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How To Turn off Touch Screen on Blackberry

Do you own a Blackberry phone and keep struggling to turn off the touch screen? Leaving your touch screen on can sometimes cause you to perform unnecessary actions like sending messages, calling someone, etc. Understanding how to do this will save you from a lot of mess from visiting the repair shop and contacting the support team.

There are several methods you can use to turn off the touchscreen on a Blackberry phone. The most common way of turning off the touch screen on a Blackberry is by using Talk One, a third-party app. Turning off the touch screen reduces cases of accidental pressing. The process relies on the Blackberry version of the user. Some old versions of Blackberry had no touchscreens.

Many users struggle with touchscreen settings. Some manuals do not provide the right information required for this procedure. In this guide, I will look at several ways you can use to turn off the touch screen in Blackberry. 

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Blackberry

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Blackberry

Blackberry has evolved a lot since its invention. It started as a device to help individuals send emails. It got improvements like call functionalities, browsing, and sending messages later. When Android and iPhone entered the market, Blackberry introduced a touchscreen feature to compete with the two new brands.

They launched Blackberry Storm which came without a keyboard. Storm had a  360x480 px resolution touchscreen. It gave users more power as they were able to switch two different keyboards layout to Qwerty when they flip the phone. This was in addition to the virtual keyboard that it had.

After Storm, there were several versions of the Blackberry that got released like the Blackberry 9720, Keyone, Classis, Bold, and Key2, among others. They had advanced features and touchscreen functionality was one of them. It made users enjoy using their phones without the physical keyboards.

The screens improved accessibility and interactivity. Other users complained of their phones consuming more power and draining their batteries than when they had older phones. The new interface eliminated the use of external devices like keyboards which consumed a lot of space. It was easy for any user who had never used such screens before to learn and navigate when using the phone.

Using talk one

Some earlier versions of Blackberry do not support disabling the touchscreen. You can only achieve this by using third-party apps like talk one. Download and install and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

After installing the app, launch it and click the Start service option. There is an icon that will pop up on the screen. Open it and choose your preferred settings. Users must be keen when making these changes as they can affect the overall functioning of the phone.

How to Turn Off Touch Screen on Blackberry Bold 9900

Blackberry Bold 9900 does not have the functionality to disable the touchscreen. When you try disabling you encounter many issues that can affect the normal functioning of your phone.

How To Change Touchscreen Sensitivity on Blackberry

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Blackberry

Blackberry phones have different types of touchscreen sensitivity. You can change it to meet your preferred choice. It works on different Blackberry versions from BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Keyone. To achieve the changes, follow the steps below:

  • On your home screen or any folder click on the Options menu and proceed to the next step.
  • Navigate to the typing and Language option. Choose the Touchscreen sensitivity option.
  • To improve the speed of the touch screen, tap on it and reduce the number of intervals to a smaller number than the one that existed before. To reduce the speed, change the Hover period settings by touching and holding the skin to provide the menu options. After achieving your choice, click on the dotted button to save and apply all the changes.

How To Fix Blackberry Touchscreen Functionality Not Working

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Blackberry

There are cases where users complain of their Blackberry touchscreen not working at all. Some of the common issues include an unresponsive screen. Some of the common causes of the issues include dirt and dust and the use of screen reader features. There are several ways to fix the problem.


How to fix

Perform a hard reset Locate the "DEL", "CAP" and "ALT,"  keys on your keyboard and press them together. It will conduct a reset that returns all the Balckberry settings to default. After that power on the phone to see if the touchscreen issues persist.
Disable the Screen Reader At the top of your device, locate the power key at the top and press it three times. For more screen reader settings, navigate to Settings > Accessibility and choose Screen Reader. Chose the respective settings and see if the issue still persists.
Disconnect the battery Open the back cover of your Blackberry and remove its battery. Turn the battery back and turn the device on. It fixes all the unresponsiveness that existed and can now use the screen without any issues.
Replace the screen In some cases, the touchscreen does not react to any presses or touches due to a cracked screen. Those who have knowledge can fix the issue without visiting the repair shop. If you feel you can't do it on your own, visit the repair shop for more help.
Restart your phone This is the common step that everyone tries when they get hit by an issue. Restarting the device solves some of the touchscreen issues.
Clean the phone If your Blackberry phone has a phone protector, remove it and check if it has any dirt or dust. If you have a vacuum you can use it under low pressure. 
Contact the customer care If the issue persists, you can visit the nearest repair center for more help. If the repair center doesn't help, email the Blackberry support center and they will guide you on what to do next. Some blackberry versions like Keyone used to offer after-sales service to solve most of the issues experienced by customers.

How to Hide The Touch Screen Keyboard

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Blackberry

Some Blackberry versions like Key and Keyone come with a virtual keyboard that normally pops up when you try to type anything. There are different ways you can disable the virtual keyboard. It provides more typing space for the users.

When using a blackberry you may need to hide the keyboard to avoid interruption maybe when you want to watch a certain video or even play games. To hide the touch screen, follow the prompts below:

Disable the On-Screen Keyboard

  • Open the Blackberry Settings.
  • Choose the System option.
  • Navigate to the Languages and input option.
  • Choose the Current Keyboard option and there will be a small pop-up having two options. Click on the toggle button to disable the virtual keyboard.
  • If in any instance you want the keyboard back, you can achieve that by pressing the "Sym" on your keyboard and you will get some parts of the virtual keyboard back.


Turning off the touch screen on any Blackberry is easier and doesn't require any technical skills. It's easier and every Blackberry user can do it. The process can be different depending on the Blackberry device that one uses. If you face any issues turning off the touch screen, visit our repair services.

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