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How Long Does It Take To Repair An Iphone Screen

An iPhone screen is delicate and sometimes can get hit under different circumstances forcing you to take it to repair. The duration taken to mend iPhone issues depends on the level of damage. Sometimes you have to provide more time for repair for the technicians to do the right thing.

There are different durations taken to repair an iPhone screen. Most of them take half an hour, while others can take more time depending on the damage level and the spare parts availability. iPhones are very delicate, and you must be careful when you use them.

In this article, I will look at the common duration taken by technicians to repair iPhone screens. It will also discuss the levels of damage and other factors. Read on.

How Long Does It Take To Repair An Iphone Screen

There are different types of screen issues. Most of them depend on the type of screen issue. In many cases, it takes half an hour to one hour to fix all screen issues. 

How Long Does It Take To Repair An Iphone Screen

Types of iPhone screen issues

iPhone screen issues range from cracking to software and hardware issues. We have several issues the users may face. Some of them include:

Minor Cracked screens

There are cases where iPhones get small minor cracks. When you have an iPhone with these cracks, everything goes as usual. In this situation, you can use your phone in your usual activities, like calling, texting, and watching movies, with minor issues. 

You can take it to repair. Many people avoid fixing minor cracked screens. They buy screen protectors to cover them. We advise against doing this as it can lead to many inconveniences. It takes 20 minutes to fix them.

Major screen cracks

Major cracks happen when your phone has different views. Some users normally refer to them as spider cobwebs due to their crack rate on the whole touch screen, which obstructs the normal view of the screen. 

Major cracks provide a very rough touch which can injure your fingers. It is tough to manage, and the best option is to take it to repair. Many repair technicians take approximately two hours to fix this type of screen.

Major cracks happen when the iPhone falls on hard surfaces. It is better to take a cracked screen for repair to avoid it affecting other phone parts. 

Moderate screen cracks

Moderate screen cracks happen when there is one part that gets affected. You will notice many users rotating their iPhones when using them. When you touch the screen, there is a rough feeling. 

You should get it fixed for better usage. Most of the cracks come from minor accidents or falls, not hard as compared to large cracks. It takes half an hour to repair that.

Poor screen display

iPhone, like any other device, faces display issues. Common causes of poor display include firmware issues, malware and viruses, bad applications, and system bugs. Other causes can also be screen lags and phone freezing due to insufficient storage.

There are situations where the iPhone screen becomes blank, black, white, or even blue. There can be cases of hardware issues, battery drains,e.t.c. You need to visit the repair services to help you fix it. It takes thirty minutes to get it done.

There is another scenario where the screen gets stuck on the Apple logo when performing a system update or firmware upgrade. After performing some restarts as recommended to change the rebooting sequence, there is no change. You can visit the repair services for more help.

We also have cases of screen discoloration. You start noticing strange colors like blue, red, yellow, green, e.t.c. It is mainly caused by a damaged display component located under the screen.  The coloration can happen either on the whole screen or at a particular edge of the screen. It takes thirty minutes for the technician to fix it.

You get some errors when connecting your iTunes during the recovery period. Most iPhones stick on the recovery mode making it difficult to access your phone. It mostly happens during the recovery process. You can take it to repair to help you perform the restoration using a third-party application. Depending on the data size, it takes half an hour to two hours.

How Long Does It Take To Repair An Iphone Screen

iPhone screen issues

There are several iPhone screen issues. The issues include the following:

  • Unresponsive touchscreen when you touch it.
  • Cracked screens.
  • Screen display issues.
  • White screen.
  • Black screen.
  • Screen gets stuck on the iPhone logo.

What are the Ways of Protecting your iPhone Screen?

How Long Does It Take To Repair An Iphone Screen

No matter how keen you seem to be, accidents happen, leading to our iPhone screens getting cracked and broken. Having good protection reduces cases of screen replacement and repairs. It increases the lifespan of the screen.

There are several ways you can use to protect your iPhone screen. Most screens are easily exposed to damage, and you must be careful and provide enough cover. Some of the ways of protecting your iPhone screen include:

  1. To avoid the scratches that frequently happen behind phones, use a sturdy, transparent case to shield your screen.
  2. In order to prevent the common screen scratches that happen behind phones, use a sturdy, transparent case.
  3. Install a screen protector on your screen. Many are cheap and helpful in situations where you have kids who always play with your phone. It also keeps the phone clean by preventing dirt from entering the important parts of the phone.
  4. Don't charge your iPhone in some places, like in bed. Once you charge your iPhone while sleeping, cold air circulates around the iPhone, which can condense on the screen, causing water droplets on the screen.
  5. Establish a schedule for routinely cleaning the screen. At least once per day, wipe the iPhone screen with a moist towel. With this, all dirt, grime, food particles, etc. are eliminated.
  6. Longer periods of exposure to sunlight on your phone are not recommended. Sunlight's UV rays might damage your screen.
  7. Try keeping your iPhone away from heavy objects like metals. It can destroy your screen, forcing you to replace it.
  8. Buy a protector for your lightning cable to help when the phone may fall sideways.
  9. Avoid exposing your iPhone to watery and humid environments. Water droplets on your screen can cause issues making it hard to use your phone.
  10. Use sufficient care when handling the iPhone screen. Like any other electronic item, the iPhone requires careful treatment to prevent problems like screen breaking, grime, etc.
  11. Make certain that the phone cases you use have a kickstand. When you need to watch something, like a movie, it mostly helps. It prompts you to hunt for a spot to position the phone without taking off the cases.

Your phone is probably the most valuable thing you own. You use it constantly throughout the day and it's always at hand. If you have a cracked screen, then you're going to have to spend money replacing it. That's not something you want to do if you don't have to.

How Long Does It Take To Repair An Iphone Screen


iPhone screen faces many issues like cracking, liquid spillage, screen facial moments failing, e.t.c. When the problems happen, they cause inconveniences making you annoyed with the situation. Most of the screen problems can get solved by visiting the repair shop.

We would like to help you make your iPhone screen function again. GC provides the best iPhone repair services. Our team of experienced technicians will serve you fast and efficiently. Contact us, and we will get back to you.

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