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Monday, December 12, 2022

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Mazda 3 [Easy steps]

Turning off the touch screen on Mazda 3 helps users avoid different cases like the screen scrolling randomly without any touch when the car stops. You can avoid all these cases by learning how to turn off the touch screen. Car owners have different options they can use to turn off the touch screen.

There are several ways one can use to turn off the touch screen on Mazda 3. The common one involves the use of All In One tweak software which works perfectly when the installation gets done perfectly. It involves several steps that sometimes may require one to be conversant with computer installation. Apart from the software one can also achieve the same using the software.

Turning off the touch screen avoids cases of ghost touching that many drivers complain about. It solves most issues making the driving experience awesome. In this guide, I will discuss several ways you can use to turn off the touch screen on Mazda 3. Keep reading.

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Mazda 3 [Easy steps]

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Mazda 3 [Easy steps]

Many Mazda 3 complain of ghost touch issues where the touch screen operates itself while others reported some parts of the screen were not reporting well to some touch commands. During the year 2013-2016, due to many complaints Mazda 3 conducted Special Service Program (SSP) to serve all the people having issues and help them fix them. 

The program provided a warrant of up to 7 years for the car owners to enjoy fixing their cars without any issues. Other issues that resulted from Mazda 3 were anything to do with the malfunctioning of the touch screen. Once you had such issues, you could book an appointment and any Mazda dealer would help you seek that. This was only for serious issues, not jokers.

Other touchscreen issues that Mazda took seriously include touchscreen corrosion that affected the lens causing malfunction of the touch screen. It was mostly due to corrosion that affected the screen parts.

Some of the common ways to turn off the touch screen include:

Using AIO

AIO installer provides more options for Mazda MZD Infotainment System. It's available on all operating systems and supports several Mazda models apart from Mazda 3. It supports other versions like Mazda 2 (DJ), Mazda 3 (BM), Mazda 6 (GJ), Mazda CX-3 (DK), Mazda CX-5 (KE), Mazda MX-5 Roadster (ND), and Mazda CX-9 (TC).

Download All In One tweak for Mazda depending on your operating system from Windows, macOS, and Linux. After downloading compile all the tweaks in a flash. Install the software in your car using the USB and choose the appropriate version for your screen. During installation, one must be keen to avoid damaging their device. If it's your first time using the software, it is good to let an experienced person help you with that.

Using the software is time-saving as you don't handle most of the settings. The application automates most of the jobs making it easy for everyone.

Using Display Settings

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Mazda 3 [Easy steps]

Under the Home tab, navigate to the Settings section.

Locate Display click on it and you will get several actions asking you to turn off the touch screen.

By disconnecting the touchpad connector

In this step, we will remove the touchpad connector from the back of our screen using different screws and steps. 

Buy different screwdrivers and sockets and ensure they have long arms. Remove the glove box from Mazda and remove the glossy trim from the metal connectors that hold another side of the dash. Disconnect all the air vents from the console.

Take your socket together with your arm and remove all the screws that hold the aluminum brackets on the console. Open the screen and remove the two wires found below it. Remove the remaining four screws that are attached to the aluminum case using the large screwdriver.

Remove the remaining four screws that hold the remaining part of the screen using the other middle-sized screw. Take your screen to the workplace bench.

Remove all the screws that hold the screen to the bracket and put the screen aside. At the bottom, remove the white clip using the narrow screw. Disconnect the orange and red film cables and return the white clip but leave the film cables hanging.

Repeat the above steps and put the screen back to its normal arrangement. Ensure you put the one wire that was located on the air vents back into the screen.

How To Fix a Black Touchscreen on Mazda 3

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Mazda 3 [Easy steps]

Mazda users reported that their touchscreens turned black when they try to connect them with other software. It is frustrating especially if you haven't experienced the issue before. There are different troubleshooting tips you can try to implement to see if the issue gets fixed.

Perform an update on all the software used in your Mazda 3. Using outdated software has bugs and errors which affect the normal running of the touchscreen. Locate the Mazda connect files by visiting the settings and system to get more details about the current version of your software.

Mazda Connect software sometimes has bugs and patches that affect the normal runtime of the touchscreen. You can fix the bugs by using different methods. Some of the methods include contacting customer service, doing a reset, pressing and holding the mute button for a few seconds, and doing cycle keys.

Confirm all the connected cables to the touchscreen are well fixed. Check all the cables to ensure it works perfectly. If not disconnect all the cables as you note down their arrangement and reconnect afresh to see if the error persists.
Confirm is the screen display is in good condition. If you experience any abnormalities with the screen and the error keeps coming. Organize a new display to avoid such cases.

Confirm if the power reaches the screen. If the power keeps fluctuating check the battery and fuse box. If after testing they are not functioning properly or not transmitting power well. Ask for help from a technician to give the best way forward on how to fix the power issues.

How To Fix a Mazda 3 Touchscreen Not Working

How To Turn off Touch Screen on Mazda 3 [Easy steps]

Many Mazda 3 owners face different touchscreens apart from the black screen. When dealing with the issues one must ensure that they don't mess up while trying to fix some of the issues.

You must be careful and what you find hard or new, it's wise to ask or seek guidance from expertise. Some of the common problems and how to fix them are as follows:

  • If the screen turns on and off, check the power connections to confirm if everything works fine.
  • The screen gets frozen after a while or when using the touchscreen. It is as a result of bugs and fixes that you can update or follow the respective documentation to fix the bugs.
  • The touch screen does not turn on(we have discussed several causes of the black screen above most of them apply here. The first thing to confirm would be if the power connections are done well.


There are different versions of Mazda and the one we discussed above can also apply to other versions of Mazda. The process is easier not hard as many users view it. If you face any challenges when turning off the touch screen, visit a technician for more help.

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