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Friday, November 18, 2022

How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!

An IP address is a simple numeric address used for identifying unique devices in a network. You can easily find the IP address of your own, but there are times when you may need to locate someone's IP address. Maybe you want to blacklist them or you need to track their location in some cases, and many more. 

You can easily locate your IP address. But, identifying someone's IP address is critical. Or is it really possible to locate others' IP addresses? There might be a lot of confusion crossing your mind, but there are several ways you can locate others' IP addresses too. For example, you can use an IP address locating tool, examine the email headers or simply use the command prompt as you did while finding yours. By locating others' IPs, you can verify a person's location, establish a secure connection between multiple devices, or allow others to access your own business network. Therefore, it's important to know the steps to find someone's IP address. 

Keep on reading this article as we will discuss the four easy steps to find someone's IP address easily. Let's get started, shall we?

How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!

How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!

Depending on the individuals that you want to locate, there are a few ways you can apply to locate someone's IP address. For example, if you have access to their CMD, you can easily try the “ping” command and get the IP address. Or, you can use an IP address tracker to know relevant information about the geolocation of an IP address. However, it's not possible to find a person by IP address.

You can get specific information including the country, city, currency information, latitude and longitude along with ZIP code, email address, and many more. But, it's not possible to locate the person's name. So, if you want to locate someone's IP address using the simplest methods, we have them mentioned below. 

The four ways to find someone's IP address include:

4 Ways You Can Apply to Find Other IP

However, it's important to remember that IP addresses of private computers will not be this easy to locate. So, these methods will only work while locating a domain's IP address, 

    1. Use an Online Tool

The simplest way to check the IP address of others is by using one of the IP lookup tools. There are hundreds of them available online. You can choose any of your preferred ones and find someone's IP address. Resources like or even can provide you with relevant tools to search for someone's IP address. Basically, they are public registries available to everyone. 

Nevertheless, it's important to note that public-facing registries can provide you with outdated information because these registries rarely get updated. So, if you're searching for live and real-time data, then this tool may disappoint you. But, fortunately, there are other two methods available for you to locate others' IP addresses. 

    2. By Email's Header

One of the ideal places to find someone's IP address is by checking through their email header. IP address information is embedded in most email programs. Although, the method can vary depending on the email service type you're using. For example, the process of checking IP addresses through email headers is different both in Gmail and outlook. However, to find other's IP addresses through the email header require you to receive the email from the person whose IP address you want to locate.

Since the email doesn't only deliver the message but also comes with metadata, you can easily find the key information including the IP address through the headers. If you're using Gmail, all you have to do is the following, 

  • Open the email whose IP address you want to track.
  • Now click on the “more” icon. 
  • How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!
    Now click on the “show original” from there and it will take you to a new window where you can find the IP address along with other information. 

How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!

Nevertheless, it's important to note that you can't always trust these email headings because this information can be falsified. Most scammers use falsified information to hide their identity and scam people. So, it's important to run an IP check for verifying the authenticity of the IP address. 

    3. Use CMD to Locate

Finding someone's IP address on CMD is as simple as finding yours. If you're using Windows devices, it becomes more simple. However, you can still open CMD and find other IP addresses on Mac too. But, in Mac, CMD is known as “terminal” and you can find it in the “utilities” folder. If you're using Windows, then all you have to do is to type “CMD” on the search bar and it will open a new window. 

Once, you have located or opened the CMD window, you will notice a black DOS screen will appear like this, 

How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!

Now, you can use the “ping” command to find another's IP address. The ping command looks like this, “ping host address” or “ping”. Here host address means the website address that you're looking to trace. Once, you type the command, press Enter. Now, your device will find the server on which the site is located. If it can, then you can easily find the IP address that you're looking for. 

How Do You Locate Someone's IP Address? 4 Ways to Apply!

It will look similar to this, the IP address you see next to “ping” is the one you're looking for. But, note that a website can have multiple DNS servers located all over the world. So, the IP you're seeing is from the closes servers to you. 

    4. Find IP Addresses Through Chat

You might be thinking is it really possible to find others' IP addresses through a chat, right? Well, it's possible but only if you have followed a few terms. If you use peer-to-peer chatting platforms such as TorChat, skype, or other browser-based applications, you can try to find their IP. But, for that, you have to be active in a live chat session, VoIP calls, or video calls with the person whose IP you want to trace. 

If you actively communicate with the person, then you can initiate the “Netstate -an” command and hit enter to locate the IP address of another TCP connection. Nevertheless, it must be noted, that this only works with direct peer-to-peer communication platforms, not with others. 

These are the few methods you can use to find someone's IP address. You can use it for various purposes as we mentioned above. However, it's important to note that you can't find anyone's name even though you have located their IP. 


Just like you can find others' IP addresses along with other information, someone else can find yours too. This is why it's important to use a VPN to hide your identity while conducting online browsing activities. Not only this will prevent you from getting scammed but also will facilitate a smooth internet connection if you use a high-end VPN tool. However, we have mentioned all these steps that you can use to find others' IP addresses. You can block them or do other necessary things once you've located them. Finding another's IP address isn't critical but following these steps is essential. We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide.

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