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How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

One of the ways to make your iPhone more appealing is by setting a gif as live wallpaper. Animated GIFs offer little snippets of moments in time, often with something humorous or romantic about them. Animated GIFs are similar to video clips and are made up of a series of frames that can be displayed sequentially to create an animation. An animated gif is a series of images, like a looping video, with no sound and a relatively small file size.

Animated GIFs were created for computer animation long before animated GIFs became widely used on the Internet to display short video clips or advertisements in web browsers.

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

How to Set a GIF as a Live Wallpaper on Your iPhone

To set an animated gif as your iPhone's wallpaper, here are some of the steps that you need to follow:

1. Go to Settings -> Wallpapers ->

2. Choose new Wallpaper and select a live photo.

3. Select your preferred Gif saved on your phone.

4. Select-fit screen and click set.

5. Select whether you want it as your locked or unlocked screen wallpaper or both.

Following this procedure will give you an amazing GIF as your wallpaper. You will obviously have to repeat the above steps to change your wallpaper.

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

How to Convert Your GIF into a Live Photo Before Setting it to a Wallpaper

Before setting a GIF into a wallpaper, you must convert it into a live photo; here are some steps you need to follow.

i. Go to the gallery
ii. Select your GIF and open it
iii. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
iv. Select convert into a live photo
v. Save as fit to screen live photo or full-screen live photo.

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

What You Need to Know Before Setting a GIf into a Wallpaper

Setting a GIF into a wallpaper is relatively easy. You have a few options on your iPhone that can help you create a unique background. However, before setting GIFs as wallpaper, you should be aware of some of the following facts:

Low quality. One of the demerits of using GIFs as wallpaper is that they are small in size. They can become blurry when enlarged, especially if you set them on a giant iPhone screen. This is because of the GIF format.

Animated background. Wallpapers with animations tend to drain battery power fast. Ensure the Gif does not loop continuously or run for more than several minutes at one stretch. It is best to set it for about 3 minutes to avoid unnecessary battery power consumption and device storage space by your iPhone device.

Lack of support. Some applications do not support animated GIFs as wallpaper. So you will have to check with the application developer before setting it as a live wallpaper.

Reasons Why You Cannot Set a GIF as a Wallpaper on Your iPhone

If you cannot set a GIF as a live wallpaper on your iPhone, here are some of the reasons why:

i. The GIF is not supported by the applications that you have on your device.

One of the reasons why it may not be supported is that the software does not he needs to wallpaper. This may be a result of an iPhone with old software. Instead, you should check the developer's website that provides support for each iPhone software.

ii. There is no such feature in the applications that you have on your device.

Another explanation is that there is no option to set live wallpaper with animated GIFs as wallpapers on your iPhone. This may lead to difficulties if you try to fix it as wallpaper on your iPhone, which is not an option. This will require additional setup from the application developer if you want to change your wallpaper with an animated gif, and support for this has yet to be provided by the developer of the application or by Apple.

iii. The setting is not supported by iPhone.

The other explanation for this can be that Apple did not enable the setting for GIFs in your iOS. If you have purchased a new iPhone and cannot find an option to set live wallpaper with animation, this may explain the deficiency. The operating system is the main reason why you run into some difficulties.

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

iv. The GIF is too small for your screen

Consider this factor before setting up a GIF as your live wallpaper. The size of the GIF will determine the extension of your wallpaper. If it is a small GIF, you will have a small live wallpaper, and vice versa. Make sure you get the most out of your GIF and avoid running into technical difficulties with your iPhone.

v. The GIF is not funny or romantic enough

There is no doubt that your iPhone will look more appealing and attract a lot of attention if you use a funny or romantic animated GIF. Using it as wallpaper on your iPhone may be an added advantage. However, remember that it should not be too cheesy and unrealistic.

Benefits of Using Gifs as Your iPhone Wallpaper

There are several benefits of using a GIF as your iPhone wallpaper. Some of the benefits are:

Flexible iPhone. Animations will allow you to have more flexibility on your phone screen. You can, however, use your wallpaper with energy from time to time, making your phone look more appealing.

No need to download the photos or videos. You can spend a little money on downloading and storing photos or videos, and they tend to take up too much storage space on your iPhone and take too long to load when changing between screens. You can also go for free animated photos on Tumblr and take advantage of their vast collection of live photos.

Creative background. Several applications support animated GIFs as iPhone wallpapers. You can choose from various locations, such as boats, cars, and animals. These will offer your iPhone a unique look; the best part is that they will be free. As soon as you set them on your iPhone, they will start playing automatically without any software or additional hardware device needed by the users.

A new look for your phone every time. Animations will help you to give your phone a unique look every time. It is like a fresh coat of paint for your iPhone. The fact that you can change your wallpaper with animation makes it very easy to give your iPhone an upgraded look every time.

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

Which are the Best Type of GIFs to Use as iPhone Wallpaper?

GIFs can be used as wallpaper on your iPhone, but there are different kinds. Some GIFs are for social media followers, GIFs are for fun, and the play-on logo brings attention to your application. All these will make your iPhone more appealing and ensure a new look every time you change the wallpaper on your iPhone. You can easily access it by looking at your application.

Suppose you are the type of person who loves traveling. You can set a detailed animated GIF taken from breathtaking scenery. This will make your phone look more appealing and attract attention.

If you want fun and entertainment, you can go for funny GIFs. They will help you to bring some laughter into your day, especially if it is too stressful due to work or other commitments. They are also very light-hearted and will remind you of all the happy times as soon as you look at your phone. The funny GIFs will start playing automatically as soon as you set them on your iPhone and will always bring a smile to your face.

How to Make Your iPhone Appealing by Setting a Gif as a Live Wallpaper

What Does This Mean for You?

There is no doubt that animated GIFs are the latest trend in social media. They have become standard on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Still, not all users have come to terms with the fact that there may be a live wallpaper option available for animated GIFs as iPhone wallpapers. This is why some people have difficulties setting an animated GIF as a live wallpaper on their iPhones. You should be able to avoid these difficulties by checking with the developer of the application and asking them if they plan on adding this feature in the future.

The popularity of animated GIFs as iPhone wallpapers has grown steadily over the last few years and is now becoming ubiquitous. It is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity. You can set animated GIFs as your wallpaper on your iPhone and enjoy your new look whenever you change it. Animated GIFs will allow you to have a new look for your iPhone every time.

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