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How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Do you want to recover some deleted files from your hard drive, or do you want to start a data recovery business? When you want to restore data from a hard drive, it's not that hard. You need to follow several steps after knowing the cause of the data deletion. We have many causes of data loss.

There are several methods of recovering data from a hard drive. Most of them are straightforward, making it easy to follow. Sometimes data gets lost when you didn't expect it. Sometimes, you get the files using little time by visiting the recycle bin.

In this post, I will cover several methods you can use to get your data back. Data recovery depends on the situations in which the files got deleted. There are cases where you bring in the use of third-party software. Read on.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

You can use several methods to recover deleted files from a hard drive. It depends on the type of method used to delete the files. The method you use to recover the files must suit the requirements.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

There are many data recovery methods that you can use. Some of the ways you can use to recover deleted files include:

1. By using Recycle Bin.

There are scenarios where you just press Shift + Delete, making the files go to the recycle bin. In such a case, you open the recycle bin and locate the files you want to recover. Right-click the file and choose the Restore option to get your files back.

2. Using the previous versions option

Windows comes with the previous versions option, which you can use in this scenario. All you have to do is to locate any folder and roll it back to its previous version. For example, if the file was deleted from a certain folder, locate it and right-click on it. 

You will see the Restore Previous Versions option. When you click on it, you will notice there are different previous versions. Check their dates to confirm which one is the latest and select it. 

Click on the Restore button and then click the OK option. You will get the folder under the hard drive where it was initially.

3. Using third-party software

There are several third-party software you can use to recover deleted files. They include Tenorshare 4DDiG, clever files, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, WonderShare, e.t.c. You only need to download and install their setup and follow the prompts.

Some of them offer premium versions which you must subscribe to get full access. They are fast and accurate, and they support different types of files format. After installing them, you select the hard drive's location, scan it, and start the recovery process.

4. Use of Command Prompt

Using the Windows operating system, you can use the Command prompt to recover the deleted files. It gives you more power over the operating system. It works best in cases where the file deletion results from malware.

Take your hard disk and connect it to the computer. Open the Command prompt and run as administrator. Type the following command: ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D Y:*.* and hit Enter. Under the Y option, you can replace it with the letter of your hard drive like C, B, A, e.t.c. Give it some time, and you will get your files back.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

5. Use of Windows System File Checker

If your hard drive lost data due to crushing, Windows provides the Windows System File Checker tool (SFC) that you can use to recover the files. It is not complicated, as many people say. All you need is to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Command Prompt and run it as an administrator.
  • Perform a scan on your drive by typing the following command on the prompt: sfc /scannow.
  • Give it some time for it to complete the scanning process. It takes a few minutes. If there are no corrupt files, it will let you know at the end of the process.
  • You will get cached copies under the file folders if there are corrupt files.

6. Using backups

Do you have any backup of the files in another physical storage or cloud? Physical backups include flash disks, compact disks, e.t.c. After ensuring you have a backup, connect your drive to the backup.

Search for all the files or folders that you want to recover. Copy them into the hard drive to facilitate the recovery process. This method mainly applies in cases where you don't want to install third-party software, or the files lost happened due to issues like power loss, computer crashing, or power surging.

What can make files get deleted from a hard drive?

Several reasons may lead you to delete files from a hard drive. Most of them happen very often, and they are unavoidable sometimes.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Some of the scenarios that can lead to the deletion of files include:

  • Changes in the physical environment. If substances like water get poured into the hard drive, it can mess with the drive, leading to data loss. It can lead to short-circuiting of the PC.
  • When you experience power shorts. Once power keeps it fluctuating, it can damage the hard drive leading to the crushing of the hard drive. It leads to improper shutdowns that lead to the destruction of the hard drive.
  • Software corruption. You can download software from unverifiable sources that corrupt your data leading to severe issues.
  • Accidental deletion. It's possible to accidentally delete your files when using your PC. One can do this in several ways, for example, by overwriting essential files.
  • Malware attacks. If there is a virus or malware attack on your PC, it leads to the destruction of all files. Most of the malware comes from phishing attacks and other methods.
  • Several disasters can happen at your workplace. Disasters like fire can burn the property leaving you with the hard disk to discover if you can recover the files.
  • Hardware malfunction. Your computer's hard drive can crash multiple times due to hardware issues. There are occasionally visible indicators of hardware failure, such as computer freezing, overheating, clicking noises, etc.

How to prevent deletion of files from hard drive

How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

There are several precautions you can take to prevent the loss of files. The measures include:

  • You can limit the worker's access to certain files if you work in a team.
  • Keep the hard drive and computer in a good place to avoid incidences like water pouring on the hard drive or PC.
  • Partitioning the hard drive to create different parts makes it easier to recover files when they get deleted.
  • Use an updated anti-virus to clean any traces of viruses and bad softwares.
  • Conducting disk defragmentation to help properly arrange files reduces data loss.


Recovering deleted files from a hard drive is a long process that requires due diligence. Several data recovery software can help you achieve that. It does not mean the software solves all the issues. It's good to understand the processes and methods of data being deleted.

Do you have some files deleted from your hard drive, and would you like to perform a data restore? Leave us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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