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How to clear my browser history

Importance of clearing browser history

When you visit a website, your browser usually stores some information concerning the place, that is, the location of the site you visited, the file you have been using in running the application, and other downloads like old versions of applications. You are supposed to know that the notifications you receive about your website are there to fool you. It is essential to delate the information which does not have any value to you. Though cookies usually make the web load items first, it may cause a particular threat to theft since some scammers can enter your website and take proprietary code related to the use of cookies. Web history can also lead to many problems; it is more dangerous to your device than how people think about it. When someone logs in to their account, they will change your logins after they log out, and don't delete what they have done; the history will remain active in your browser history. This shows the importance of clearing the history since the information left behind can have some content that does not to be seen by other people apart from you.

Deleting all the information from your browser history will control websites from cracking you and showing up around your web. Whether for commercial benefits or something you are selling, it is crucial to understand what is left on the browser and what is supposed to be cleared. All browsers which have downloaded a lot of cookies become slower in operation. Once you download a cookies file daily, the browser will have to search to find the right one. Always it is vital to clear all of these cookies and other files from your browser to help you devise from efficiently operating. The cookies will be clear once you change your login details to prevent the site from allowing login to your website. Also, when you clear your browser history, you protect your personal information and help the browser run well on your device. You can clear all browser history on the setting of your browsers like google, Bing, or your Yahoo account. It is important to note that the search will not delete what you searched when logged out. The following are how you can clear your browser history of different devices.

  1. Microsoft Edge

    This default browser comes when you install your device with windows 10. It has taken the place of what Microsoft calls Edge Legacy since January 2020. The process involved covers two aspects: 



View your Microsoft edge browser history

The next thing you will do is open the Microsoft edge browser available on your device.

Go to the section of settings and more sign;

In the drop-down menu, select the history to see what you have been doing when using the browser.

Choose to manage the history of the browser from the menu side. You will find an option of clearing history after clicking this sign. You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl +H to open directly to view the history of the browser.


When it comes to clearing the edge history of this browser, you will open the Microsoft Edge browser; you will repeat the same process by pressing on setting and more sign located at the right upper corner of your browser.

On the drop-down menu, at the top select setting for more option. After selecting the setting part, you will see it on the left.

Click the privacy menu, and search for all services.

Next to this section of privacy, there is a section of clear data; click there to show what you need to clear from your browser.

After selecting this part, a prompt comes; make sure that the next browser history box is checked, and you will click the clear now option to clear all the data from your device. 


  1. Microsoft edge legacy

    This was the primary browser for windows ten, and it replaced internet explorer, which was then replaced in January 2020 with Microsoft edge. It also includes two aspects: viewing the edge legacy history to see the documents that need to be cleared and clearing the legacy history. 



You can use the shortcut keys on your computer, Ctrl + H to view your browser history.

You can also reach this menu by clicking the Hub icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

Go to the history section to open the menu.

The menu will show you all the history present in the browser in sequential order. 


On clearing, you will open the history menu as shown above and click the clear history button.

Tick each box of the data you need to remove from the browser in the item listed

Press the section written to show more to give more options.

Next is you will select all you need to clear from the browser.

If you need to choose items and be removed automatically after a certain period, you will set the section always written clear this once I close the browser.

When you are done with the setting, click the Hub icon and close.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

    There are many ways to clear your history in this search engine.


    You need first to view the history. In considering your Firefox history, and it happens you don't have your custom homepage, you can go to the view history for the saved bookmarks section and see the browser's history.

    You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl + H to assess the menu quickly.

    You can also see your browser history by accessing the history sidebar.

    You can click Alt to display the menu bar,

    Select view, go to the sidebar, and History. 


Option Two

Another option for viewing the history in Firefox includes pressing Alt to display the menu bar

Select history, and then press the show all history section.

The keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl + Shift +H. Viewing your history through this method can be easy since you can select the delete button and delete all of them after seeing them. 


On clearing the history of the Firefox browser, first you press the hamburger menu icon

Go to options, and selecting privacy and security parts.

You will see the history section; you will click to clear all from your device.

After removing the history, you will come to clear the recent history window and change the time range you will need the history to be cleared.

