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Friday, November 18, 2022

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

A ping is referred to the total amount of time taken by your computer and server for sending out and receiving data packets. The higher the ping is, the poorer the performance gets. While a lower ping typically indicates a smooth online experience. But, how do you get a zero ping? Is it even possible to lower your ping to 0?

If you're a professional gamer, it's pretty important to have a moderate ping. A high ping can cause extreme lagging and ruin your entire gaming experience. Not only a high ping ruins your gaming experience, but also your overall browsing experience as well. It's because, with a ping of more than 200Ms, you won't be able to conduct even the basic online activities smoothly. You will notice aggressive lagging and slugging performance due to it. So, a lower ping or moderate ping is desirable to every internet user. Since a lower ping is desirable, people often wonder whether they can get a 0 ping rate or not. Is it really possible?

Keep on reading this article to discover whether getting a zero ping rate is possible or not. In addition, we will also discuss the ways you can achieve a lower ping rate to help you browse smoothly. 

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

The lower the ping rate, the smoother the online experience you will be able to enjoy. So, almost every internet users wonder about getting a zero ping to enjoy the fastest responsiveness while playing any online games. It's because the ping 0ms seems a perfect rate which possibly means that your devices can be able to communicate with the server almost instantly. This is the ideal scenario for every gamer and internet user. But, can you really get a 0 ping?

Well, not really. The ping rate of zero isn't possible due to an obvious reason. It's because the concept is against the laws of physics and nothing in this world performs against these laws, nor the internet. The data packets will take a certain time to travel between the server and your devices. So, getting a 0 ping isn't possible. 

How Do You Get A Ping Rate Close To Zero?

Since getting a ping rate of zero isn't possible due to the laws of physics, there must be ways to get a ping rate close to zero at least. Isn't it? Fortunately, yes, you can get your ping rate close to zero. Generally, you don't really need a 0 ping to enjoy the optimal browsing and gaming experience. Anything between 10Ms to 60Ms will help you achieve the smooth experience that you've been looking for. 

So, let's take a look at the ways to get a ping rate close to zero:

    1. Use An Ethernet Cable

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

Using a wired connection is certainly the best option when you want to lower your ping and enjoy the ultra smooth online experience. So, instead of a wireless setup, consider using an Ethernet cable to achieve a stable and lower ping in online games. 

Sometimes, it may not be possible for you to connect to an ethernet cable all the time. So, you can consider using it while playing online games only because the higher ping will result in connection interruption. An ethernet cable is one of the best ways to ensure getting a ping rate close to zero. 

    2. Update Your Network Drivers

Without having your network drivers updated, you can't expect to achieve a lower ping, forget about zero pings. After all, these drivers play a critical role while getting a smooth online experience. Outdated network drivers will only hinder you from getting the ultra-smooth browsing and gaming experience. Therefore, to update your network drivers, follow the steps mentioned below, 

  • Go to “device manager” from your search bar and look for “network adapter”. A page will look like this, 

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

  • Now press the bottom arrow once to collapse the list and look for ethernet adapters.
  • Now you should know the model number of your ethernet network. In case, it's not available through your windows device manager, you should do the following, 
  • Visit the “control panel” and click on the “network and internet”
  • Now choose your “network & sharing center”.
  • You will notice the “change adapter settings option” here. 

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

Now you will notice all your adapters including the model name like Intel, Realtek, Killer, etc. Once, you get the details of network adapters, visit the official website of the manufacturer, and download the latest version of the driver. 

    3. Invest in a Gaming Router

Well, if you really want to lower your ping and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, then it would be a wise decision to invest in a gaming router. The router is designed with the latest hardware and technology in-built to provide you with the ultimate smooth gaming experience. Typically, all types of gaming routers are equipped with traffic shaping or prioritization, port forwarding, and also the quality of service or also known as QoS features. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy minimum latency and maximum bandwidth. 

In addition to providing you with better connection and responsiveness, these routers will help you prioritize your game over anyone else connected to the same network. For instance, someone else connected to the same network is watching a video with 8K resolution which requires an ample amount of bandwidth, but at the same time, if you're close to winning a match, then this router will prioritize you over others. So, you won't lose your chance of winning a game due to connection interruptions. 

    4. Change The DNS Servers

In most cases, there is a DNS setup that can mess up your network. You will see a huge difference in your network speed due to the errors in the DNS server setup. Nevertheless, the process to change your DNS servers is pretty easy. You need to follow the basic steps mentioned below, 

  • Go to the “control panel” and then click on “network & internet” and move on to the “network & sharing center”.
  • Now visit “change adapter settings".
  • Now right-click on the connection that you want to modify and select “properties".
  • Now click on “internet protocol version 4” and click on “properties”.

How Do You Get A Zero Ping? Check Out The Ways!

  • Now mark “use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the new DNS server address that you want to switch to. And click on “ok”

These are the following steps to help you get a ping closer to zero if not a zero. Also, with lower ping, you will be able to enjoy all your basic to high-end internet activities. However, it's important to check your ping often with the various tools available on the internet to make sure you have an ideal ping to conduct high-end internet activities. 


By following these steps, you should be able to enjoy ultra-smooth browsing and gaming experience. But in case you're not experiencing it, then there might be some other problems that you need to deal with. Generally, you should thoroughly check your internet service providers and their reliability. It's because they often don't offer the optimal speed they promised which causes the increased latency. So, make sure your internet service provider is offering you an optimal speed as promised. Also, it's important to make sure you have the greatest and latest equipment to handle the ultra-smooth internet experience. 

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