screen more so by just placing their palm. So let's get started on how to do it.

If you own the earlier galaxy models you only need to cover the screen of the watch for a few seconds and its screen will lock and go dark. For the newer model users, you need to cover and touch or briefly tap with your palm the screen to turn it off.

You've to physically touch the screen to get it to turn off the display. Ensure you place your palm flat on the screen, fully cover it and then tap/touch its screen. It should lock and turn off instantly. 

To protect your galaxy touchscreen from breakage, you need to use a screen protector. The best galaxy screen protectors are SPGUARD Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Screen Protector and Galaxy Watch 5 40mm Screen protector.

Owning a Samsung galaxy watch is a wise idea and you can do so by buying from reputable sellers across the country with great after-service deals. 

How To Turn on Touch Sensitivity on Galaxy Watch

How Do I Touch My Screen With My Palm To Turn Off My Galaxy Watch

If your watch is delaying responding, you may need to increase its screen sensitivity to your touch. This setting is typically reserved to help when wearing gloves but also increases your screen response to any touch.
Here are steps on how you can increase your galaxy watch sensitivity.

  • Open your watch's settings app
  • Select display- click sensitivity
  • Toggle it on

Galaxy Watch Touchscreen Lost its Touch Sensitivity? Here's what to do

How Do I Touch My Screen With My Palm To Turn Off My Galaxy Watch

Has the touchscreen of your galaxy watch become unresponsive or is it stuck on the black screen? It could be due to sound modes such as theatre or bedtime, problematic watch face, water lock mode, etc. Whatever the reasons here are some of the solutions to the touch screen not working on the galaxy watch.

Uninstall Recently Installed App

If you recently installed new apps on your galaxy watch, it could be the cause of your galaxy watch touchscreen not working problem. You need to uninstall any recently installed app to troubleshoot the touchscreen problem. To uninstall the recently installed app follow these steps below:

Go to your phone and open the galaxy wearable app

Click on watch settings> Apps.

Check the recently installed app. Click on it and tap the uninstall button.

Disable Water Lock

If the screen of your galaxy watch appears bluish or you notice water droplets icons on your device screen, it means your watch is in water lock mode. When it's activated, it disables the touch screen of your watch. 

It's done as a preventive measure to avoid accidental touches when the watch comes into contact with water. To deactivate the water lock mode on your galaxy watch, hold the Home button for 2-3 seconds.   

On some watches, you can also disable the water lock mode from the wearable app. Open the wearable app > watch settings > advanced features >water lock. Disable it.

How To Check For Water Lock Mode

Galaxy watch has a water lock mode that instantly turns off the screen when the watch comes into contact with water. So when the watch is in water lock mode, the watch's touch screen, watch always-on display, and wake-up gestures are always disabled automatically. To check if your watch is in water lock mode follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Home key of the watch for at least 2 seconds to disable water mode.
  • If your watch makes beeping sounds, it's turning off and removing any water from the speaker.  
  • To silence the beeping, press the Home key. 
  • If you have recently exposed your watch to water, whether from heavy rain, showering, water sports, or washing up, shake it to get rid of any excess water from its pressure sensor.

The water lock may get stuck and you can't disable it at times, so if your watch is stuck in water lock mode and won't exit it, try to restart it. 

Force Restart Watch

Restarting your galaxy watch is among the first things you should do when the touchscreen fails to work. Simply, press and hold the two buttons on the side of your watch for at least simultaneously for 30 seconds or until the Samsung logo appears. If the power menu appears while pressing the buttons dismiss it. 

If the steps above fail to work, hold down the button from the bottom only until the watch restarts. Remember restarting your galaxy watch is different from resetting it. Restarting won't erase any data from your watch.

Change Watch Face

How Do I Touch My Screen With My Palm To Turn Off My Galaxy Watch

Another possible cause of the galaxy watch's touchscreen not working issue is a problematic third-party watch face. You need to change the watch face and revert to the ones provided by Samsung. Follow the steps below to change the watch's face.

  • Open the galaxy wearable app on your phone.
  • Click on watch faces. Several watch faces will appear. Click on a watch face of your choice. Hopefully, the new watch face will resolve the touchscreen not working problem.

Unpair Watch

You can also try to unpair your watch from the phone. Unpairing the watch will disconnect it from the phone and if the issue is caused by the phone this fix will identify that. Follow the steps below to unpair the watch from the phone.

  • On your connected phone open the galaxy wearable app.
  • Click on the three-bar icon to open the menu. Press the “Disconnect” icon next to your watch.
  • Use your watch now. If the watch touchscreen functions properly without the phone, restart the phone and pair the devices again.

Charge Your Watch

When the touch screen of your galaxy watch is unresponsive, you should try to charge the watch. Doing so will supply some power to the watch, which might resolve the touchscreen not working problem. 

Reset Watch

Lastly, if none of the above solutions works, reset your watch. When you reset your watch, all the data from the watch is erased and it disconnects from your phone. You'll need to set up the watch again with your phone. Follow the steps below to reset your galaxy watch:

  • Open the galaxy wearable app
  • Go to watch settings > general
  • Click on “Reset” and confirm by tapping the “Reset” button again on the next screen


How to touch the screen with your palm to turn off your galaxy watch is as simple as described above. How to do it might slightly differ between the earlier and the newer models. If you run into problems or the touch screen of your galaxy watch is unresponsive and the fixes provided above are not working don't hesitate to seek expert advice.

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