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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

How Do You Identify The Cause And Fix Slow Download Speeds?

A slow internet connection not only leaves everyone frustrated but also interrupts your work. Since there are so many problems that can cause the slowdown, it becomes difficult to identify the root cause of this disruption. However, you must find out the underlying causes to work methodically and revamp your internet speed. 

Generally, internet speed determines how fast the data can be transferred between the web and your devices. This speed is measured by Mbps or megabits per second or gigabits per second. For example, if your internet service provider is offering you a speed of 25 Mbps it means you can send and receive 25 megabits of data per second between your device and the web. However, you may have good internet speed yet a poor download speed due to various reasons. Download speed determines how quickly you can access online content, be it by loading a page, surfing social media, streaming videos, or downloading a large file. If your download speed is suffering, then you must identify the root cause.

Your internet download speeds can be affected by a lot of factors. In fact, due to a single reason, it can slow down the entire system. So, an important first step is to understand the underlying causes so that you can solve them. Keep on reading this article to discover the possible reasons and ways to fix it.

How Do You Identify The Cause And Fix Slow Download Speeds?

How Do You Identify The Cause And Fix Slow Download Speeds?

Diagnosing a poor download speed is important before implementing the solutions. To identify the causes of poor download speed, download a speed test tool. Or you can simply type “speed test” on your browser and then “run speed test” from the next page. Remember to stand closer to your router when running this test. And, now, run this test again by moving to another room that is further away from your router. 

If the speed is 15Mbps, it's considered pretty low. An average speed of 40Mbps is considered ideal for downloading files. If the test results show you faster internet when you're near your router and slower connection when you're further away, then it must be the router causing you all the disturbances. Although there are a few other reasons related to it. But, in case, it's low in both cases, then you must switch to a different ISP. 

What to Do If The Cause Is Related to Your Router?

If you have identified that the problem behind a slow download speed is due to your router, then what will you do in that case? You may think that if the issue is with your router then why not simply replace it, right? Well, it should be the last option as there are ways how you can improve your Wi-Fi connection. 

Let's take a look at the ways to fix download speed if it's caused by your router:

    1. Consider Changing The Router Placement

How Do You Identify The Cause And Fix Slow Download Speeds?

Well, a wireless connection has a limit to its signal strength. No matter how powerful a router you've purchased, it has a certain limit when it comes to transmitting radio signals to different devices. So, if your router is placed at a corner of the house, far away from the devices to which it's connected, then it may cause you a slow down on your download speed. 

In this case, consider placing it in a central location so that the signal can cover all the rooms in your house. Also, make sure no metal equipment is placed on top of your router as it may block its signal. Rather, place it out in an open space where there's no blockage. However, sometimes, you may face signal issues in some areas of your house if you have a lot of rooms in your house. In this case, using a wifi extender won't help. 

You can consider using a mesh network system to avoid connection interruption. A mesh network system typically has different Wi-Fi access points that allow you to connect to different wireless networks without compromising on the speeds. This will help you fix your slow download speeds. 

    2. Change Your Router Settings 

Previously, people used to face issues with their download speeds due to having gadgets with slower network technology. For example, if you have an iPhone 5 that use backdated Wi-Fi standard, and also the latest model with modern technology and Wi-Fi standard, then you may face a problem if you're using the same Wi-Fi. 

This happens when people with outdated iPhones start to download something at the same time. Since the older phone will take more time to complete the download process, it will take a lot more time to free up the signal for your phone to process the download further. This is why modern routers offer you to set settings to prioritize devices with faster speeds. To access the setting page, you can type your IP address on your browser and a page will open up like this, 

How Do You Identify The Cause And Fix Slow Download Speeds?

Now, provide all the credentials to change its setting by following all the instructions. It will help you restore your download speed for your latest device. 

    3. Consider Your Routers Age

Well, lastly, if your download speed is slow despite following the above two steps, then it's time to check your router's age. Generally, routers over 5 years of age are considered backdated and should be replaced. It's because older routers have outdated technology for WLAN implementations which may cost you some speed. So, if you have been using an outdated modem or router, then you may need to replace it with a new one. 

What to Do If The Cause Is Related to Your ISP?

How Do You Identify The Cause And Fix Slow Download Speeds?

If you have identified that the cause of facing slow download speed is related to your internet service provider, then there is nothing much to do than switch to a different provider. But, before that, you can call their agent and ask for help to understand why you're facing such speed issues with your devices. 

Sometimes, you may be using an affordable plan when you have too many users at your home. In this case, your download speed will suffer as people will be sharing a limited bandwidth. So, the problem can be solved just by upgrading to a higher bandwidth that may cost you some money but will provide you optimal speed. 

But, if you're using a premium subscription from your ISP and still facing slow down, then it might be time to switch to a different service provider. It's because your ISP may have throttling policies that slow down traffic to certain sites. So, switching to a different provider may help you restore your download speed in the future. 


These are the common reasons behind your facing slow download speed on your internet connection. Some other reasons may include VPN slowing down your internet, malware affecting your device, too many applications consuming your bandwidth, downloading multiple files at the same time, or your device being incapable of handling higher speeds. No matter what problem it is, you must find out the underlying causes before fixing them. Otherwise, it won't be of much help. We hope this guide has helped you solve your connection disruption. Don't forget to share your thoughts here!

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