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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How Soon After Damage Can I Get My Iphone Fixed?

iPhone users face different problems when using their phones. It forces them to take them to repair to resolve the issues. The duration taken depends on the level of damage. You must be careful when using your iPhone to prevent issues, as they can lock you out.

There are different factors to consider before determining the duration it will take to fix the iPhone issues soon after damage. There are many issues that iPhone users face, both software and hardware. Some of them require experts to get everything right. Many users try to fix the problems on their own fast before deciding to take them for repair. 

In this post, I will look at different factors to consider and the issues that can damage your iPhone. Most issues are accidental, while others result from settings and contacting the manufacturer. You can solve all your problems by visiting any repair service provider.

How Soon After Damage Can I Get My Iphone Fixed?

How Soon After Damage Can I Get My Iphone Fixed?

The duration to get your iPhone fixed depends on the level of damage. We have different types of damage ranging from screens, motherboards, batteries, software, liquid damage repair, e.t.c. The duration for repairing each of the following is as follows:

Motherboard repair - if your iPhone motherboard gets destroyed, it can take you about two hours to seven days to get it fixed. 

Speaker replacement. When the speaker isn't working, you can't hear calls, music, videos, e.t.c.It takes forty minutes to get it done.

Mouthpiece repair - It takes thirty minutes to get a new mouthpiece.

Overheating issues - It takes one hour up to three days to fix them by getting a new battery or changing some hardware parts. iPhone damage issues, repair, fixed issues, and different factors can change time taken.

How Soon After Damage Can I Get My Iphone Fixed?

If it has earpiece issues like poor sound quality, they fix it in thirty minutes.

Screen issues damage-Most screen repair issues take thirty minutes to one hour, depending on the level of damage.

Some of the common screen issues resolved include black and white screens, unresponsive screens, cracked screens, e.t.c.

Your phone's performance is very slow. If you feel your iPhone is unresponsive or sluggish. It takes thirty minutes to diagnose and fix the issues.

Camera problems. Problems like camera launching, flashlights not working, poor pictures, and back and front cameras not working take one hour to have fixed.

Button repair and replacement - It takes twenty minutes to get new buttons or repair faulty buttons.

Storage issues. If you have problems with storage, it latkes twenty minutes two help you free space and delete unuseful data that takes up most of the space.

Charging ports issues. If your phone can't charge when you connect it to power, it's loose, or there is no change when connected to power. Technicians use thirty minutes to fix it.

iPhone applications freezing-It takes thirty minutes to have your phone freezing and get it to normalcy.

Battery replacement-It takes half an hour to one hour to get it fixed.

What are the iPhone issues that can cause damage?

How Soon After Damage Can I Get My Iphone Fixed?

Users face many iPhone issues. Most of them can lead to damage forcing you to visit the repair shop to get it fixed. Let us see the common issues. Camera malfunction whereby the pictures you take are not clear, and sometimes there are difficulties in launching the camera application.

When you start your phone, it hangs on the iPhone logo. Many users restart their phones to fix the issues. Once you restart, and the issue persists, you must visit the repair service provider. iTunes Error 3194 results from firmware issues when you try to perform an upgrade. You can visit the technicians to help you fix the problems.

There are cases of battery breakdown, which makes the phone shut down without any notification. It affects the normal functioning of the phone, and you will have to look for battery replacement.

Liquids can spill on your phone like water, excess spillage of liquids can affect the phone touch screen and make it unfunctional. It is good to consult the repair service provider to help you fix that. FaceID not working. People use the feature to access Itunes and the app store without using the passcode. It usually happens after an upgrade. If you are unable to fix the issue, you can visit the Phones repair shop to get it fixed.

People occasionally experience black screens, which can be caused by the iPhone falling, fluids spilling on it, malware and virus attacks, and jailbreaking. You can go to the repair companies for extra assistance if your efforts to solve the problems on your own are unsuccessful.

When you attempt to restore your files using iTunes, the iPhone Error 56 appears. If you've tried to fix it and it still doesn't work, you can take it to a repair shop.

Faulty proximity sensor. When a user receives a phone, there are times when the screen display is lit. It signifies the proximity sensor for the screen isn't functioning, and you should fix it right away before it damages the screen. Most of them are caused by problems with the manufacturers' software.

During performing some activities like upgrades, hardware problems, or jailbreak occurrences. There is a high possibility of getting a white screen. If you try rebooting, hard resetting, and restarting and there is still no change. It is good to take it for repair.

There are reports where users' iPhone applications crash or freeze. If you try to update or do the restart, there is no change.

It becomes difficult to access various phone settings when some keys, such as the volume button, quit functioning. To get assistance with the repairs, you can go see the professionals.

Accidental falls can break the iPhone's screen and prevent it from performing its usual functions, like browsing, watching videos, playing games, etc.

How To Avoid Your iPhone From Getting Damaged

How Soon After Damage Can I Get My Iphone Fixed?

Individuals can follow several steps to prevent their phones from getting damaged. Some of the best practices include:

Use a screen protector to protect it from cracking, reducing smudges and fingerprints, making it cheap for you to replace it without replacing the whole screen.

Avoid exposing your iPhone to cold and warm temperatures. Bad temperatures can destroy the internal components of your phone. Extreme hot temperatures are very dangerous as they can make the phone overheat and affect its normal functioning.

Always ensure your phone is away from liquids that can spill on your phone. Liquids make the iPhones wet and malfunction.

There are several phone insurance companies you can apply to and protect your phone when there is accidental damage. 

Provide more attention to your iPhone, especially by checking things like battery health, software updates, and firmware issues.

Buying a phone case can help you by protecting you from accidents. Different varieties of cases and the level of protection they offer. One chooses the one that meets your budget and requirements.


Due to the increase in iPhone users, many cases of iPhone users get reported. iPhone, despite being one of the best phones around, also experiences issues that can damage it. Many users struggle to find the best repair shop when they get hit the issues.

Is your iPhone experiencing different issues, and would you like to fix them? We offer iPhone repair services for all the issues you face. Our technicians fix all issues using less time. Contact us, and we will be of great help. 

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