You will click a clear button, and the data of the selected date will be removed. 

  1. Google chrome browser

    It also involves two aspects: viewing the history of the browser and clearing the history of the browser.


    Viewing the history of your browser of any widow, you can use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + H or use the URL chrome://history.

    The second option is clicking the menu section, which on the upper right corner of your window, select history and history again. 


Clearing the chrome history, you will follow the same procedure by clicking the menu section, by going to the clear browsing history section, and clear.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl + Shift +Del.

You will select the information you need to clear by using the drop-down menu and tick all the boxes containing the information.

When done, you will click the section of clear data, and it will be done. 

  1. Google chrome for android phones or tablet

    The first thing involves viewing and deleting the information on the history. It will help if you open your google chrome browser on your mobile phone or tablet. 



Press the menu section, which is located next to the address bar

On the drop-down menu, press history.

Choose clear the history at the lower end of the screen, press on the right boxes, and tap the clear browsing data icon.

  1. Google chrome browser for iPhone


    The first thing in this device includes opening the google browser of the device

    Go to the menu icon next to the address bar

    Press on the drop-down menu, and selecting history.

    There is an option of clearing browser data at the lower parts of your screen; choose the right boxes to be cleared and then press the clear browser data icon, and the information will be removed quickly.

    When clearing the data from the google chrome browser for the android and this iPhone or iPad phones, the procedure is the same, but the operating systems of the two devices are different.


  1. Opera

    This is the most accessible browser where viewing and clearing data are done effortlessly. 



When viewing the browsing data on this web, you will open the browser window.

Press the menu icon in the upper left corner of the window and select the history part and you will be able to see the history.

You can also see a keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl + H to view the history.

The next thing is to clear the history.

You will follow the above-described procedure to open the history tab and press on the browsing data.

Go to the drop-down menu and select the starting time you wish to start clearing the history that sets the time range for clearing history available.

If you need to remove everything, you will press the section that prompts you to start clearing the data. You will tick the boxes next to what you want to be deleted from the history and then click the clear browser data icon to start clearing the selected information. 

  1. Safari

    This is the default browser for Apple's macOS and IOS. It was previously used in supporting Microsoft windows back in 2012, but it was removed. 



The first thing is to view the browser's history and then clear it later.

On viewing the record, you will start your Safari browser

Press the history icon located on the top of your screen

Select the menu to see your recent history on your browser, and navigate through pressing on them.

You can choose to press the part written as show all history to see more details concerning your history.

On clearing, you will follow the above procedure and press the show all history icon; you will right-click on the items you need to delate.

You can use the keyboard by pressing delete on the selected things.

If you need to delete everything, you will like the clear history icon, and all the history information will be deleted.

When you need to delete some information and leave others for various reasons, you will choose the drop-down menu and set how back you need to delete the info.

You will press the clear history icon after selecting the data, and it will be deleted. 


  1. Safari on iPhone



When you need to delete the history on your mobile phone, you will go to the safari browser and scroll down until you meet the address bar and the toolbar on the top of the screen and bottom respectively.

Press the toolbar at the bottom and select the fourth sign on the left side, which is like a book.

Press on history, which is like a clock

Click the clear icon on the lower side of your screen to clear the history. 

  1. Kindle fire of Amazon



Viewing this web includes opening the silk part of the browser

Select the menu

Press on the history of the menu, and you will see all history in the browser.

On clearing, you will open the silk browser of your device, go to the menu, tap on the menu's settings, press privacy and then select the transparent browser data icon. 

  1. Microsoft internet explorer


    Internet explorer was used until 2015 by Microsoft internet, and then it was replaced by Microsoft edge. If you are using this browser in your computer, the following are some ways you can view your history browser, clear the history, and see the older versions.

    You can view your browsing history on this browser by pressing Ctrl + H in any window to see your history.

    On clearing your account, you will open your internet explorer browser on your window

    Use the keyboard shortcut to press Ctrl + Shift + Del to open the browser's history.

    Tick the boxes containing the data you need to delete from your browser and press the delete button.

    All the selected data will be deleted from your browser immediately. 


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